How did Melissa McCarthy Lose Her Weight?


How did Melissa McCarthy lose her weight? This is a question many people around the world are asking after recent pictures of the much slimmer McCarthy were recently revealed.

The Melissa McCarthy weight loss success story has inspired many women around the world to follow in her footsteps and finally shed those stubborn pounds. So how did Melissa McCarthy lose weight to the tune of 50 pounds?  It was recently revealed that the secret of the Melissa McCarthy weight loss success all came down to her commitment to following a high protein, low carb diet. To be more precise;

“Melissa has been on a high-protein, low carb diet,” said a source. “She’s been making small changes and seeing big results.”

Source:  Melissa McCarthy clothing line launched after 50 pound low-carb diet weight loss


It has been reported that Melissa McCarthy’s weight loss motivation stemmed from a strong desire to live a healthier life with her husband and children. The Examiner reports that;

“She wants to set a good example for her kids and she wants to be around to become a grandmother too.”

The Melissa McCarthy weight loss success story is empowering women all around the world to lose weight and feel good about themselves. It is well documented that Melissa McCarthy has struggled with losing weight in the past. It is her lovable down to earth nature and relatability factor that makes Melissa’s weight loss story so inspiring. Women around the world are frantically searching for the secrets to Melissa McCarthy’s weight loss success.

The truth is it is a very simple equation, eat a high protein low fat diet to lose weight. Well, to be honest the diet side of things is easy but the true success comes from following a science based, foolproof diet plan that is easy to follow, step by step.


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The diet plan must also help you develop the correct mindset to lose weight. Where the mind goes the body will follow. The low fat, high protein diets like the one that Melissa McCarthy followed to help her lose weight are a very effective method of weight loss as they encourage the body to burn fat for fuel. Low carb diets essentially turn your body into a 24/7 fat burning machine.

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The Melissa McCarthy weight loss story is an inspiration for women around the world. She is spreading the word that it is very possible for larger ladies to lose stubborn fat. Weight loss is very achievable. With the correct mindset, motivation and diet plan losing weight can be easy. Remember weight loss is 95% diet. So don’t overwhelm yourself with exercise plans. Of course exercise has many other health benefits. But to achieve weight loss results like Melissa McCarthy you must focus on committing to a quality high protein, low carb diet.

Hopefully we helped answer your query of ” how did Melissa McCarthy lose her weight”. If you have any questions on the topic or would just like to leave your opinion on the topic please comment below.

Well done on your weight loss Melissa McCarthy. You are an inspirational to us all. Keep up the great work.

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