How to Lose Weight Fast: #1 Guide to Fast Weight Loss


How to Lose Weight Fast: The Definitive Guide


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Are you looking for a healthy way to lose weight fast?

Well you have come to the right place.  You are not alone. Everyday thousands of people around the world are searching for ways to learn how to lose weight fast. I understand it can be extremely overwhelming when first embarking on the journey of learning how to lose weight, particularly when learning how to lose weight fast.



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How to Lose Weight Fast: The Definitive Guide to Fast Weight Loss

There is just so much poor information out there for those seeking to lose weight that it becomes very difficult to sort the facts from the fiction and the effective diets from the ones that will have you spinning your wheels, not to mention the ones that are downright dangerous to your health. So to help you out,  I am going to share a ton of free, scientific evidence based information with you that will help you on your journey to successfully lose weight fast, the healthy way.


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So if you are one of the many people searching for an answer to the question of “how to lose weight fast”. Well I have the perfect solution! Before we get into the information I’d like to introduce you to the world’s #1 science based, fool proof rapid weight loss system. 100% guaranteed to help you learn how lose weight fast and deliver jaw dropping weight loss and body transformation results or your money back. In only 21 days on this very affordable program you will lose weight of up to 23 pounds, drop 2-3 dress sizes, drop 2-3 inches off your waist, decrease cellulite, increase energy, improve muscle tone, boost metabolism, and improve hair and skin plus a host of additional health benefits. Plus you’ll learn healthy habits that you can apply to the rest of your life.


This science based program has helped people all over the planet lose weight fast and keep it off. No gimmicks, just results.  Nothing on the diet and fitness market will answer your question of exactly “how to lose weight fast” and get you the results that you desire like this system does so successfully. So if you just want to lose weight fast right now without reading on for the next 6000+ words in this article I suggest heading over to the diets sale page to find out more.

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OK. Thanks for sticking around. If you are reading on it is obvious that you are not ready to get started on your journey to rapid weight loss yet. Perhaps you are not the type of person who likes to just jump into a diet program blindly without first understanding the fundamentals of weight loss. Perhaps you not only want to lose weight fast but also want to fully understand exactly how to lose weight fast.  If at anytime you feel as though you are ready to start your weight loss venture please head to our homepage where you can gain instant access to the world’s #1 rapid weight loss diet. For a small 1 time fee for less than a single session with a personal trainer you will get instant access to this diet which includes multiple helpful resources. While your there don’t forget to take advantage of our free motivational gifts and support services. With our help you will never fall off the weight loss wagon again.

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The revolutionary diet system I am referring to comes complete with 4 high quality manuals. These include:


3 week diet introduction manualThe Introduction Manual which discusses the science behind how we gain and lose weight and what needs to be done to attack that stubborn body fat. Basically you’ll learn everything there is to know about how to lose weight fast.


3 week diet manualYou will also get access to the Diet Manual which provides you with specifically tailored rapid weight loss plans to suit your body type. You’ll know how much to eat, what to eat and when to eat it. You’ll also discover which foods you must eat and the ones to avoid at all costs.


3 week diet workout manualYes, the program does involve some exercise which is presented in the easy to follow Workout Manual. However, keep in mind the fact that excellent results are also possible without undertaking any exercise at all. Simple exercises are included as they can actually double your fat burning results! And best yet these basic exercises provide many health benefits that reach well beyond the realms of weight loss such as improved musculoskeletal and metabolic health. These simple effective exercises are short in duration and only need to be performed 3x per week and can be completed at home.


MINDSET 2-minAnd finally, you will also gain instant access to the Mindset and Motivation Manual which will provide you with the focus and determination you need to succeed. Every great success starts with a decision to change your mindset. In the Mindset and Motivation Manual you’ll receive high quality mindset and motivational tips, tricks, tools and secrets to not only get the ball rolling, but keep the weight off forever. While on the topic of motivation. Don’t forget to pickup your free high value gifts that you can download from our homepage. Keep these resources close by to help you stay motivated, inspired and on track during your next weight loss journey.


