Burn Fat Fast for Women:Simple Hormone Fix That Works!


Burn Fat Fast for Women by Addressing Hormones


Have you ever had difficulty losing fat and sticking to a diet? Do you feel like no matter how well you eat you still put on weight? If you answered yes to this question then i’m sorry to tell you, but you may have hormone issues. More specifically you may have dysfunctional Leptin hormone regulation. You may remember our discussion about overcoming Leptin hormone issues in our review of the extremely popular female specific Venus Factor Diet Review.


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In order to learn how to burn fat fast for women we must first learn how to optimize the female specific hormone Leptin. You see Leptin is extremely important hormone in a woman’s body that controls both hunger and the sensation of satiety. The Leptin hormone is released by fat cells. Therefore, the more overweight you are the more likely you have greater Leptin levels. So therefore you would think that if you are overweight you would have higher levels of satiety due to an abundance of the hormone. Unfortunately this is not the case. The problem is that the more overweight you are the more resistant you may be to the positive fat burning effects of this hormone. So many women around the world have high circulating Leptin levels but are unable to obtain the fat loss benefit due to this resistance.

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Many of those seeking fat loss are resistant to Leptin. Leptin resistance has been linked to a variety of chronic diseases in addition to the weight gain related problems. If you have made a strong effort to lose weight but have not had success the chance is you have Leptin resistance.

This issue is very specific to women. Luckily for men they don’t encounter these Leptin issues. But in order to burn fat for women we must address the Leptin issue.  Make changes to  Leptin levels and you will see changes.

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How does Leptin Help to Burn Fat Fast for Women

Leptin is the satiety hormone produced by fat cells. Therefore you think that those women with more fat cells would produce more Leptin which would subsequently signal the body to feel less hungry and the weight would fall off. This over-simplified idea is great in theory, but doesn’t always occur, especially in those with damaged metabolisms or endocrine problems (which includes most overweight people).

Studies show that most overweight women who struggle with losing stubborn body fat have a Leptin resistance and therefore can not lose weight as easy as others.  The chronic Leptin resistance is actually sensed by the body as starvation. This is very problematic as the body then responds by increasing fat storage rather than by burning fat. Leptin resistance also slows down the metabolism by downgrading thyroid function. This leads to less calories being burnt off during the day which is also counterproductive to weight loss.

So, the person is eating excess food but the body thinks it is starving and tells the person to eat more. It’s easy to see how this cycle could contribute to weight gain!



Burn Fat Fast for Women by Overcoming Leptin Resistance Factors

Leptin resistance is a complicated problem with many aggravating factors including:

  • Fructose consumption (especially in forms like High Fructose Corn Syrup)
  • High Levels of Stress
  • Consumption Sugar
  • Poor Sleep
  • Overeating
  • Poor Exercise Habits



How to Fix Leptin Resistance to Burn Fat Fast for Womengarcinia_cambogia_review

Leptin Resistance is a relatively unknown, yet epidemic issue sweeping the nation. There is no better diet on the market than the Venus Factor Diet when it comes to reversing Leptin Resistance. We have previously reviewed the Venus Factor Diet that you can read here. There is some really great research incorporated into the Venus Factor that is presented in an easy to follow way. It also comes with a 100% guarantee at an excellent price too. Although I can’t reveal some of the specific “secrets”of the Venus Factor Diet I can give you a few simple tricks to help you reverse insulin resistance.

Factors that will help decrease Leptin resistance and help to burn fat fast for women include:

  • Eating less sugar, fructose and other simple starches.
  • Eating protein and healthy fats to promote satiety naturally
  • Get at least 8 hrs of sleep nightly
  • Expose you skin to sun daily to promote vitamin D levels
  • Resist the urge to snack and instead have meals at regular intervals (every 3-4hrs)
  • Exercise Regularly (both cardio and resistance exercises)
  • Detoxify by eating more vegetables and drinking more water.
  • Increase intake of omega-3 rich foods

Many women around the world have overcome their Leptin Resistance issue’s and lost weight as a result. Check out some real life fat loss success stories here.

If you would like an easy to follow diet and exercise program we suggest checking out The Venus Factor Diet. It really makes it easy to make the healthy lifestyle changes necessary to overcome Leptin Resistance and more specifically burn fat fast for women. The science based program represents excellent value for money and takes the guest work out of exactly what to eat and when to eat it in order to promote Leptin sensitivity and subsequent weight loss.

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