Man Loses Weight Eating Only Potatoes: Spud Fit or Spud Fad


An Australian man has embarked on a potato diet as an attempt to lose weight. Andrew Taylor, 36. is a PE teacher has struggled to lose excess body fat for a long time. His lifelong battle with overeating has led him down the strange path of attempting to eat a potato or spud (as they are known in Australia) only diet.

Andrew is pushing this potato diet to the extreme, vowing to eat nothing but potatoes for an entire year.  Although controversial this spud diet seems to be working for him so far. His approach which he has labelled “Spud Fit” has allowed him to lose an astonishing 22 pounds from his frame so far.


mmmm’ Yummy! Potatoes With Sauce. Looking forward to lunch…

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Why Embark On A Potato Only Diet?

Andrew told an Australian news channel that he made the change so he can change the way he thinks about food. Most people who want to lose weight find that obtaining the correct mindset for weight loss success is the most difficult part of their weight loss journey.

Andrew is documenting his “Spud Fit” journey on social media . Mr Taylor claims he has done his research and is participating in the potato diet under the guidance of  his doctor, who is a qualified dietitian.


What a surprise! More Potatoes. Yeah that’s sustainable…


“Spud Fit” The Potato Diet: Is It Dangerous?

Some dietitians and medical experts have criticised Mr Taylor’s Potato only diet, claiming that he will miss out on crucial vitamins and minerals. One must also consider the potential disruption to his metabolism due to loss of muscle mass as a result of the low levels of protein he will consume over the year, not to mention the lack of vitamins and minerals.


The Spud Diet May Disrupt Metabolism

As our valued readers know, many of the most effective fat loss programs are built around optimizing metabolism to ensure fast yet sustainable weight loss. Optimization of metabolism is particularly important for men who want to gain muscle and lose weight or for women with hormone related weight loss issues. Andrew is definitely putting his faith in his doctor’s hands with this extreme potato only diet approach.


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But He Is Losing Weight On The Potato Diet. Isn’t That Good?

Excess body fat is extremely dangerous and if Andrew successfully removes excess fat with his spud diet then I am sure he will be better off for it. That is if his body doesn’t shut down from lack of nutrients first.

This potato diet is quite an extreme diet approach and one can’t help wonder why he would put himself through such an arduous task when their are so many effective ways to lose weight that don’t involve starving yourself.

Why choose potatoes when their are delicious recipes and fat loss meal plans that are designed by experts to allow you to eat your favourite foods and still lose weight.

Potatoes morning, noon and night… For a year! The potato only diet. No Thanks.


What do you think about Andrew Taylor’s potato/spud diet challenge?


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