Bodyweight Burn Review- Does It Live Up To The Hype?


Bodyweight Burn Quick Review Summary


Our Final Verdict


What We Like!

  • Fun,unique workouts
  • Very affordable
  • Can be done anywhere
  • Exceptional guarantee
  • Simple to follow

What We Don't Like!

  • Hardcopy very expensive ($147 compared to only $19 for digital copy)
  • Limited meal plan ideas to go along with dietary advice

After numerous requests from our valued readers to undertake a simple bodyweight home exercise routine we are proud to present our epic Bodyweight Burn review. The Bodyweight Burn program has gained a huge following and is helping people around the world achieve some very impressive body transformations.

In this Bodyweight Burn review we will help you determine if this popular program is the home workout solution for you. So has leading fitness expert Adam Steer created a home workout solution that can help you get your dream body? Lets Find Out!



Interesting Video Explaining “Bodyweight Burn” Check It Out!


DEAR VALUED READER! We recommend that you DO NOT BUY THIS PROGRAM until you have read our entire Bodyweight Burn review. We hope you find this Bodyweight Burn review helpful on your journey to a healthier future. We would love to hear your feedback or answer any further questions you have after you read our entire review, so please feel free to comment below this post!


“We love the fact that with this simple 21-Minute Method, you can still eat carbs, enjoy your favourite foods and still torch body fat while getting more toned and athletic in the process”


Bodyweight Burn Review: What Exactly Is Bodyweight Burn?

bodyweight burn

Bodyweight Burn revolves around a proprietary system called the Bodyweight 3x Fat-Burn Multiplier Effect( BW3 MultiBurn). BW3 MultiBurn uses 3 scientifically exercise methods that work together to give you a multiplier effect that keeps you burning fat 24 hours a day.

Best yet the exercise sessions only last for 21 minutes each. They are short yet effective.




During our Bodyweight Burn review we were happy to see that unlike long duration cardio exercises such as running, the bodyweight burn routine stimulates the body’s metabolism boosting system much more effectively. It is this metabolism boosting design that allows participants to continue to eat their favourite carbohydrates and still lose stubborn fat. No more long boring workouts that can actually raise fat storing hormones. Yay!


“One of the best things about Bodyweight Burn is that is provides freedom. It provides freedom to exercise when and wherever you want. It provides freedom to lose the weight you desire without sacrificing the foods you love”

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The 3 Exercise Methods Used In BodyWeight Burn Include:

  1. Cardioflow

    – this is Adam Steer’s replacement to conventional “Cardio” exercise. It is basically a mix of bodyweight movements choreographed similar to dance and martial arts.  The role of Cardioflow is to stimulate fat loss by promoting your body to use body fat as the primary fuel source. Unlike traditional cardio which has been shown to release cortisol (a fat storage hormone), the Bodyweight Burn positively supports metabolism. During our Bodyweight Burn review we were very impressed by the way that the system supports the joints of the body. The unique exercise avoid the common downfalls of traditional cardio such as repetitive stress injuries. This is a great program for people who feel they are either too overweight to run or frequently get injured when running.

  2. Afterburners- 

    Basically is designed to turn you into a 24/7 fat burning machine.The afterburn sessions can help you keep burning fat for days after the workout. The effect is known as EPOC (Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption). These exercises are not easy but they are of a very brief duration. Get in their and get it done and before you know it the session is over. Then sit back and enjoy the effects of EPOC

  3. Metabolic-Muscle Sessions- 

    Consists of a range of simple and effective muscle building techniques. You don’t have to worry about getting big and bulky with these bodyweight exercises either. They are beautifully designed to promote lean muscle mass so you look more toned and athletic (not bloated and round like a bodybuilder). The exercises in this component help add muscle density which in turn leads to a higher metabolism and therefore further overall calorie expenditure.


Examples of Exercises Included In Bodyweight Burn:

bodyweight_burn_free_downloadClick here to view a page with example videos of all 3 of the components I just mentioned (Scroll down halfway on page to view)


What Do I Get When I Purchase Bodyweight Burn?



