Losing Fat For Noobs: The Absolute Noobs Fat Loss Guide


The process of losing fat for noobs is commonly an overwhelming task. This is particularly true in this day and age. These days there’s an abundance of diets and exercise programs to choose from. However the funny thing is that most of these programs are all built around a few effective basic fat loss principles.

This article will elaborate on these principles and hopefully make the process of losing fat for noobs a stress free and enjoyable process.


Losing Fat For Noobs: Where To Start?



Most noobs looking for ways to lose body fat are usually faced with one of 2 dilemmas. Firstly the noob may feel inclined to purchase every product available, believing that the product itself will get results without actually applying themselves and taking the time to learn just how the program works. Sure following a proven fat loss program can be the simplest way for the noob to learn exactly what to do in order to lose fat, but remember it will still take discipline.


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Secondly the noob may take the free approach and go on a journey to learn everything there is to know about fat loss from so called internet fitness and health “experts”. This process can completely overwhelm the noob dieter/exerciser which may eventually lead to paralysis from analysis. At this stage the noob may feel inferior, give up and go back to been satisfied living an unhealthy lifestyle, packing on the kilos and eventually succumbing to a host of chronic diseases.

Then their is another type of noob. The type that this open minded, motivated and able to see fat loss for what is really is. You can be this sort of noob, a go getter who will actually achieve what they set out to achieve. To lose fat and keep it off for life.

You see losing fat for noobs need not be difficult. Fat loss is a simple formula. Take in less energy (through food) than you expend (exercise) and you will lose weight. Expend more energy than you consume and you will lose weight. Simple really isn’t it. Eat less and move more.


The Absolute Fat Loss Essentials For Noobs

Ok so now you know that eating less and moving more is the best way of losing fat for noobs. You may be asking “What do I eat” and “How much do I move” and the answer is simple.

If you are currently overweight then simply start eating less than you are now and move more than you currently do. Small changes add up over time. You will be surprised. Start today. Start now. Get up and go for a 10 minute walk. You don’t need to go for an hour long jog.

Just start building healthy habits no matter how insignificant you may feel they are. Give dessert a miss tonight. Go on you can do it! Stop putting food on a pedestal and make it happen.


Establish Healthy Habits

Establishing healthy habits is the most important thing a noob can do when trying to lose fat and keep it off. Where the mind goes the body will follow. This is the most important aspect of any weight loss journey and often the most overlooked. If you would like to learn how to establish the correct mindset for weight loss success I suggest reading our ultimate guide to weight loss motivation.

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Reduce Intake Of Sugars and “Simple Carbs”

Every noob looking for ways to lose fat should seriously consider cutting back on sugar.  Sugar is found in many processed foods so the easiest way to avoid them is to start eating healthy wholesome foods. Be creative and start getting more fruit and veggies in your diet. If you need help sprucing up veggies into delicious meals check out these fat loss recipe systems.

Sugar intake can lead to a hormonal cascade that eventually results in fat storage. Simply cutting carbs/sugars can help you stop storing fat, allowing you to spend more time in fat burning mode.


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Increased Veggies, Fiber and Water= Fat Loss for Noobs

Increasing fruit, veggies and whole foods into your diet will result in a greater overall intake of fibre. This means that you will be feeling fuller for longer and therefore less likely to overeat.

Water can also have a appetite suppressing effect that is particularly important for noobs who have a tough time controlling their urge to binge eat.


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Losing Fat For Noobs: The #1 Priority


As a noob trying to lose fat you must do everything possible to spark up your metabolism ( the rate at which your body uses energy) to essentially turn yourself into a 24/7  fat burning machine.

There are a few ways you can naturally increase your metabolism. To boost your metabolism eat smaller more frequent meals to ensure you keep your body’s systems turning over at a higher rate. There are also certain foods that can increase your metabolism so you want to ensure you are eating plenty of those.



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Want to Lose Fat? Get More Sleep

Our bodies need to get sufficient amount of sleep time in order to optimize how we look and feel. As a noob trying to lose fat you must strive for at least 8 hrs of uninterrupted sleep per night. Preferably your sleep time will be at the same time each night to avoid any hormonal disruption.

Many people underestimate just how much damage an irregular sleep pattern can have on their health. Lack of sleep can result in a flood of fat storing hormones that also make the process of losing fat almost impossible. Of course there are other hormonal issues that can lead to weight gain. Luckily for men these hormone issues are usually female specific. This is a major reason behind why most women have much more trouble removing stubborn body fat from their hips, thighs and belly.


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Exercise More: In A Safe Manner

As I mentioned earlier exercise need not be strenuous or of a long duration in the initial phases of a fat loss journey. To be honest there are many things better than exercise for fat loss. Regular exercise however can help you adhere to a healthy lifestyle while also providing some amazing health benefits well beyond the realms of fat loss. Just start small and start building your way up to the recommended amount of 30mins of moderate intensity exercise per day.

Take your time and build it up. For example you could just add an extra minute on your walk time every second day or walk 100m further each time. If you would like to increase the intensity of your workouts I suggest you do it under the guidance of a professional. Losing fat for noobs can be a dangerous business when it comes to exercise.

To ensure you are exercising safely and effectively you could perhaps hire a personal trainer or utilise a predesigned home exercise program that is developed by a respected trainer.


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Harness the Power Of Fat Loss Supplements

In the past fat loss supplements have got a bad wrap thanks to poor quality control standards in the industry. However times have changed and there are now a large range of supplements out there that are helping people achieve amazing fat loss results.  These supplements can help give you that extra edge you need to succeed.

Remember these are no “magic pills”. You still need determination and persistence. However a well researched, science based fat loss pill will help speed up the fat loss process allowing you to see results quicker. This can provide a great boost of needed motivation for noobs trying to lose weight.

Always be sure to do your research when choosing a fat burning supplement. Find out if the company selling the product is credible. Find out if the product is backed by strong scientific evidence in terms of effectiveness and safety.


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Losing Fat For Noobs Need Not Be Difficult

As you can see the process of losing fat for noobs need not be difficult. If you are embarking on your first fat loss journey it is best not to overcomplicate things.  Just get back to the basics and remember to learn to eat better and move more. Remember to keep learning as you go and never underestimate the importance of achieving/maintaining the correct mindset for fat loss success.

If you would prefer to be taken by the hand and given an easy to follow step by step plan of action to get you the body you desire then by all means try a prepackaged fat loss program.Ultimately consistency is key from here on out. Put some healthy lifestyle changes in action and stick to them. If you stick to your plan of action you will lose fat.

I hope you have found our Fat Loss for Noobs guide helpful. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them below. We would love to hear your feedback.

Good luck on your journey to a slimmer and healthier you.

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