Adonis Golden Ratio Review: Is It Really the Best Diet for Men?


Adonis Golden Ratio System


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What We Like!

  • Customized and updated plans
  • Excellent value for money
  • Promotes fat loss and muscle gain
  • Optimizes male specific hormones
  • High value bonus gifts included

What We Don't Like!

  • Only available online (downloadable package)
  • For men only
  • No deadlifts allowed

Comprehensive Adonis Golden Ratio Review


What is the Adonis Golden Ratio and Why is it the Best Diet for Men?

adonis golden ratio program review


The Adonis Golden Ratio is:

“A fully customized nutrition program that shows you exactly what you should be eating for your body type to maximize both muscle growth and fat loss at the same time”
Source: The Adonis Golden Ratio Official Website (Adonis Golden Ratio Download)


Adonis Golden Ratio Review: Is it the Best Diet for Men to Lose Fat and Gain Muscle?

After our very popular Venus Factor Review (ladies only diet/exercise system) was recently released we were inundated with requests to undertake a comprehensive review of the best fat loss and muscle building product for men. Many of these requests were sent from women who wanted to try to get their husbands on track to a healthier future. With this in mind we began our journey, searching through masses of popular diets until we finally uncovered a diet and fitness program designed specifically for men.

This Adonis Golden Ratio review that we present today will aim to discover if this system is truly “”the best diet for men” and if not, what other options are out there for men looking to get in the best shape of their life.


best diet for males website

Here is What You You’ll Discover in our Adonis Golden Ratio Review:

• A complete overview of the Adonis Golden Ratio System
• Discover the price of the Adonis Golden Ratio System and how it can be purchased
• Discover who created the Adonis Golden Ratio System and if they are credible authors?
• Discover some very important things you must know before you buy the Adonis Golden Ratio System
• Learn about the importance the Adonis Golden Ratio System places on optimization of male specific hormones and why
• Discover exactly what is contained within the Adonis Golden Ratio System? (Detailed List of Course Modules and Bonus Gifts)
• Discover some tricks and techniques that you must see
• See our final verdict
• More very helpful resources…


The Adonis Golden Ratio Review: (Diet and Exercise Plan for Males Only)

The Adonis Golden Ratio is a 12 week workout, nutrition, and supplementation program which is commonly referred to as “the world’s best diet for men” within the health and fitness communities. If you have been online searching for information on weight loss, or more specifically fat loss for men then you have probably already been exposed to the Adonis Golden Ratio’s strong marketing campaign. This diet plan for males only has been creating quite a stir in the health and fitness industry. The hype is due to the fact that the Adonis Golden Ratio diet and exercise system is designed with very specific exercise/diet prescription and programming to maximize male anabolic hormones. Ok, so let’s continue on our Adonis Golden Ratio review.


adonis golden ratio price


Just one moment…Before we delve into the Adonis Golden Ratio review (or any program review) we always investigate whether the science based evidence used within the program actually checks out. We are happy to say that the Adonis Golden Ratio System is based on very strong scientific evidence that is well referenced within the program. You can read the scientific reports here. There are also some really impressive really impressive real user testimonials which you can view here.

adonis golden ratio system testimonials

Our readers will also be happy to know that the complete Adonis Golden Ratio System (+ Bonuses) now comes complete with a 60 day 100% money back guarantee. The Adonis Golden Ratio price is now only $37.  Basically if you don’t get results on the program the authors are happy to give you a refund with no questions asked. It is obvious that the creators of the Adonis Golden Ratio System have great confidence in their program, which therefore allows them to offer these sorts of fantastic guarantees.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Bonus Products are available for a strictly limited time only


Why has the Adonis Golden Ratio Gained the Reputation as the Best Diet for Males?

Most weight loss and exercise programs out there make it sound like it is going to be very easy to achieve the body of your dreams. While undertaking our Adonis Golden Ratio review we realized that this program breaks that common mold. Yes, significant body transformation (muscle gain and fat loss) results can be achieved in a relatively short period of time but it won’t be a walk in the park. We were happy to see creators of the Adonis Golden Ratio are honest in making it clear that in order to succeed and achieve the body of your dreams you will require hard work and determination. If you are after significant and fast fat loss results without the exercise I suggest checking out The 3 Week Diet or Fat Diminisher System. However remember that these two fat loss systems do not emphasise resistance exercises like Adonis Golden Ratio therefore you cannot expect the same toning effect from the increased muscle mass that AGF offers.

The Adonis Golden Ratio system is based around male specific muscle building and fat loss techniques. A majority of the information in this diet system is your run of the mill body building/male model type of diet/exercise program. What this program does so beautifully though is maximizing the science behind male specific hormones and how this can get you faster results. Although these tricky little secrets are based on complex science the information is conveyed in a foolproof easy to follow manner. Many of people around the world have had some amazing results on this program that need to be seen to be believed (check out some real user success stories here). When you see these successful case studies of real user experiences it becomes clear as to why it’s gained a reputation as the best diet for men.