  • Instructional and Workout Videos ($99 + $49 value)
  • BW3 WORKOUT SYSTEM ($39 Value)
  • BW3 EXERCISE Manual ($29 Value)
  • HANDY WALL CHARTS ($19 Value)
  • BODYWEIGHT BURN Quick Start Guide ($19 Value)
  • ACCESS TO PLATINUM CLUB (Limited offers available at time of this Bodyweight Burn review)


Who Created Bodyweight Burn?


Not long into our Bodyweight Burn review we were pleased to find out that well known and respected trainer Adam Steer is the brains behind this product. For those of you who don’t know, Mr Steer carries the nickname “The Bodyweight Coach”. We are familiar with his previous work but Bodyweight Burn is obviously on a whole other level of professionalism.

Adam Steer has spent years putting together this program which is based on his own personal experiences and the latest scientific research. He published his first fat loss program in 2009 and has since helped tens of thousands of people around the world achieve significant body transformations. He also has an interesting story about his own weight loss journey that is an inspiring read. Read about Mr Steer’s journey here.

Now you can too benefit from Adam Steer’s expertise thanks to instantly available access to the Bodyweight Burn Program. Not only is this program contain an abundance of value but it also is available for an incredible price (only $19 for digital copy at the time of this review, Hardcopy $147).


Bodyweight Burn Review: What Will I Learn From Adam Steer

  • How to lose fat and get fit while using a specific combination of short workouts that turn you into a 24/7 fat burning machine.
  • How to improve cardiovascular endurance and health without long duration exercises that promote release of stress hormones and subsequent fat storage.
  • How to improve insulin sensitivity which will allow you to still eat the carbs you love without the weight gain.


Who Can Benefit From The Bodyweight Burn System?

The Bodyweight Burn System is suited for people who:

  • May think that they are too unfit to exercise but are willing to give exercise a go ( During our Bodyweight Burn Review we were very happy to see that author Adam Steer has modified the program to cater for the absolute beginner to the seasoned expert trainer)
  • Realise that it takes more than just an exercise program to lose weight. Bodyweight Burn will help torch the calories but that doesn’t mean that you can eat whatever you want. (Mr Steer provides an excellent guide to eating while on the program that you will find super helpful particularly if you have trouble with overeating)
  • Understand that this program requires some “hard work”. You will have to get moving to reap the rewards on offer. Although some of the workouts are quite intense, they are only of a very short duration.


“Bodyweight Burn makes exercising convenient, fun and enjoyable”

Where Can I Purchase Bodyweight Burn?

Adam Steer’s bodyweight burn is available for instant download from the official Bodyweight Burn website (See link below). All payments are processed through leading online retailer Clickbanks secure payment system (McAffe and Norton Secure Protected). Hardcopy (DVD) is also available, however is much more expensive than digital copy (see link below for details)



Bodyweight Burn Uses Clickbank’s Secure Payment Processing Service

Click Here To Visit The Official Bodyweight Burn Website>


The Pros and Cons of Bodyweight Burn


venus factor diet prosThe Pros of Bodyweight Burn

  • No gym equipment
  • No subscription needed
  • Unique, fun effective exercises
  • Simple  to follow
  • Workouts can be done anywhere
  • Quality video
  • Very affordable
  • Excellent guarantee

the venus factor system consThe Cons of Bodyweight Burn

  • People who like to work out in the gym and socialise may become bored with the home based program
  • Nice dietary advice is given however no meal plans are provided
  • Hardcopy is extremely expensive $147 when compared to digital copy only $19


Bodyweight Burn Review Conclusion

Overall, the Bodyweight Burn program offers a unique opportunity for anyone of any fitness level to get fit and lose weight in the comfort of their own home. Adam Steer has developed an extremely valuable program at an unbelievably cheap price (only the digital copy is cheap, hardcopy very expensive).

If you are looking for a program to help get fit and toned at home without starving yourself or following a boring exercise routine , then Adam Steer’s “Bodyweight Burn” program is the perfect choice for you. Remember author Adam Steer  is offering a 60 day guarantee so you can test out the program to see if it is right for you in a low risk manner.

Thank-you for taking the time to read our Bodyweight Burn review today. If you do decide to go on and purchase the program and go on to make an amazing body transformation we would love to hear your story. Feel free to post a comment or share your experience below!


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