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Fat Burning Soup Recipes


Our Final Verdict


What We Like!

  • Huge Range of Recipes
  • Promotes Both Fast & Sustainable Fat Loss
  • Science Based
  • Credible Author
  • Excellent Value for Money

What We Don't Like!

  • Only Available Online (No Hard Copy Available)

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Our readers commonly ask us for recommendations on the best fat burning soup recipes. We have often contemplated doing fat burning soup diet or fat burning soup recipe reviews in the past. From personal experience we are very aware of the many benefits that soups can play in the journey to significant fat loss. We have made soups in the past but nothing worth sharing with our online community.

Therefore we decided to undertake a journey to find the very best fat burning soup diet recipes that we could share with our valued readers.




We soon realised that there are millions of soup recipes online. It became obvious that gathering a list of the best fat burning soup recipes available would be an almost impossible task.

Along our journey we discovered a program that solved all of our problems and ticked all of the boxes. Not only did we find some of the most amazing soup recipes on the web, but we also realised that they are actually made with fat loss in mind.


Introducing the Fat Burning Soup Recipes Weight Loss System




We were very impressed by the fact that the Fat Burning Soup Recipes system is actually created by a doctor. Another bonus that we identified was that participants on this fat burning soup diet were actually eating more and still losing a ton of body fat. In fact the official website of this fat burning soup recipe system states that is possible to

“Lose 5 Pounds Every 7 days Just By Eating Delicious Fat Burning Soups.”

Once we discovered this program we knew that we had to share it with our readers. Therefor we are proud to present our comprehensive Fat Burning Soup Recipes Review.


Important Fat Burning Soup Recipes Review Update: Complete system now available for $1 on a unrestricted 7 Day Trial (limited time only)


Visit the Official Fat Burning Soup Recipes Website Sales & Trial Page


The creators of the Fat Burning Soup Recipes Weight Loss System state that you can potentially

"Lose up to 7 pounds in 10 days"

What is the Fat Burning Soup Recipes System?


The Fat Burning Recipes can be accessed instantly for viewing on your preferred device


The Fat Burning Soup Recipes system is a complete science based online fat loss soup diet program that guarantees that you will lose weight. The basic premise of the Fat Burning Soup Recipes system is that  you only need to replace one meal with a fat burning soup that takes about 5-15 mins to cook (multiple servings) and then rest of the day you continue to eat like normal.

The author of the program states that most diets fail as they starve your body of vital nutrients. This can commonly lead to extreme hunger and subsequent overeating. If a diet is too restrictive you may actually slow down your metabolism and enter fat storage mode.

The fat burning soup diets supplied in the Fat Burning Soup Recipes System are designed to boost your metabolism and keep you fuller for longer. On this diet you will be less likely to overeat as you will be completely nourished.




An interesting video which explains everything you need to know about the Fat Burning Recipes System


So basically on this fat burning soup diet you can eat completely normal foods every meal of the day bar one. That’s it.  Just one new meal a day and you can experience significant weight loss results.

Initially we were sceptical of the author's claims. However after further investigation we discovered that this diet program is designed by a Dr of Nutrition (Dr. Anna Noel Harris).

We are also pleased to see that the program is scientifically proven to help you lose up to 5 pounds every 7 days. Best yet the results are guaranteed or your money back.


Fat Burning Soup Recipe author Dr._Anna_Noel_Harris_Review.png

Author Dr. Anna Noel Harris, Licensed Dietitian


While undertaking our Fat Burning Soup Recipes review we were very impressed by the variety and quality of the recipes available. We were surprised to see that many of the fat loss soups included delicious foods like ham, bacon and salmon.

After further investigation into the program we discovered that these fat burning soup recipes have actually helped members of the program lose over 1,000,000 pounds since 2008! Very impressive indeed.

View the official Fat Burning Soup Recipes FAQ section here (scroll down on page)


How Do the Fat Burning Soup Recipes Work?


We are pleased to report that this fat burning soup recipe system is backed up by some very credible research. Dr Anna Noel Harris the dietician behind the program has incorporated the latest in nutritional best practices into the diets sleek design. Recent research has revealed that soup consumption is associated with a lower risk of obesity(1). This is great news for those of you who are looking for a sustainable and healthy weight loss opportunity!

The Fat Burning Soup Recipes diet integrate the very best natural fat burning foods available. The secret of the success of the diet lies in the inclusion of specific thermogenic foods. Best yet, these foods are readily available from your local supermarket.

Thermogenic foods basically speed up your metabolism and turn you into a 24/7 fat burner. These foods create this fat burning effect due to the fact that they require more energy from the body to break them down. Therefore these foods allow you to burn more fat even while you're sitting down watching TV.

