How Do People Lose Weight : Real World Case Studies

So how do people lose weight?  There are many ways people lose weight. It basically comes down to calories in (food consumed) vs calories expended (through physical activity and metabolic processes). A simple formula right? If only it was that simple. There are so many other psychological and  physiological factors that will also affect ones success with weight loss that the entire process can sometimes seem overwhelming. Don’t feel overwhelmed. Weight loss doesn’t have to be difficult. With the correct plan and mindset fat loss can be easy. So how do some people lose weight so easily while others fail?

I was recently reading an interesting article that discussed how some people manage to lose weight while for others it is a never ending battle of the bulge. The author goes on to ask the question;

Why are some people successful in losing weight and others are not?

In summary the author establishes that those people;

who have been successful in losing body fat and keeping it off, all had one thing in common… one day, they woke up and said, “I’m going to do it, no matter what.”

Source: How People Successfully Lose Weight | Nancy Deville

So how do people lose weight? These “people” we are referring to are the real life success stories. They are the people who wanted to lose weight so bad that they would do anything possible to get the body of their dreams. So if you want to lose weight, you must really WANT it. Establish why you want to lose weight. Visualize who you will be when you lose weight. Make these visions compelling and vivid.

Once you have established that you really wan’t to lose weight you need to develop a plan of attack. We have a found and reviewed a few of the worlds best diets here. Some diets come with built in motivational strategies to help keep you motivated and on track such as the world renowned 3 Week Diet. These sorts of diets not only take care of your body’s fat burning processes but help you understand how to stay inspired and motivated for the long run. Be one of those “people” who lose weight and keep it off for life.

There is no better way to get inspired for your weight loss journey than to read stories of others real world transformations. Stories that show who these people are, the challenges they face and how they got the fat loss results they desired, step by step. We recently viewed some very inspiring body transformations by some women who tried the Venus Factor Diet. You can read these body transformation stories here. Our readers found them very motivating. Hopefully you do too.

Here are some more links to real world transformation stories to help inspire you on your weight loss journey:

You can do this. You are no different than any other person out there who has successfully lost weight. There are plenty of resources out there to get you the body you desire. You must just decide that you REALLY WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT.





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