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I would now like to share stack of valuable information that will finally uncover the true secrets of “how to lose weight fast”. Ultimately I want to help you succeed on your weight loss journey. An in order to succeed you need to employ a proven formula. The protocol that I am going to educate you on today integrates underground fat burning secrets that elite bodybuilders, celebrities and fitness gurus have known for some time now. This extreme diet secret literally forces your body to burn pounds of stubborn body fat every single day for the first seven days and from then another three quarter to one full pound of fat everyday in the two weeks that follow.


The information that I’m going to share with you is an industry secret that the diet and fitness industry doesn’t want you to know about. And unfortunately, your doctor is well aware of the scientific evidence behind these secret methods but still unwilling to pass on the information. Perhaps they feel pressured by the medical system and big pharmaceutical companies to remain conservative even though they know these secrets I am about to reveal have significant benefits. The secret I am about to reveal is centered on rapid weight loss.


You see, the health and fitness industry likes to make weight loss seem so complicated so they can sell complex programs that require hours of strenuous exercise and faddy diets. Please don’t believe the hype that these programs exude. I would say 95% of diets on the market are complete time wasters. Most diets out there preach the old eat less, exercise more adage that will have you spinning your wheels. And then what? Well you will probably fail with your diet and once again find yourself searching for ways to learn “how to lose weight fast” and the cycle continues. So why not just get it right the first time. Get results, get inspired and continue living a healthier, happier life.


The diet I am referring to in this article is not one of those run of the mill eat less and exercise more type of weight loss programs that results in frustratingly slow weight loss. No way, if you follow this program not only will you see rapid weight loss of around 23 pounds in 21 days but you will also see your energy levels and metabolism skyrocket. You can finally take control over your body weight for the rest of your life. Please don’t put it off any longer, get started to today and I promise you won’t be sorry. Have peace of mind that it’s completely risk free.


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Ok, so let me give you some free information that will help you understand just why you are struggling with weight loss and how you can finally take control and get the fat loss results you want and deserve.
You must realize that the extra weight you are carrying around is probably not your fault. In fact you are likely to find several reasons that explain why you’ve struggled to lose weight in the past and it is likely that you will fall into one or more of the following categories:


  1. It is very likely that you have been fed terrible information from scam diets and under qualified health professionals that spread false information about how and why we really gain weight.
  2. Your probably suffering from cellular inflammation (we will go into this in further details about this shortly).
  3. Your counting calories and focusing on the conventional eat less, exercise more approach to losing weight. You see the medical and fitness community have brainwashed the nation into thinking weight loss is complicated and requires a lot of money and effort to be invested to get results, but this simply is not true.
  4. You don’t have access to an easy to follow step by step plan of action laid out for you. To succeed you must get your hands on a diet program that is backed up by science, is simple to follow, in order to take out any guess work, and guarantees results. If a program does not guarantee results or your money back, then don’t go near it.
  5. You are not seeing results from the effort you are putting in to your dietary and exercise plans so you are leaping from one diet to the next, hoping that something will eventually work.


Now that I’ve highlighted the reasons why you may not be losing weight. I’d like to help you understand these concepts by breaking these reasons down further to get to the specifics.


Exposing Industry Lies and Poor Quality Information

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Let’s be honest there’s not a single industry out there that’s loaded with more hype, nonsense and empty promises than that of the diet and fitness industry. It seem like there’s a new “faster” and “better” diet or exercise product to come along almost every single day. The diet industry spends billions of dollars annually trying to convince us that they have the solution to our weight loss problems. The problem is they don’t actually want you to know the real secrets of rapid and sustainable weight loss because if word were to get out it would surely put a dent in the multi-billion dollar profits. There is just so much bad information out there which is incorporated into diet programs. Programs that have no scientific research behind them that are not only ineffective but can also potentially cause harm.


Cellular Inflammation and Weight Gain

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As I mentioned earlier you are likely to be suffering from cellular inflammation. Cellular inflammation is not only the cause of weight gain but is also responsible for increasing the onset of chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, dementia and stroke which all result in a lower life span. Most diets on the market dismiss the fact that if we can take control of cellular inflammation we can effectively increase our ability to lose weight and burn fat in addition to increasing metabolism and best yet keeping the body fat from ever coming back. By taking control of cellular inflammation you can live a healthier and longer life. Here is the thing about inflammation, about two-thirds of the body’s immune system resides in your gut. Now when you’re eating the incorrect foods including those bad foods that are been passed off as being healthy for you, those foods eventually inflict havoc on your body’s natural defense system.



