Top Fat Loss Exercise Programs 2016:

Are You Looking For An Effective, Proven and Time Efficient Fat Loss Exercise Program?

We have searched the globe to track down the very best fat loss exercise programs for our valued readers. Our team has delivered comprehensive reviews of the world's leading fat loss exercise programs that make physical activity simple, fun and enjoyable. We hope you find our fat loss exercise program reviews helpful in allowing you to choose a product that will assist you in achieving the body of your dreams while becoming fitter and healthier in the process.

Update 2016: We now only review evidence based fat loss exercise programs with a minimum of a 30 day 100% money back guarantee. We believe the following fat loss exercise programs offer an exciting low risk opportunity for our valued readers to exercise at home under the guidance of the world's very best exercise prescription experts.

Our Current TOP 10 Fat Loss Exercise Programs

(In No Particular Order)

My Bikini Belly:

Ideal for females wanting to remove stubborn body fat from their belly & thighs

My Bikini Belly is a 21-day workout system designed to help females optimize their fat burning hormones from the comfort of their own home.

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Bodyweight Burn:

Ideal for people searching for an effective exercise program that uses one's own body weight 

Bodyweight Burn is a revolutionary bodyweight based exercise program that promotes all aspects of fitness and turns you into a 24/7 fat burning machine.

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Bad 45 (Bodyweight & Dumbbell System)

Ideal for people wanting to optimize hormones, burn fat and gain muscle at home

Bad-45 is the ultimate home and travel exercise program. Requiring very little equipment the program still provides the stimulus required to lose fat and gain muscle while improving all round health.

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The Ultimate Fat Loss Solution:

Ideal for people who want to build lean muscle and get shredded at the same time

The Ultimate Fat Loss Solution teaches you the tips and tricks that are used by professional athletes, figure models and bodybuilders to get their lean yet toned physiques.

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Shapeshifter Yoga:

Ideal for people searching for an effective home based yoga routine that gets results.

Shapeshifter Yoga is a best selling home based yoga program that boosts metabolism helping its participants to lose weight fast. It also promotes increased mobility, flexibility and general health.

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50 Fit:

Ideal for people over 50 years old who want to get in the best shape of their lives

50 Fit is the ultimate health and fitness program for people over 50. Covering everything from diet to exercise and everything in between. Specifically tailored for the needs of the older population.

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0-6 Pack Abs:

Ideal for people wanting to achieve a strong core and impressive 6 pack abdominal muscles

0-6 Pack Abs is the ultimate core workout. These simple yet effective exercises blast the abdominal muscles and force them to adapt. If you want a impressive 6 pack then look no further than this program.

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Fighter Abs:

Ideal for people wanting a 6 pack that is built to move, fighter style.

Fighter Abs reveals the secrets to achieving an impressive 6 pack like the pro fighters flaunt. Includes a range of challenging core exercises as used by the pro fighters.


Yoga For Belly Fat:

Ideal for people searching for an effective home based yoga program

Yoga for Belly Fat provides a comprehensive approach to health, fitness and wellness. A range of yoga moves are applied to promote increased metabolism, strength and mobility.

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20 Minute Body:

Ideal for people searching for a proven exercise program that requires little time commitment

20 Minute Body is a best selling fitness and lifestyle overhaul that is currently taking the world by storm. Labelled as the new "P90x" this program contains everything you need to get the body of your dreams.

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  • What We Look for When Searching for the Best Fat Loss Exercise Programs

    Attempting to determine which fat loss exercise programs will get results from the ones full of false promises can sometimes be an overwhelming task. To make it easy for you we have done the hard work and sorted through hundreds of fat loss exercise programs and are proud to present you with only the very best programs on the market.

    Of course not all of our valued readers have the same gender, body shape or goals. Therefore we have endeavoured to locate and rate the very best fat loss exercise programs that cater for a wide range of common needs. We have located the best exercise programs suited for women, men, the old and young. Whether you wan’t to work out at home or in the gym we have located an option for you. Perhaps you prefer yoga or maybe you want to participate in a high intensity short duration workout and just “get it done”. Whatever your preference we hope you find our collection of the very best fat loss exercise programs helpful on your weight loss journey.

    Here is a  checklist of some of the things we look for when choosing the very best fat loss exercise programs to review and feature on our site.

    How To Find The Best Fat Loss Exercise Programs For You?

    1. Is the Fat Loss Exercise Program Scientifically Proven to be Safe and Effective? One of the most important factors we look at when determining whether to feature an exercise program on our site is whether or not it is based on scientific evidence. As you will notice all of the programs we feature are created by credible and respected health/fitness professionals, many of which have spent years learning the latest in exercise science and exercise physiology.
    2.  Is the Fat Loss Exercise Program Created by a Credible Author? When purchasing any fat loss exercise program be sure to choose a product written by a respected author.We only review and feature fat loss exercise programs of the highest quality that are designed by respected and qualified health/fitness professionals. Before choosing a fat loss exercise program we recommend reading our reviews and getting insight into the background of the person who created the program. After all, if you can relate to the individual and respect their fitness/health philosophies you are much more likely to succeed on your weight loss journey.
    3. Does the Fat Loss Exercise Program Offer Realistic Outcomes: Many fat loss exercise programs make very unrealistic claims that are simply too good to be true. Sure it is very possible to lose stubborn fat very fast but not without putting in a little effort. We always ensure that programs we feature on our site offer realistic and achievable results. We also endeavour to find out examples of real life success stories that prove that a program is effective in addition to investigating any published research articles on the program (see individual reviews for details)
    4. Does the Fat Loss Exercise Program Offer a Return Policy? We always ensure that the fat loss exercise programs we review and feature on our site offer at least a 30 day, 100% , no questions asked money back guarantee. We love it when authors stand by their products and offer such an exceptional and trustworthy guarantee. Our valued readers have also voiced there opinion and told us that they feel much more comfortable purchasing a program in this low risk manner. Many feel as though it gives them an opportunity to try a few options before committing to the fat loss program that feels right for them.

    Good luck on your journey healthier and slimmer future. Please take the time to read our honest and comprehensive fat loss exercise program reviews. Hopefully you will find these reviews helpful in allowing you to achieve the body transformation results you desire.


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