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Metabolic Cooking


Our Final Verdict!


What We Like!

  • Exceptional Value for Money
  • Credible Authors Who Walk the Walk
  • Comprehensive Recipe & Diet Plan
  • Valuable Bonus Gifts
  • Long Term Guarantee

What We Don't Like!

  • Only Available as Online Program (Instant Download) - Sales pics show photos of hardcopy books
  • Huge Amount of Content Requires Dedication to Read

DEAR VALUED READER! Please DO NOT buy this program until you have read our detailed Metabolic Cooking review based on comprehensive market research. Videos, Product Comparison and User Feedback Included + Bonus Gift Roundup

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If you have ever followed a diet plan before to try to lose body fat then you have likely come to the conclusion that fat loss cookbooks simply don’t work. There are a few reasons why most cookbooks on the market fail to help their readers lose their stubborn body fat.

Traditionally fat loss cookbooks have been very ineffective at helping their readers reach their goals as they usually incorporate foods that are likely to lead to weight gain. Some of these “healthy cookbooks” use ingredients promote fat storage such as butter, margarine and sugar.

You will be pleased to know that we have tracked down a weight loss cooking program that breaks the mould. This state of the art, yet affordable program is called Metabolic Cooking.




In this Metabolic Cooking Review we are going to introduce you to a revolutionary fat loss recipe system that guarantees that you will be burning fat in no time. This program harnesses the power of thermogenic food types which essentially stoke your metabolism and turn you into a 24/7 fat burner.


What is Metabolic Cooking?



Metabolic Cooking is series of cookbooks that are designed to help you lose fat fast and keep it off for life. This is NOT a super low calorie diet. Unlike super low calorie cookbooks Metabolic Cooking focuses on incorporating satisfying foods that stimulate your metabolism.

Have you ever noticed that other fat loss recipe books seem to be very unstructured making it very difficult to know what to eat and when to eat it. The Metabolic Cooking Recipe Program breaks this mould by providing extremely well organised meal plans that are quick and easy to make.

So instead of blindly choosing recipes from a book you will be guided every step of the way towards a slimmer and healthier you. The E-book (available for instant download) consists of 9 cookbooks with 250 plus unique fat burning recipes (plus 5 quality bonus gifts). Keep reading our Metabolic Cooking Review for details.

Best yet, this entire package is available for an unbelievable price of only $29. On top of this amazing price the team at Metabolic Cooking frequently run limited time discount offers so be sure to check out the official site to see if the program is currently discounted.

Visit the Official Metabolic Cooking Website Sales & Discounts Page


Metabolic Cooking Contains More than 250 Recipes!


Including; Breakfast Snacks Sides Smoothies Red Meat Pork Chicken & Poultry Fish & Seafood Vegetarian

During our Metabolic Cooking review we were extremely impressed by the variety on offer. Research has revealed that one of the major reasons why people fail to adhere to a diet plan is due to boredom and the restrictive nature of most diets(1). Metabolic Cooking however ensures that you won’t be eating the same boring foods day in day out like traditional cookbooks.

The creators have done a fantastic job a incorporating a range of delicious ingredients into the program. It is also comforting to know that all these ingredients have been chosen based on scientific nutritional principles. Simply eat these foods and you will ignite your dormant metabolism.



Everything you need to know about Metabolic Cooking! Scroll down on linking page to view


Metabolic Cooking Built-In Nutritional System:



The Metabolic Nutri-Profile (a fancy way for saying they tell you what nutrients are in the meals) is an innovative addition to this program. It is obvious that the program is created by a certified dietician as the program is very professionally designed. Although it has incorporated many profound scientific metabolism related principles the authors have managed to present the information in a very easy to understand way.




Complete Access To Exclusive Resources:

To make it easy for you the Metabolic Cooking program comes complete with grocery shopping lists, cooking tips and tips on how to choose the best ingredients. They even give you access to an amazing cooking glossary. We are sure you will also find the provided food logs very helpful on your fat loss journey.


During our Metabolic Cooking review we were very impressed by the amazing content that is provided with this program. It is hard to believe that the entire program is only $29. The program also comes with 9 Cookbooks that will teach you how to make delicious fat burning meals.




Metabolic Cooking Bonus Gifts

Our Metabolic Cooking review uncovered even more unbelievable value within the bonus products. These gifts cover everything you will need to set yourself up for lifelong healthy eating and weight management. The authors have done a fantastic job at putting together a program that can help an absolute novice learn how to eat healthy and shed unwanted fat.