When your defense system is broken down inflammation gains the upper hand. Once inflammation takes control, your body stores fat more easily and it also can’t burn fat as fast as it normally should. Now if you have had difficulty losing weight in the past it’s very likely that you are suffering from chronic cellular inflammation that you were not even aware of. Unlike other programs on the market that are actually unknowingly promoting inflammation, this 21 day long program that I am encouraging you to try focuses heavily on taking control of systemic inflammation. And it does so very early in the program which produces a noticeable effect on your body, almost immediately. To summarize, in order to learn how to lose weight fast successfully we must also learn how to overcome inflammation. A major component that the vast majority of diets neglect.


The Conventional “Count Calories, Eat Less, Exercise More” Method Does Not Work

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As I mentioned earlier another thing you may be doing that is preventing you from getting weight loss results is that you’re counting calories or focusing on eating less and exercising more. The mainstream medicine and fitness industry wants us to believe that the key to losing weight fast is simply just a matter of eating less and exercising more. This is simply just terrible science and deep down inside every doctor knows this concept is simply not true. This is just a simplistic answer to a very complex question, and it fails to take into account your body’s hormones which have a major impact on whether you are fat or thin. The fact is your body does not treat all calories the same. In fact there are certain calories that that make us fat, other calories that prevent us from burning fat and there’s a few fantastic calories that actually force your body to burn up fat. So the key to weight loss is not counting calories. This should be evident by the worldwide obesity epidemic, which runs rampant despite of the nation’s low calorie obsession.


Losing weight has far more to do with getting rid of the bad calories, while increasing the good calories while of course using a strategic system that takes into account how your body processes certain nutrients. We will discuss this further a little later. Don’t worry, it sounds complex but it’s not. Get on the right plan follow it to a T and you will be fine.


The Lack of Results You are Getting from Diets You Have Tried is Disheartening

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I totally understand how frustrating it can be when you’re not seeing results for all the effort you’re putting forth in a diet plan. It can be very disheartening. If you’ve ever done a week or two on any diet and didn’t see significant results you were probably ready to throw in the towel so that you could find something else that works. No one can blame you for that, I did it many times too. You see most diets fail because there simply aren’t enough rewards to keep up with all the sacrifices that need to be made. And this is a key component of the 21 day diet that you can access from our site.


The strategic science based programming implemented in this diet is what produces the extremely rapid results. I have found that for a diet to be super successful there must be a significant amount of rewards to go along with the effort you put forth. After trying this program you will wake up in the morning to find yourself one to two pounds lighter than you were just twenty four hours ago. These results tend to provide those who participate in this program some serious motivation to keep on doing what they are doing. This is one of the many reasons that this diet system has been so successful for so many people around the world.


Trust me, when you see yourself drop one whole pounds of body fat in just one day, you become empowered which allows you to easily visualize the fact that in just nine more days you’ll be carrying around ten pounds less of ugly fat around your body. That’s right around 4 and a half kilos in only 9 days. Best yet, these results are totally sustainable thanks to this innovatively designed diet system. This really is like nothing you have ever tried before. I urge you to give it a go. You won’t be sorry. And remember if you don’t get results, which is extremely unlikely you can easily get your money back. No questions asked. To get instant access to the diet please click the link below or visit the homepage. Take a step towards a healthier future.  Remember to grab the free gifts while you are there. They add that little extra support and motivation that you will need to succeed.


You Don’t Have an Easy to Follow Step, by Step Plan



As I briefly mentioned before, if you don't have an easy to follow step by step plan of action for losing weight you are setting yourself up for failure. This is a big issue that plagues many people until they finally try the program that I have been referring too. There is a huge amount of contradictory and misguided information out there and it's no wonder why so many people struggle with their weight. If you ask twenty different diet and fitness experts what the best way to lose weight is, you're bound to get twenty completely different answers. Well who’s truly right, and who’s wrong? How do we know who to believe, so when it comes time to invest your time in a diet you won’t be just spinning your wheels? You see the true secrets of losing a lot of body fat really fast are out there, it's just that most of the information is fragmented and incomplete.


