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Christmas time is fast approaching. For many people the Christmas holiday season represents a time to eat, drink and be merry. Unfortunately the holiday season’s festivities can lead to weight gain that can be carried well into the New Year. Why not lose aim to lose weight for Christmas this year rather than pack it on? Trust me, it is very possible.


Lose Weight for Christmas! And Beyond…

Today I’m going to introduce you to a program that will teach you how NOT to get fat over Christmas. To be more precise, I am going to introduce you to a super affordable and effective program named Unwrap Your Fat Loss. This fat loss system will allow you to still enjoy your xmas treats while also shedding stubborn body fat.




Do you really want to lose weight for Christmas? Do you want to start the New Year 10 pounds lighter? Do you want to treat yourself to a new wardrobe? If you answered yes to all of these questions then I know you will love the Unwrap Your Fat Loss system.


Did you know that research(1) has shown that people gain around one and a half pounds of fat during the Christmas season. Worst yet, all of this extra body fat is likely to hang around well beyond the holiday season. Then before you know it next year’s festive season comes around and you have added a couple more pounds to your frame.


How to NOT Get Fat Over Christmas

So how to not get fat over Christmas? How do you restrain yourself from eating all those yummy Christmas treats? There are just so many opportunities to eat and drink over the holiday period. All those family lunches, eating out with friends, drinking and partying.
maryWell, let me introduce you to a lady who has come up with a revolutionary solution to help you lose weight for Christmas and keep it off well into the new year. Her name is Mary Grisolia. Mary is a scientist, educator, nutrition coach and personal trainer.

She combines her work as a coach with her role of mother of 3 and housewife. She has quite an inspiring weight loss story of her own that is a great read. Her program is a combination of her professional and personal experience.

If you really want to learn how to not get fat over Christmas and read Mary’s inspirational story then I suggest you check out her official Unwrap Your Fat Loss website (see link below).


View Official "Unwrap Your Fat Loss" WebsiteClick Here for Testimonials, Sales & Discounts


"Unwrap Your Fat Loss is the ultimate solution to lose weight in time for Christmas and to avoid gaining weight during the holidays"


In this program Ms Grisolia will show you the exact strategies you need to apply to lose weight this Christmas. This program is NOT based on taking pills, drinking shakes, eating soups or working out for hours. This program simply combines 3 unusual strategies that will spice up your metabolism.

The tricks she shares in this program have been used by her students around the world to successfully lose weight for Christmas and beyond. The techniques that she describes will allow you to turn even the fattiest Christmas meals into a fat burning opportunity.


"In the Unwrap Your Fat Loss Program Ms Grisolia provides fat loss tips, tricks and motivational support all wrapped into a professionally designed 6 Week Online Transformation"




What You Get When You Purchase Unwrap Your Fat Loss

1) Unwrap Your Fat Loss Meal Plans


2) JNL Fusion Metabolic Workouts

exercise at christmas

3) Daily Support and Motivation


4) Exclusive Access to FB Group



View Official "Unwrap Your Fat Loss" WebsiteClick Here for Testimonials, Sales & Discounts


"If you’ve ever wondered how to not get fat for Christmas then this program is for you!"


Here is a Closer Look at the Topics Covered Week by Week

Week 1:
Goals of Happiness

Week 2:
Big Belly, Happy Heart

Week 3:
Fat Loss Acceleration

Week 4:
Secrets from the Stars

Week 5:
No-Worries Christmas

Week 6:
New Year, New Life


Each week comes complete with a detailed nutrition and exercise meal plan designed to suit the busiest holiday celebration schedule. On top of all of this valuable content you will also receive the following bonus BONUS Gifts:


BONUS Gift No. 1:
7 Christmas Recipes to Unlock your Fat-Burning Potential

BONUS Gift No. 2:
The 2-Day Post-Holiday Detox

BONUS Gift No. 3:
"Destroy your Abdominal Fat" Seminar (Video)


"We are super impressed by the quality of the content presented in Unwrap Your Fat Loss"


There are some very inspirational real life success stories and other great information available on the official Unwrap Your Fat Loss website that are definitely worth checking out (see link below). Remember the program comes with a 60 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee so you really really can't lose. Check out the Unwrap Your Fat Loss Website Today!


View Official "Unwrap Your Fat Loss" WebsiteClick Here for Testimonials, Sales & Discounts




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