If you follow the nutritional and training guidelines within the Adonis Golden Ratio System for entire 12 week program you will undoubtedly be in the best shape of your life. You will lose fat and gain muscle if you are consistent. Just remember if you do decide to commit to the Adonis Golden Ratio regime, make sure you go all in. It’s not going to be easy, but it will be rewarding. Best yet, Adonis Golden Ratio System comes complete with a 60 day 100% no questions asked money back guarantee, so it really is risk free.

Important: The Adonis Golden Ratio System is not a rapid weight loss solution and does require 12 weeks of discipline and consistent dietary/ exercise effort to see results. For our valued readers seeking an extremely fast and healthy fat loss option with limited exercise we suggest the 3 Week Diet. Please read our 3 Week Diet Review to learn more.


How Can the Adonis Golden Ratio System Be Purchased?

We are excited to be able to share the news that this product is available for instant download from the Adonis Golden Ratio System Official Website. On the day that we visited the sight we were surprised that the price of the complete Adonis Golden Ratio System (+ Bonuses) was available for only $37. Click here to see if this discount is still available.


Who Created the Adonis Golden Ratio Diet System?

The Adonis Golden Ratio System was created by Mr John Barban. Mr Barban has master’s degree in human biology and nutrition from the University of Guelph. He also has spent time lecturing exercise physiology at the University of Florida.


John Barban Golden Ratio

John Barban: Creator of the Adonis Golden Ratio


Over the past decade he has worked for the world’s premier supplement companies where he spent time researching and developing fat loss and muscle building products. When investigating Mr Barban further we were happy to discover that he actually practices what he preaches. He has also made an amazing body transformation using the exact methods found in the Adonis Golden System.

Over the years John has used his scientific background to develop a program that provides a customized workout, nutrition and supplementation program which is based on the participant’s body type. The ratio of these components change as you progress along the system. It is the precise manipulation of these factors that allow the participant to add significant muscle while burning fat. John Barban has set out to create the best diet for men. The more we learnt about the system, the more we believe that he has achieved to do just that.


best diet for men

What is Included in the Adonis Golden Ratio System?

The Adonis Golden Ratio System Includes:

  • 12-Week Adonis Golden Ratio Training Program
    This is the 12-week workout program that is designed to work with your body.
  • Adonis Golden Ratio Nutrition Program
    A fully customized nutrition program that shows you exactly what you should be eating for your body type to maximize both muscle growth and fat loss at the same time. Yes this can be done if you know how to do it!
  • Adonis Golden Ratio Supplementation Guide
    Contains advice on the some supplements that can speed up your results. The effective use of the right supplements can change average results to phenomenal results. Just like the training and nutrition program supplements can be amazingly effective if you choose the right ones for your body type. These are by no means necessary, but can help speed up the process.
    Nutrition Software
    AGR Community Access
    Bonus Gifts– Testosterone lessons, Arms & Abs Assault, Specialization workouts (Back, Calf, Chest, Leg, Shoulder), 7 days out
  • The program also comes with the option of starting a free trial for the Adonis Immersion program. This provides you to further support and access to a community of like minded individuals who are also starting their Adonis Golden Ratio body transformation.

Ok, so let’s break down these components of the Adonis Golden Ratio program a little further…


For a one-time payment of only $37 ($698.99 recommended value) you get access to:

The Adonis Golden Ratio Training Program

adonis golden ratio review program 1

In this section you begin by entering your height, waist, and weight measurements into a software program that is designed to help determine your main body transformation goal. This software is very effective in helping you create a specific goal based on your current body type. These goals may include:
• Muscle gain
• Fat loss
• Combination of both muscle gain and fat loss.
Once you choose your goals you will be provided with an easy to follow training program. Within this program are some really well designed workout, nutrition, and supplementation protocols.


The Adonis Golden Ratio Workout Program

adonis golden ratio workoutWe are happy to report that the workout programs are very professional and well designed. It is obvious that they were created by an expert exercise science professional. They are extremely easy to follow and designed so that even the beginner can follow. These workouts are very easy to follow. Warning: These workouts are easy to follow but NOT EASY TO COMPLETE.

They require hard work and dedication. If you are after a weight loss program that doesn’t involve exercise we suggest the Fat Diminisher System. This system is based on diet and supplement intake only. It does provide great fat loss results but you won’t get the added muscle building benefits that the Adonis Golden Ratio provides. You can read our Comprehensive Fat Diminisher System Review here.

