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A week doesn’t go buy that we don’t receive an email titled “ I need weight loss motivation, please help me ”. It is an extremely common question that is passionately expressed by our valued readers and understandably so. If you recently read our Weight Loss Motivation 101 article you would have learnt just how important it is to prime your mind in order to achieve weight loss success.

Remember: Where the mind goes the body will follow!

If you haven’t read the weight loss motivation 101 article be sure to check it out when you’ve finished reading this one. (Our readers have found it very helpful, hopefully you do too). You will love the hints and tips, plus we reveal the 4 Golden Rules of weight loss motivation. But please stick around and read the rest of this article for now as I have some information that I think you will find very helpful on your weight loss journey.


weight loss motivation this wayOK, Let’s Get You Motivated to Lose Weight…

Gaining the motivation to lose weight is a very difficult task for many.

But it need not be difficult.

The entire weight loss process can be quite easy as long as you apply a few simple processes along the way.

If you are one of these people who can raise their hand and say “I need weight loss motivation help” then firstly I’d like to thank you for your honesty. Realizing that you need motivational assistance is the first step to weight loss success.Well done!

You may have failed on weight loss ventures in the past. It is OK. It’s all part of the process of finding the “better you”. The main thing is that you are still here searching for help so you can finally achieve the health status and body of your dreams. If you can’t seem to find the motivation to start a diet or incorporate other healthy lifestyle changes in your life it’s ok, you definitely shouldn’t feel bad about it.

motivation to lose fatYou should however understand and acknowledge the devastating effect that this negative state of  mind can have on your long term health. As you probably already know excess body fat is extremely dangerous. So too is living a sedentary lifestyle. When you stop undertaking sufficient daily physical activity you are basically telling your body that your done needing it to function optimally and therefore are allowing it to begin to breakdown into the process of disability, frailty and chronic disease.

Of course exercise isn’t necessary to lose stubborn body fat as weight loss is 90% diet 10% exercise. This is evident by the success of exercise free diet programs such as the 3 Week Diet and Fat Diminisher Sytem. You can read our reviews of these diets and others here. Exercise is not necessary for weight loss but it does provide a host of other health benefits well beyond the realms of losing fat.

Perhaps the thought of a future of disability, illness and despair scares you. Perhaps this may even begin to motivate you to start making changes before it’s too late. Sometimes fear can be an unfortunate but necessary motivator.

If you are under 35 years old then I’m sorry to say that if you don’t do something about your weight now a bleak future is heading your way. If you are already of an older age and have not looked after yourself than you unfortunately may understand first hand what I am talking about.

how to lose belly fat motivation

Aging is not fun at the best of times. Aging while inflicted with excess body fat and disease is a truly horrible existence. It is not to late for you though. You are here. We are here to help. If you ever want to ask us anything please contact admin@easyfastfatloss.com and we will be more than happy to help. You success is our goal.

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Get Motivated, Stay Motivated

So hopefully now your statement of “ I need weight loss motivation ” has turned to “ I am motivated to lose weight as I want to live a healthier more active future in a slimmer more mobile body”. I am sure you will agree that there is a huge incentive for you to change your lifestyle.

From today you can start to reverse the nasty side effects of living life as a couch potato.

As I mentioned in our weight loss motivation 101 article, you must have focus and a compelling vision to want to lose weight. Every day you must focus on why you want to lose weight. The thoughts MUST be vivid and compelling. You MUST dwell on concepts such as an increased quality of life, more energy and fun times, and of course the fact that you can reduce your risk of acquiring nasty yet entirely preventable disease. Heart disease, stroke,high blood pressure and cancer are the leading killers of humanity. But they are all preventable and many are reversible with the correct lifestyle changes.
So regardless of whether you are doing this for yourself or for your family you must acknowledge that MASSIVE ACTION is required on your behalf. Don’t feel overwhelmed, when you take action step by step, brick by brick you will eventually build that golden mansion.

So you now realize that you need to exercise more and eat better. That’s a given.  You may be saying  “I know that I need to exercise, I realize I need to exercise, but I need motivation to exercise”.

You may ask “I need weight loss motivation and don’t know where to start?”

What if I told you that there was a way to switch on laser focused motivation so that you no longer have to struggle with the decision of whether or not to make time for exercise or lifestyle changes. With a few proven methods you can be done with the constant self conflicting debates and instead be solely focused on getting the job done.

If you can find a way to become extremely motivated to make healthy lifestyle changes, then you will truly reap the benefits of a healthy and sustainable life.

What if you were no longer obsessed with the though of losing weight and instead were actually taking part in a successful weight loss journey.

You may be asking “How do I tap into that extremely determined motivational mindset that you’ve seen in others who have managed to achieve amazing weight loss transformation?”

Weight Loss Motivation e-book downloadCarolyn Hansen set out to answer this common question when she decided to develop The Weight Loss Motivation Bible. Mrs Hansen is an ex professional champion figure model and knows a thing or two about staying motivated in order to achieve her dreams.

She says that if you are searching for a way to successfully implement sustainable, almost effortless weight loss, then you must not initially focus on starting a healthy eating plan or exercise regime. No.

There is something much more important that you must address first….

You guessed it.

You have got to get your mind right in order to achieve weight loss success. It is essential that you acknowledge and address toxic beliefs that may be taking place subconsciously and are perhaps unknowingly destroying your motivation to stick to a healthy diet and exercise plan. Sure there are some great programs out there that address “state of mind issues” such as the extremely popular 3 Week Diet and Venus Factor Diet (Women Only). But none do as great a job as that of the Weight Loss Motivation Bible. I highly suggest you take a look to see what is on offer with this extremely helpful program.

The Weight Loss Motivation Bible also comes with an abundance of helpful resources (total value=$197.

Important Update: Mrs Hansen is currently selling the Weight Loss Motivation Bible for only $27 complete with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Click here to visit the official Weight Loss Motivation Website to learn more

If you truly want to finally stop saying“I need weight loss motivation” and are ready to take action and train your mind to become a fat burning machine then I highly suggest checking out Carolyn’s story. You’ll find that she is offering an abundance of helpful tricks and tips to help keep you motivated for life. She also gives away some amazing bonus gifts with the already affordable program so be sure to check it out.

We hope you find Carolyn’s resources helpful on your journey to weight loss success.

Good luck,
You will do great!

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