Unlike other inferior diets this system is truly comprehensive and it's the all-encompassing capacity of this diet system that makes it so effective. This system doesn't leave you guessing. If you are struggling to lose weight what you really need is to be taken by the hand and in shown what to do each and every day while you're on that diet. And that's exactly what this 21 day diet system offers. Now before I go into the specifics of this revolutionary diet system and why I am so certain that it will allow you lose up to twenty three pounds of pure stubborn body fat in just twenty one days, I want to first address a common question is frequently asked. That question is this...


Isn't it dangerous to lose so much weight this fast?

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To answer this question let me quote doctor Michael Danzinger the medical doctor and weight loss consultant to the hit TV show the biggest loser. Here's what he said about losing weight fast ” The truth is that nothing is wrong with losing weight rapidly as long as you do it the right way”. The vast majority of the safety data out there regarding weight loss has dealt with the weight loss methods used for losing weight rather than how fast the weight is lost. So there is no real evidence to suggest that the notion that the “healthy” amount of weight loss is only 1-2 pounds per week.


Please consider this, according to the center for disease control if you are overweight which is defined as having a BMI of twenty five or higher you are significantly more susceptible to developing heart disease, hypertension, type two diabetes, endometrial cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, dyslipidaemia, stroke, liver disease, gallbladder disease, sleep apnoea, respiratory problems, osteo-arthritis, gynaecological problems, the list goes on and on.


Considering all the terrible diseases and complications associated with being overweight doesn't it make perfect sense that you should be doing everything in your power to get rid of all that extra weight your carrying around as fast as you can? If you want a plan that offers you the chance at a healthier happier future and teaches you exactly how to lose weight fast please try the world's best weight loss diet. I promise you won’t be sorry. Also, use our free resources with no strings attached. If you would like to purchase the affordable program then please do so with a peace of mind of knowing that it comes with a 100% money back guarantee that I am sure you will never need to use. The only reason that this program is backed by such a guarantee is because it flat out works. How many other diet programs out there offer you so much for so little. Not many, if any.


So you're probably wondering just how the diet plan I am promoting is today so different than all those other diet plans out there. Well first of all most of the diet plans out there approach weight loss with a conventional “slow and conventional approach”. And this has been the same approach for decades, yet in the same time period obesity rates continues to soar. Don’t be another statistic. You have already started your weight loss journey by asking the question of “ how to lose weight fast”. Now all you need is our support in combination with a class leading diet and you will be on your way to a better life free of the burdens of obesity related chronic disease that will continue to cripple the world around you.


Yes it's true that if you eat certain foods and workout really hard for an hour or so every day you will lose some weight, the problem however is that the weight comes off way too slowly because these types of diet plans don't attack the stubborn stored body fat. Yes the ugly body fat that causes those nasty health complications due to build up around the vital organs such as the heart and liver. Let me explain.  Contrary to popular belief most of us actually do burn fat for a couple of hours each day. When we eat a meal we typically get a little bit fatter. And once that meal has been digested and those calories have provided us a little bit of energy for a few hours we then start to burn off fat and as a result we get a little thinner.


The fat we recently consumed is broken down into fatty acids. These fatty acids are tiny and they are able to travel through the cell walls to make themselves available as energy to be used by the body. But when those fatty acids can't be used and we get ready to eat our next meal the remaining fatty acids are stored away in our fat cells and that's when we start to store that horrible body fat that accumulates around the stomach and thighs. Once those fatty acids head back to the fat cells to be stored away for later they combine with two other fatty acids and a glycerol molecule to create what's known as a triglyceride.


In relative terms triglycerides are very big and because of their size they are unable to exit the fat cells like those free flowing fatty acids can. Because of this these triglycerides cannot leave the cells and therefore can't be used by the body for energy. As a result these triglycerides become that stubborn ugly body fat that is so incredibly difficult to get rid of. But here's the thing those triglycerides can be targeted and they can be broken back down into those fatty acids that can be easily burned by the body for energy. When we break down those triglycerides it’s kind of like throwing fuel on a fire. Those broken-down triglycerides flood the body with a great source of energy that it actually loves to burn, but only when the body has been primed to burn that fat, as it is when you’re following the 21 day diet plan.


