Motivational Weight Loss Video Sure to Inspire!

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Why Can’t I Lose Weight? Hint: It’s All In Your Head!


Our readers often ask us “why can’t I lose weight”. This statement often comes from a place of frustration and hopelessness after many failed attempts at weight loss diets and exercise programs. At this stage it is very easy for people to give up and say “I cant lose weight, it’s just the way I…

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The Weight Loss Motivation Bible Review: Get Your Mind Right!


Establish the Correct Mindset for Weight Loss Success! Thank you for taking the time to read The Weight Loss  Motivation Bible review. By taking this step to learn more about increasing your motivation to lose weight it is obvious that you understand the importance of establishing a strong mindset for weight loss success. Perhaps The Weight…

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I Need Weight Loss Motivation! Please Help


A week doesn’t go buy that we don’t receive an email titled “ I need weight loss motivation, please help me ”. It is an extremely common question that is passionately expressed by our valued readers and understandably so. If you recently read our Weight Loss Motivation 101 article you would have learnt just how important…

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Weight Loss Motivation 101: Tips to Stay on Track


Weight Loss Motivation Tips and Tricks! Congratulations on beginning your journey to gain a greater understanding of the vital role weight loss motivation can play in helping you achieve the body of your dreams. Well done! You have taken the first step towards achieving success on your next weight loss venture. The fact that you are…

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How Do People Lose Weight : Real World Case Studies

So how do people lose weight?  There are many ways people lose weight. It basically comes down to calories in (food consumed) vs calories expended (through physical activity and metabolic processes). A simple formula right? If only it was that simple. There are so many other psychological and  physiological factors that will also affect ones…

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