The program also works on stimulating fat burning hormones. The creator of the program states that you will not lose water weight on this diet like so many other inferior fat loss soup diets. Instead it states that you will be purely burning body fat.

fat burners


These thermogenic foods make for fantastic fat burning soups. They take just 5-15 minutes to cook and make plenty of servings. Unlike other diets you do not have to count calories, restrict foods or starve yourself.

Simply prepare the fat burning soups and enjoy the effects of increased satiety and metabolism. This is great news for those of you who enjoy a busy social life and enjoy going out for dinner. No longer will you have to sacrifice your social life in order to lose weight. For example, if you knew that you were going to have a big night out, eat your soup for lunch. If you are going out for lunch with your friends, eat your soup for dinner.




Not only will you tend to eat less on this fat burning soup diet but you will also tend to save money. During our Fat Burning Soup Recipe review we investigated the ingredients of a number of the recipes and realised that they would be extremely cheap to make. By our calculation the average cost of a meal would be only around $1.30.

So not only will you feel satisfied and energised while on the Fat Burning Soup Diet but you will also save money! Talk about a win win situation.



What is included in the Fat Burning Soup Recipes?

We very impressed over the course of our Fat Burning Soup Recipes review by the immense value of this program. To be more precise this system provides more than 370 unique Fat Burning Soup Recipes. The Entire Recipe system is presented in a very easy to follow high definition video series.

The chef takes you by the hand and shows you exactly what to do every step of the way. We were very impressed by the fact that the recipes only require only around 2-4 ingredients. So don’t worry, you definitely don’t have to be a master chef to succeed on this program.

In summary here is what you receive when you purchase the fat burning soup diet:




(Instant download to view on tablets, smartphones and computers)

Start $1 Trial

  • Access to 370+ Fat Burning Soup Recipes

  • Instructional Videos

  • Unlimited Email Consultation with Fat Loss Experts

  • Exclusive Members Access

  • Access to Freshly Updated Content


Plus Bonus Gifts (limited time only)


  • Celebrity Metabolism Secrets



  • Fat Burning Tasty Breakfast Recipes



  • Think, Act., Love, Lose Weight Ebook



  • Recipes to Reduce Everyday Pain and Inflammation in Your Body



  • Low Calorie Dessert Recipes



  • Nutritional Powerhouses For Lifelong Health And Vitality Ebook



User Feedback

Here are some real life success stories that you may inspiring;




Where Can I Purchase the Fat Burning Soup Recipes System?

The Fat Burning Soup Recipes diet is an online program so you can download right now from the official website and get started today. Update: $1 for 7 day unrestricted trial currently available (limited time offer).


Visit the Official Fat Burning Soup Recipes Website Sales & Trial Page


During our Fat Burning Soup Recipes review we checked the credibility and security of the entire purchase process. We are pleased to report that all purchases made on the Fat Burning Soup Recipes website are processed through the secure Clickbank payment processing data base. This payment system is protected by both Norton and McAfee security systems . Payment can be made via credit card or paypal.




One of the first things we looked for when undertaking our Fat Burning Soup Recipe review was to look to see if the program comes with any sort of guarantee. We are happy to report that the diet comes complete with a full 60 day money back guarantee. That means that if for some reason you think the program is not for you before those 60 days are up, just send it back for a no questions asked refund.

Remember it’s a digital product so you don’t have to worry about return postage etc. We believe this fat loss soup diet system offers an exceptional low risk opportunity for our readers to lose that stubborn body fat once and for all.


Does Anything Compare to Fat Burning Soup Recipes?

We believe that the closest comparison of this program can be made with the Metabolic Cooking system. Metabolic Cooking is much more affordable than Fat Burning Soup Recipes program however it lacks the HD videos and online support services. Both programs offer an abundance of quality information that will help you learn how to eat for sustainable fat loss.

However, some people tend to dislike soups and would prefer a "heartier" meal. If you are one of these people you may prefer to try Metabolic Cooking. (Remember: Fat Burning Soup Recipes is only 1 meal per day). Both are best sellers with proven results so please take your time and read our reviews so you can make an informed decision. You can read more about Metabolic Cooking here.




We hope you have found our Fat Burning Soup Recipes reviews helpful. If you do decide to purchase the program and achieve the body of your dreams we would love to hear from you. Please visit us again and post a comment telling us of your success. I am sure our readers will appreciate your feedback. Good Luck!


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Zhua, Y & Hollis, J (2014) Soup consumption is associated with a lower dietary energy density and a better diet quality in US adults, British Journal of Nutrition / Volume 111 / Issue 08 / 

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