The Adonis Golden Ratio workout program outlines exactly how many reps, sets and rest time you must use to lose fat and gain muscle effectively. The workouts employ a range of muscle growth stimulating techniques such as pyramids, super setting plus much more. The workouts vary in intensity and body part from session to session. The good thing is, all you need to do is show up, follow along word for word and complete the set workout. Do this day in, day out and you will succeed.

More fat burning style exercises are also included. These are a great complement to the revolutionary diet plan for males that we discussed earlier. The amount of these exercises that you perform is dependent on your goal. If you want to burn tons of fat be prepared to do quite a lot of high intensity cardiovascular exercises. These workouts aren’t long and you don’t have to do them very often, but they are intense.

We were surprised to see that Mr Barban excludes the deadlift exercise from the Adonis Golden Ratio workout program. He claims that this exercise can make your waist appear to look wider. We would have to disagree with him here. Deadlifts are one of our favourite exercises and we refuse to give them up. Deadlifts are not for everyone and they do come with an increased risk of injury for the beginner so it is probably a good thing that they are left out in this instance. In the end they may just cause more harm than good. At the end of the day consistency is the key to substantial and sustainable fat loss.

We love the fact that the workout contains clickable links that redirect you to an online portal with information on how to do the exercise correctly. This is extremely valuable for beginner trainers. It is basically like having access to your own personal trainer. Except rather than paying $60-$100 session you only have to pay a one off fee of just $37. At this price, considering the content, resources and bonuses included, we believe this represents excellent value.

Below I have attached a sample of what a typical days workout plan contains.

The Nutrition Program:

adonis golden ratio nutritional program number 2What makes the Adonis Golden Ratio Nutrition Program Such an Effective Diet for Men?

We introduced the Nutrition Program earlier in our Adonis Golden Ratio review but now we would like to delve into the specifics of the program. So what are the specific diet and food intake principles that make the Adonis Golden Ratio System so successful for males seeking to lose weight and gain muscle?
The main concept of the Adonis Golden Ratio program is the Reverse Taper Diet Protocol. The logic behind the Reverse Taper Diet is based around the Theory of Fat Availability. Simply put, the lower your body fat gets, the less your body will prefer to use fat for fuel, and the harder it will be to lose additional body fat. To overcome this dilemma of a fat loss plateau, John proposes the following solution:

“Gradually increase caloric intake as your body fat drops until you get to a point of optimal maintenance”

Source: Adonis Golden Ratio System Official Website

It is the level of detail that Mr Barban goes into in this diet program that sets it apart from other diets for males on the market. In fact, we are becoming believers that the Adonis Golden Ration just might be the best diet for men.

The Reverse Taper Protocol is engineered for sustainable fat loss over the long term because it has you consuming calories till you get to a point of optimal maintenance. Unlike other diets you will not lose muscle on this program. It is likely that you may actually gain a significant amount of muscle if you apply all the exercise and dieting techniques as recommended. There are some really cool little “trade secrets” that Mr Barban adds to the program that again helps to distance this program from the other leading exercise programs and diets for males currently available.

The Supplementation Program

adonis golden ratio supplementationHow can the Adonis Golden Ratio Supplementation program help me lose fat and gain muscle?
Earlier in our Adonis Golden Ratio review we highlighted the addition of the supplementation program. To be specific the Supplementation Program describes how you can add supplements to the regime to help burn even more fat. We are always sceptical about the effectiveness of supplements and didn’t have time to investigate the claims of each one that is recommended within the Adonis Golden Ratio program. We do have confidence and respect for Mr Barban’s opinion on supplementation as his resume and portfolio of companies that he has consulted for are quite impressive.

Important: Please remember that you can achieve amazing body transformation results without supplementation. In the end they may provide a 1-10% difference in fat loss and muscle gain.

Please don’t overwhelm yourself with supplementation. Focus on nutrition and working out consistently and you will be fine.

Nutrition Software – Adonis Golden Ratio Calculator

adonis golden ratio calculator freeThe Adonis Golden Ratio Calculator: An innovative addition to an already impressive package
We revealed the calculator earlier in our Adonis Golden Ratio Review, but let’s take a deeper look. This great addition is a real game changer. Once again the Adonis Golden Ratio team has shown further innovation with the inclusion of the class leading nutrition software. Although complex in design all you have to do is enter your body dimensions and the computers inbuilt nutritionist algorithm will prepare a list of your weekly nutritional targets along with your ideal body measurements that are both achievable and realistic.

Use of the Nutrition Software will allow you to calculate the exact number of calories that you will be consuming each and every day in order to lose fat while building or maintaining muscle. You simply repeat this process once per week while on your journey to ensure that you continue to adapt and succeed.