Now again the problem with most diets out there is that they don't address or target that stubborn stored body fat. Instead they are designed only burn the fatty acids from the foods we eat and preventing them from turning into triglycerides in the first place. If you were to follow a diet based on this methodology, like 99% of the diets out there, you will go nowhere fast. Instead try the unique and revolutionary program available for direct access from This three-week diet not only stops your body from forming new triglycerides, but it also directly targets the stubborn body fat that you already have stored around your tummy and thighs while forcing your body to burn that fat for all of its daily energy needs. Quite simply what takes most diets two to three months to accomplish this diet gets done in just twenty-one days.

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Now I probably don't need to tell you that the key to weight loss is maximizing the number of minutes each day that your body remains in fat burning mode. With this 21 day diet you will no longer be burning fat for just one to two hours each day. Instead you'll effectively turn your body into a twenty four seven fat burning machine for that entire three week period. Now keep in mind that your body needs energy on a twenty four-hour basis. While most of us think we just need energy when we are engaged in some type of physical activity the fact is our bodies are constantly working behind the scenes to keep us alive and functioning on a twenty four seven basis. Yes your body is at work whether you are out for a jog or fast asleep.


So let me tell you more about the diet system and why I am one hundred percent certain that it will work for you. The diet program I am referring to focuses on providing you with all the essential nutrients that your body needs for good health and proper functioning, while eliminating all those nutrients that slow and even stop you from burning fat. By combining all those foods that work simultaneously to burn fat, this rapid weight loss diet works like nothing else you've ever tried before. It does this by intelligently addressing your body's hormones and how those hormones affect your ability to burn fat and lose weight.


In other words this diet provides you with a specially tailored step-by-step blueprint that tells you what to eat how much to eat and when to eat it. Simple, just open up the manual and follow it step by step and you can’t go wrong.  Additionally this diet utilizes several supplements that in combination with the diet helps recruit body fat to be burnt for fuel, increase lean body mass and increases your metabolism. Now the diet I am referring to is not another one of those 200 hundred page diet novels that bores you with statistics, studies and journal excerpts. If you're like most people I know you just want the simple, straightforward step-by-step plan of action that doesn't require any special abilities or super powers to be successful. This diet is beautifully designed and so simple to follow. As I mentioned earlier this 21 day diet system is actually broken down into four separate manuals each providing you with a quick reference to everything you need for ultra fast body transforming weight loss. I introduced these manuals before, but please let me give you a more detailed summary of each manual.


3 week diet introduction manualThe Introduction Manual is a lot more than just an introduction to the diet system. In this manual you will easily learn the secrets of how to lose weight fast, how we get fat and exactly what it takes to make sure you get the weight loss results you are after. Once you read this you will never need to search for ways to learn” how to lose weight fast” again. It will answer all your questions. It contains the highest quality most relevant info on the market, leaving no stone upturned, yet it is so easy to follow. Additionally the introduction manual gives you the skinny on what types of foods and supplements are needed to guarantee you achieve amazing results over the next twenty one days. This manual provides a wealth of knowledge that the majority of people in the diet and fitness industry still don't even understand. Yet you can get immediate access within minutes.


3 week diet manualThe Diet Manual is where things get real, boundaries are broken and goals are achieved. In the diet manual you'll learn how to calculate your lean body mass and find out what your current body fat percentage is. With that calculation you'll be able to strategically set up this 21 day diet to work specifically for your own body type. You'll then get a breakdown of what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat it. Honestly, Weight loss has never been easier. Besides setting your body up to burn tons of fat the Diet Manual also gives you an absolutely awesome secret weapon for maintaining your weight loss for a lifetime. This little secret is a real game changer. You’ve got to check it out.

While the diet manual alone will provide you with a simple method to follow for losing all the weight you desire, adding a quality exercise program can nearly double your results. You by no means have to exercise on this program. You still will lose extraordinary amounts of weight without them, however as I mentioned the addition of these simple exercises will almost double your weight loss results.


