50 Fit Review- Best Health & Exercise Program For Older Adults?


50 Fit Quick Review Summary


Our Final Verdict


What We Like!

  • Specially designed for people 50+
  • Extremely affordable
  • High quality design
  • Simple to follow
  • Generous garauntee

What We Don't Like!

  • Somewhat limited scientific references (however this may be not to bore you)
  • Hardcopy book unavailable (only available in instantly downloadable e-book)

Are you 50+ years old and looking for a proven solution to lose fat while preventing age related muscle loss? If you answered yes, then hopefully you will find today’s 50 Fit review very interesting and hopefully inspiring.

This program has gained mass popularity around the world over the past few months and for good reason. Leading fitness and health expert Fred Schafer is creating quite a stir in the fitness industry with his revolutionary program 50 Fit. Today you will find out why we also rate 50 Fit as one of the best health and exercise programs for older adults that have ever encountered?

In today’s 50 Fit review we show you why we believe that this is the perfect program to help you stop reminiscing about the “good old days” and instead seize the day and live a more active, happy and healthy life in a body you are proud of.


“50 FIT is so much more than a weight loss or diet program. It offers a complete lifestyle overhaul, addressing topics such as how to reduce fat, preserve lean muscle, avoid a host of chronic diseases and increase overall physical health performance”

health and exercise program for older adults

DEAR VALUED READER! We recommend that you DO NOT BUY THIS PROGRAM until you have read our entire 50 Fit review. We hope you find this review helpful in your journey to achieve a healthy and more active future . We would love to hear your feedback or answer any further questions you have after you read our entire review, so please feel free to comment below this post!


50 Fit Review: What Exactly Is 50 Fit?

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50 FIT is a relatively new science based holistic health and weight loss program specifically designed for people over 50 years old.  50 FIT has been labelled as a comprehensive “lifestyle prescription program” . Our 50 Fit review has indeed proven that this program lives up to it’s namesake as you too will find out shortly. The program covers everything you need to improve your health and body shape.

To be more specific 50 Fit can help its readers:


  • Improve body composition (reduce fat while increasing lean and metabolically active muscle).
  • Improve health (covers topics such as reducing the risk of acquiring/ helping to overcome chronic diseases and pain)
  • Improve general physical performance (improving flexibility, mobility, balance, endurance and strength etc).


Basically 50 FIT is a comprehensive yet simple to follow workout program which only lasts for a short duration (more on this later along in our 50 Fit review). The 50 Fit workout program focuses on improving every aspect of your aging body including strength, your heart and lung health and general physical ability. Most other health and exercise programs on the market are designed to improve one single aspect of health and fitness. It is 50 Fit’s holistic approach to older adult specific health which set’s this program apart from the rest.


“50 FIT incorporates a very simple to follow and sustainable approach to exercise and nutrition that is specifically designed to fit the needs of people who are aged 50+. It’s so much more than just an exercise program. It also covers vital topics such as establishing a successful motivational mind-set that can be applied to the rest of your life!”





Who Created The 50 Fit System?

Fred Schafer bio-min50 Fit is the brainchild of leading senior fitness expert Fred Schafer. Fred is a 57 years old who has lived and breathed fitness for the past 41 years.

He holds a Masters Degree in Wellness and Health and a Bachelor’s Degree in Food and Nutrition and is a certified personal trainer. Don’t worry, you are certainly  in good hands with Fred!


Fred travels the world educating people on the benefits of exercise for the older population. He has helped many people achieve amazing body transformations with his 50 Fit program. There are actually some inspiring testimonial stories on his official website that are worth checking out.


You can read the rest of Fred Schafers bio and see some real life 50 Fit success stories here>


“Fred Schafer walks the walk when it comes to fitness and exercise for the older population. Considering that he charges over $140 dollars per hour for an individual session, the ability to receive his knowledge beautifully packaged in the 50 Fit program for only around $15 is an opportunity not to be missed”

 What Do I Get When I Purchase 50 Fit?

At the time of this 50 Fit review we were very impressed to see that the digital download includes the following resources. All for only $14.97.


exercise-program-for-seniors50 Fit Quick Start Guide: 

This ebook introduces you to the ins and outs of the 50 FIT program. It concisely explains how and why 50 FIT works. This section of the system dispels many common health and fitness myths on the topic of exercise for the older population.

It talks about long form cardio exercises and why this may actually be causing you more harm than good. Don’t worry, author Fred Schafer does an excellent job of highlighting the optimal health and fitness methods for older adults in an easy to follow way.


28DaysToABetterBody-minThe 50 FIT 28 Day Better Body Book:  

This ebook contains a easy to follow 28 day exercise program specifically designed for those over 50 years old (however we believe this would be perfect for any age group). The author has done a fantastic job of ensuring the exercises are safe, effective and time efficient.

Regardless of your current physical state 50 Fit can accommodate to your specific needs. We have reviewed other popular senior fitness programs in the past (see Old School, New Body review) however the 50 Fit program offers so much variety and quality, making it a truly superior option.


“The home based workouts will prime every system of the body. These are simple, easy to follow workouts that are meticulously designed to transform your body over the next 28 days and beyond”


The 50 Fit workout program offers by far the highest quality resources we are yet to see in a exercise program for older adults.

