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Fast Fat Burning Meals


Our Final Verdict


What We Like!

  • Comprehensive Meal Plans
  • Easy to Follow and Prepare
  • Highly Credible Author
  • Great Value for Money

What We Don't Like!

  • This one can't be faulted!

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Fast Fat Burning Meals Review: Healthy Meals Made Easy!

Do you find it difficult to find the time to prepare healthy meals? If you find mealtime stressful and are looking for a healthy meal plan then you are going to love today’s review. In today’s Fast Fat Burning Meals Review we will help you uncover how this popular program can help you prepare healthy meals fast and lose fat in the process.

In this day and age we are bombarded with unhealthy food options from every angle. Processed foods filled with sugar, salt and preservatives are very hard to avoid. Worst yet these foods can do serious damage to your body. These nasty foods can disrupt your hormones, increase systemic inflammation and lead to weight gain. Although more people are choosing low calorie/ low fat foods than ever before, obesity and chronic disease rates continue to soar. Obviously food deprivation and calorie counting is NOT the Answer.

In today’s Fast Fat Burning Meals review you will learn how this popular program can help you make healthier food choices and prepare delicious meals without spending hours in the kitchen. So say goodbye to boring, tasteless meals and depriving diets that leave you hungry. No longer will you have to stress out about what you are going to eat with this extremely helpful fat loss meal plan system.

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Who Created Fast Fat Burning Meals

If you are one of our valued readers then you would already know that one of the first things we do when embarking on a new product review is to check the credibility of the author. During our Fast Fat Burning Meals review we were able to track down the credentials of the authors of this comprehensive program.

You will be pleased to know that the authors have a strong background in nutritional authorship. The program is created by Yuri Elkaim, a New York Times bestselling author of The All-Day Energy Diet and Amy Coates, BSc., RHN. Perhaps you have seen Yuri featured on popular TV shows such as The Doctors and Dr Oz.



Author Yuri Elkaim has been featured on many popular TV shows including Dr Oz.


What is Fast Fat Burning Meals

Basically Fast Fat Burning meals is a collection of delicious whole food recipes that burn fat and take no time at all to prepare. In fact this system offers some of the most delicious meals we have ever seen in a fat loss program. The program is based on what’s known as Food Freedom Formula.

This meal plan focuses on fulfilling the following 3 tenants:

1. Allergen-Free, Guilt-Free…100% Tasty
2. 15 Minutes – From Start to “Satisfied”
3. Done-For-You Simplicity


“This is truly the ultimate done-for-you solution for quick and delicious healthy meals that burn fat…without counting calories, feeling guilty about food, or spending all your time in the kitchen”


The unique whole food recipes found in the Fast Fat Burning Meals Program aim to help your body become healthy.

To be more precise the meals are designed to:


• Reduce deadly inflammation
• Rebalance hormones
• Reduce cravings
• Reduce belly fat


What is Included in Fast Fat Burning Meals

Fast Fat Burning Meals Cookbook($37 value)


The Fast Fat Burning Meals cookbook includes 30 of the author’s premium fat-burning meals. This cookbook includes healthy meals that are designed for the whole family. During our Fast Fat burning Meals review we were happy to note that these meals take all less than 15 minutes to complete. Best yet these meals are all 100% allergy-friendly, are suitable for vegans and those living a paleo lifestyle. The meals are also gluten free!


Easy-to-Follow 30-Day Meal Plan ($17 value)


What we really like about the Fast Fat Burning Meal Plan is the fact that the program is laid out so that you know exactly what to eat and when. We find this super helpful as busy parents and are sure you will too.


Itemized Grocery List ($7 value)


Now this is where Fast Fat Burning Meals shines brighter than other fat loss meal plans. To make this program absolutely foolproof the authors have included an itemized shopping list containing all the ingredients needed. Best yet they have also listed the exact amounts to purchase at the shops. It is these innovative additions that will make your life much easier. By our calculations you could also save money on this program in the process due to a reduction of food wastage.

Free Cookbook #1

Wheat-Free Wonder Breads ($17 value)


Bread can sometimes be a nightmare for those looking to lead a healthy lifestyle. Bread is commonly loaded with nasties such as preservatives, sugar and salt. Choosing bread can be even more troublesome for those people who have allergies and gluten sensitivities. Sure you could buy gluten free bread, but it is very expensive. Have you ever considered making your own bread? With this Wheat Free Wonder Breads Cookbook you can have delicious breads baked on the spot for your family to enjoy.

BONUS #2: Easy Vegan Swaps


Other fat loss meal plans that we have reviewed in the past have always seemed to neglect those living a vegan lifestyle. If you are vegan you can simply use this guide to help you make vegan friendly swaps to your main meals. Simple.

How Can Fast Fat Burning Meals Help You?

This program can help you:

• Reduce stubborn fat while eating delicious meals that are easy to prepare
• Remove toxic foods from your diet that can lead to inflammation and hormone imbalances.
• Stop counting calories and “dieting”
• Reduce the time you spend in the kitchen so you can spend more time doing the things you love.
• Stop worrying about what you will eat at your next meal or what you have to get from the shops.


How Much Does Fast Fat burning Meals Cost and Where Can I Buy It?

The pricing for the program starts at $10. You can check out more details about pricing, sales and discounts here. The program comes complete with a 60 day money back guarantee.


Click here to visit the official Fast Fat Burning Meals website for sales and discounts>

User Feedback


View more real life success stories here>


Does Anything Compare to Fast Fat Burning Meals?

We believe that the closest comparison of this program can be made with the Metabolic Cooking program. Both programs offer incredible value at an affordable price. However, if you have gluten sensitivities or live a vegan lifestyle then Fast Fat Loss Meals is a better choice. If this is not a concern to you then both programs offer unbelievable value. You could even consider purchasing both programs for even more variety. If you would like to learn more about the Metabolic Cooking program please read our comprehensive review here.




The Great Fast Food Experiment


Our Fast Fat Burning Meals Review Verdict

This program offers incredible value at an extremely affordable price. If you have found sticking to a diet difficult in the past then I urge you to try the Fast Fat Burning Meals program. It really does take the guesswork out of fat loss. No longer do you have to focus on restrictive dieting. Simply let this program guide you to eat healthier and then sit back and reap the health rewards on offer.

Throughout our Fast Fat Burning Meals review we were consistently impressed by just how simple this program is to follow. The meals are easy to prepare, wholesome and nutritional and taste delicious.

We hope you have found our Fast Fat Burning Meals review helpful. If you have had any experience with this program in the past we would love to hear your story. Please feel free to comment below. We really appreciate any feedback from our valued readers.


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