3 week diet workout manualThe Workout Manual provides you with a straight forward guide that forces your body to release stubborn stored body fat so it can be broken down into fatty acids and burnt for fuel. And don't worry if you hate to exercise these quick and easy routines will be over before you know it. The fact is short duration, full-body exercises pack a fat burning punch that just can't be beat. And because this systems workouts are only about fifteen minutes long and can be done in your own living room there's no more excuses for not working out. Just get started and before you know it the sessions almost over. Simple yet very effective. Also included in the workout manual is the top secret ultimate abs exercise. This exercise is all you will ever need if you want to flatten your stomach and create a set of sexy six-pack abs. Many of the clients that have used this program have said that this exercise alone is worth the entire price of the program.


MINDSET 2-minThe Mindset and Motivation manual is full of tips tricks tools and secrets for losing weight, staying motivated and reaching your weight loss goals. Not only for now but for maintaining your new body for life. The proper mindset is crucial to your success and I don't think any other diet system on the planet packs so many tips to help you stay on track as the motivation and mindset manual does. Oh, and don’t forget to pick up the free gifts from our site. They are incredibly helpful for keeping you on track during the course of your program and also will provide helpful reminders and motivation as you continue on your journey to a healthier happier future.



Okay, I could go on and on talking about all the tremendous rapid weight loss benefits you'll find in this diet system but the bottom line is this, this innovative diet system works and not only does it really work, it works really fast. Thousands upon thousands of people have already had success, there is no reason why you can’t be next. So if you’re just looking for a way to get rid of that dangerous body fat quickly or maybe just trying to drop twelve to twenty pounds or so to get ready for a wedding, high school reunion, beach vacation or some other special event. Then this diet program is guaranteed to work for you.


Thanks so much for your time today. Hopefully I have helped give you greater insight into queries of how to lose weight fast. You really have three options at this point. You can move on from this article and look for something else that may or may not help you lose all the weight you want. You can go on being preoccupied with wanting to lose weight and struggling to lose weight or you can take action right now and be one hundred percent assured that you will lose a tremendous amount of body fat over the next twenty one days. This program was a product of many years of research and hard work before it was finally made available to the public. It’s the results that people are getting from this program that tells the story of just how great this program really is (for full testimonials visit the diets sales page).


Better yet, this diet is currently priced so low that anyone who is serious about losing weight can. The value offered is truly class leading. Quality personal trainers and dietitians currently charge around 100-140 dollars on average per hour. You will be happy to know that if you decide to start your journey to rapid weight loss on this program you won’t even have to invest half of that amount. Once you try it I’m sure you’ll agree that it is worth so much more than what it is currently priced at. When you invest in this diet program you’re going to get the entire system the introduction manual the diet manual, the workout manual and the mindset and motivation manual which together make up ninety seven dollars of value. The product is sometimes discounted so be sure to check the link below for the current best price.


Best yet, you don't have to pay for shipping or wait around for diet to arrive at your doorstep because it’s conveniently available for instant download. This way you can have the entire fat burning system in your hands in less than a couple of minutes from now and be pounds lighter in days. And when you place your order today you’re going to get a one hundred percent no nonsense guarantee to go with it.  I totally understand that you might be skeptical . But What’s great is that the makers of this diet have so much confidence in the program that they offer a 100% money back guarantee. It really is totally risk free. So What have you got to lose? Well we know you have got weight to lose so please get started today. Do it for yourself, Do it for your kids, Do it for a healthier future, do it for a chance to free yourself from the chronic disease epidemic that is currently sweeping the world.


Simply put, if you follow the diet as outlined and for some reason you don't experience

  • significant and rapid weight loss of around twelve to twenty three pounds
  • a two to four inch reduction from your waistline
  • a drop of two to three dress sizes
  • significant fat loss from your hips ,thighs and belly and buttocks
  • increased metabolism
  • or if you're just not satisfied with the rapid fat loss diet for any reason whatsoever over the next 60days, then simply ask the programs developers for a refund and courteous refund with no questions ask will be delivered, as well as a thank you just for giving the system an honest try.


There has never been a more effective weight loss deal on the market.  All you need to do is click the link below this article and follow the simple prompts and you'll have the entire diet system in your hands in less than two minutes from now. And please don’t forget that this is completely risk free. Also don’t forget to pick up your free gifts. I hope you find these gifts very helpful and inspirational on your journey. I am sure you will do great. Thank you so much for taking the time to watch this video and I would like to congratulate you in advance for the weight loss results you are sure to achieve.


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