The Adonis Golden Ratio Community

Link with others who are also embarking on their body transformation journey.
If you are one of our valued readers you already know that we are big on the value of support when embarking on a weight loss journey. Access to a community such as that found within the Adonis Golden Ratio System can sometimes be the difference between success and failure. We can now see why the Adonis Golden Ratio System has quickly developed a reputation as the best diet for men. It has all bases covered and the value added with access to community support is just the icing on the cake. We noticed that the forums are very active, so you shouldn’t have any trouble networking with others who are embarking on the same journey as you. While you’re there why not share your results. Who knows you might become an inspiration to thousands of others around the world.

The Adonis Golden Ratio community managers also frequently hold body transformation competitions. These comps are known as the Adonis Index Contest. There are 3 contests per year with a total prize of $500 each. To participate you simply submit a “before” picture and enter all your current measurements. You will then have a further 12-20 weeks to prepare for your “after” picture. We believe that this is a great incentive to get you to stay motivated until you achieve the results you desire.

But Wait there’s more… Much more:

I know it’s hard to believe but not only do you get all of the great resources I mentioned above in the Adonis Golden Ratio Review, but you will also gain access to many valuable gifts. Yes all of this for only $37. Also remember that this program comes complete with a 60 day money back guarantee so you really can’t lose! If for some reason you don’t like the program or fell that it is not right for you simply send the Adonis Golden Ratio team an email and they will happily give you a full refund, no questions asked.

We briefly introduced the Bonus Gifts earlier in our Adonis Golden Ratio Review. To give you greater insight here is a breakdown of the bonus products that are included with the Adonis Golden Ratio System.

Adonis Golden Ratio Bonus Gift #1: Testosterone Lessons

As you are probably aware Testosterone is the primary hormone associated with muscle gain and fat loss. The Testosterone Lessons contains a number of short videos explaining how to boost testosterone naturally. These awesome tips are very easy to apply to your daily life.

Adonis Golden Ratio Bonus Gift #2: Abs and Arms Assault

This handy resource contains some additional exercise routines to help get your abs popping and biceps buldging. We thought we had seen every exercise there is. We were surprised to see a few new exercises added that are real game changers when it comes to obtaining the perfect six pack abs. Mr Barban states that 94% of men don’t maximize their potential to develop abs and arms. Yet these are the ones we want to show off right? Use these great tips to get the body of your dreams.

Adonis Golden Ratio Bonus Gift #3: Specialized Training

The specialised training component is comprised of a range of secret exercise techniques that Mr Barban has developed over his many years of research and exercise physiology studies. This section will educate you on a few simple things you can add to your daily routine to help bring any lagging body parts up to speed.

Adonis Golden Ratio Bonus Gift #4: 7 Days Out

The 7 Days Out program gives you a workout and nutritional plan to help you get ready for an upcoming event such as a high school reunion, beach vacation or wedding. It is more designed for people who have completed the Adonis Golden Ratio System and just need to add the finishing touches of a couple of pounds of fat loss and/or muscle gain.

Visit the Official Adonis Golden Ratio Site to Purchase the Complete System + Bonus Gifts for $37





best diet for males website

That right all of the above for only $37. We heard that this was the world’s best diet for men and now we are also believers. No other diet for males on the market offers so much science based value and bonus gifts for such an amazing price. Ok, so let’s move onto our final verdict within our Adonis Golden Ratio review.

adonis golden ratio review rating


Pros:venus factor diet pros


• Very simple to follow exercise and nutrition programs
• Plan is completely customised for specific body type and goals
• Consistently updated plan with variety of exercises
• Promotes sustainable fat loss/muscle gain
• Community support available for inspiration and motivation
• Best diet for males on the market



Cons:the venus factor system cons


• Only available in online format (E-book, internet access required for forums and videos)
• No deadlifts are allowed (we think they are a great exercise)
• Exaggerated claims in the sales video
• Diet for men only (sorry ladies! Why not try: The Venus Factor Diet)


adonis golden ratio banner

The Adonis Golden Ratio Review Conclusion

We are happy to say that the Adonis Golden Ratio program is indeed the best diet for males currently available on the market. If you do decide to purchase the Adonis Golden Ratio program we are sure you will do great. Just follow the plan step by step and you will get the body transformation results you desire. Remember to use the Adonis Community support for added inspiration and utilise the great bonus gifts. If you would like to learn more about the Adonis Golden Ratio Program you can visit the official site here. Also keep in mind that the Adonis Golden Ratio System comes complete with a 60 day money back guarantee so you really can’t lose. Good luck on your body transformation journey!

We hope you have found our Adonis Golden Ratio review helpful. If you do decide to participate in the Adonis Golden Ratio program we would love to hear about your feedback and body transformation results. Please comment below. We are certain that the readers would love to hear all about your fat loss and muscle building success.

Purchase Adonis Golden Ratio Now!

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