The 28 workout manual also includes:

  • flexible templates to choose from to stay on track. From 30 minutes to five minutes (see bonus gift roundup further along in our 50 Fit review)
  • Safe and sensible exercise progressions
  • Tips on how to build a cheap gym at home (however absolutely no equipment is required to successfully participate in 50 Fit)
  • Workout schedule outlining what to do each and every day with a spreadsheet to record your progress


“The ability to track your 50 Fit workout plan progress provides an extra source of vital inspirational when moving through the program. It helps to see where you have been and more importantly where you are going”

resistance training for seniors

The 50 Fit Movement Manual:

This 50 page e-book instructs you through a range of movements that will help you get a more youthful body. The instructions are simple to follow yet cover enough detail to ensure the movements can be completed safely. This book contains every exercise a 50 plus year old will ever need to get fitter while shedding unwanted belly fat in the process.


Visit Official 50 Fit Website Here>



The No Nonsense Nutritional E-Book is also included:

If you have failed diets in the past due to the complexity of the system or restrictive nature, then I think you are going to like what’s on offer in the 50 Fit nutritional guide. The e-book contains no nonsense facts about how to eat to get healthier and lose weight. No matter how busy you are these tips are super simple to apply in your life today. Don’t worry you can still enjoy your favourite foods and lose weight on this plan.


We are very impressed that this nutritional program requires no “calorie counting”  and is instead based on the proven principles of eating healthy wholesome foods that spark metabolism. If you have struggled with food, excess body fat, disciplining yourself to follow a diet in the past then I think you will find  the 50 Fit method a “breath of fresh air”.

Important Update: Bonus Gifts Now Included

During our 50 Fit review we were extremely impressed by the bonus gifts that Mr Schafer has included with the already valuable 50 Fit system. These helpful bonuses include:


Stop The Stress

This ebook contains helpful information that Mr Fred Schafer usually incorporates into his corporate presentations around the world. Best yet, you don’t have to pay the fees that these people are paying to get the very same information. Fred discusses the negative effects that stress causes to the body gives some tools and tips on how to overcome it.

We love it when authors delve deeper into the true issues that may cause an unhealthy lifestyle such as stress and lack of motivation. After all without these components in check nothing will fall in place. In a way, they are the most important aspects of your potential success.


“Fred Schafer provides the tools that you need to overcome stress and finally take control of your life”

senior_fitness_tipsFred’s Famous Five Minute Fortifiers:

Fred Schafer understands that we all get busy. Sometimes this busy lifestyle can sabotage our chances of living the healthy lifestyle we want to lead. In this e-book Mr Schafer teachers the reader how to overcome procrastination, fatigue and lack of motivation.

Fred Schafer gives you the skills to overcome mental weakness simply by taking “5 Minutes to Fortify”. To be more precise, this is concise workbook that contains wide variety of different 5 minute full body workouts that you do anywhere, with or without equipment.


“50 fit provides the most comprehensive exercise program for older adults we have ever seen. Yet it is so much more than an exercise program. It provides a complete lifestyle overhaul. If you decide to try 50 Fit be prepared to turn back the clock and shock yourself with how awesome you begin to look and feel”

What Can I Learn From Participating In The 50 Fit Program?

Fred Schafer claims that in only 28 days on the 50 Fit program you can expect to learn:

  • Improved body composition (lose fat, gain metabolically active lean muscle)
  • Improved health measures (reduce blood pressure, blood lipid and cardiovascular risk profile and diabetes risk)
  • Improved Physical Capacity (improve mobility, flexibility, power,strength, endurance and much more)



“50 Fit is not a miracle weight loss program. It requires discipline and effort. However the results of your efforts will be handsomely rewarded. This time tested, proven, scientifically and professionally designed program offers the opportunity to achieve extraordinary body transformation results in only 28 days”

Where Can I Purchase 50 Fit?

Fred Schafer’s 50 Fit program is available for purchase as an instant download  from the official 50 Fit website (See link below). All payments are processed through leading online retailer Clickbanks secure payment system (McAffe and Norton Secure Protected).



50 Fit Uses Clickbank’s Secure Payment Processing Service


Click Here To Visit The Official 50 Fit Website>

The Pros and Cons of 50 Fit

venus factor diet pros

Pros of the 50 Fit Program

  • Specifically designed for those 50+ years of age
  • Professional quality design
  • Generous 60 day guarantee
  • Respected and highly credible author
  • Extremely affordable price point
  • Comprehensive exercise and nutrition program


the venus factor system cons

The Cons of the 50 Fit Program

  • This program is very hard to fault. There are very few exercise programs for older adults out there that offer so much value for such an unbelievable price. If  I  were to pick on any negative it would be that I would have liked to see more scientific references included into the e-book. Other than this the option of a hard-copy book for book lovers would also be a nice addition. But hey, we are really nitpicking here. During our 50 Fit review we were extremely impressed by the program and the content included.


50 Fit Review Conclusion

Overall, the 50 Fit program offers an incredible opportunity for people over 50 years old to lose fat and get fit in the comfort of their own home. Fred Schafer has successfully incorporated his 41 plus years of experience into this revolutionary program.  This program has helped many people around the world live a healthier and happier life. I am sure that if you follow the program as directed you will too.

If you are getting on in the years and are looking for a program to help slow down the aging process so you can feel young again, then 50 Fit is the perfect exercise and health program for you. Remember creator Fred Schafer  is offering a generous 60 day money back guarantee so you can give the program a try without feeling pressured to keep it. If it does not suit you simply ask for a refund within 60 days and he will provide a prompt refund. What have you got to lose?… except stubborn body fat…



Buy "50 Fit" Here


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Thank-you for taking the time to read our 50 Fit review today. If you do decide to try the 50 Fit system and experience fat loss success we would love to hear your story. Feel free to post a comment or share your experience below!

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