Free Bonus #1: The Fat Loss Optimizer Guide



Free Bonus #2: The Metabolic Salad Builder and Metabolicious Dressings


Free Bonus #3: The Thermo-Charged Seasoning Guide


Free Bonus #4: The Supplements Optimizer Guide




Who Created Metabolic Cooking?

Karine Losier
The program is created by Karine Losier & Dave Ruel. Karine Losier (also known as the "Lean Kitchen Queen" ) is a renowned fat loss specialist. If you live in the US you may have seen her on popular radio programs, TV shows, websites and magazines.  Karine is not only a nutrition specialist but also one smart cookie, holding a masters in psychology.


Dave Ruel review

Her hubby Dave is one of the most respected and trusted fitness cooks in North America. Together they have used their expertise to create on of the most comprehensive fat loss cookbooks ever released.


Real User Feedback

Here is a great video highlighting a real life fat loss success story of a Metabolic Cooking participant. As you will see the weight loss results are very impressive. There are also some great testimonials at the official Metabolic Cooking Site that are also worth checking out.


Visit the Official Metabolic Cooking Website Sales & Discounts Page


What You Will Learn From Metabolic Cooking

In our metabolic cooking review we were exposed to many interesting topics on fat loss and metabolism based cooking. If you take the time to read through the resources you will learn exactly what it takes to burn fat with food. To be more specific you will ;

  • Learn all About Fat Burning Foods

We thought we knew pretty much everything there was to know about fat burning foods. However during our Metabolic Cooking review we were exposed to a range of innovative concepts on the topic of thermogenesis. Remember knowledge is power. Once you learn these secrets you will be unstoppable.


  • Learn Specific Nutrition Rules

The author provides some simple to remember tips on how to lose fat fast and keep it off.


  • Learn How to Avoid Metabolic Adaptation Phenomenon

There is quite an art to the way you must eat in order to stimulate your metabolism to burn fat. The timing must be correct, you must eat the correct foods in the correct quantities. These specific techniques that you will be introduced to in this program will not only help you shed fat fast but more importantly stop you from plateauing in the future.


  • Learn How To Create Customised Fat Loss Meals

You will be happy to know that you don’t have to eat exactly what is outlined in the book. The author gives some  great insight into how you can manipulate the program to suit your specific needs.


  • Learn How to Prepare Meals Quickly and Cheaply

You will discover how to prepare super fast meals with healthy ingredients all on a strict budget.


Are the  Metabolic Cooking Recipes Easy to Follow?

One thing that we wanted to determine during our Metabolic Cooking review was if the program was really as easy to follow as the creators say it is. After our investigation we are happy to report that the meals are indeed very easy to prepare.

Unlike other fat loss cookbooks that take hours to prepare the ones featured in this program are super quick and easy. They only require a very small amount of time to be invested in the kitchen in order to produce some great results.

The secret to the simple formula is the way they designed the program using simple thermogenic ingredients that taste great. So no matter how busy you are you can surely find a few minutes to whip up one of these nutritious meals. This book may even save you time as you can prepare healthy meals for the whole family. This is really a win win situation as not only will your family be healthier for it but you will also have to spend less time in the kitchen and more time relaxing.


Does Metabolic Cooking Work?

The only way to really know if this program will work for you is to try it. Remember the program comes with a full 60 day money back guarantee so  you can basically “try it” risk free. If you would like to purchase it for $29 visit the official site (see link below).




During our Metabolic Cooking review we also checked the credibility and security of the checkout process.  All purchases made on the Metabolic Cooking website are processed through the secure Clickbank payment processing data base. This payment system is protected by both Norton and McAfee security systems . Payment can be made via credit card or paypal.



Important Update: Metabolic Cooking currently discounted to $19 (Limited time offer).

Visit the Official Metabolic Cooking Website Sales & Discounts Page


Does Anything Compare to Metabolic Cooking?

We believe that the closest comparison of this program can be made with the Fat Burning Recipes Diet System. Fat Burning Recipes is a little easier to apply to your daily life as it is built around substituting one meal a day for their fat burning soups. Fat Burning Soup Recipes is also an online system with an abundance of resources and bonus gifts.

However, some people tend to dislike soups and would prefer a "heartier" meal. Considering the value for money provided in the Metabolic Cooking program it is very hard to beat as I'm sure you would agree.

Both programs can help get you the results you desire. So take your time and read our reviews so you can make an informed decision. You can read more about the Fat Burning Recipes Diet here.




Metabolic Cooking Review Verdict

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The Metabolic Cooking program offers exceptional value for money considering the amount of quality content provided. The program is created by credible authors who not only talk the talk, but also walk the walk. We believe that this program provides an exciting low risk fat loss opportunity for our valued readers.

We hope you have found our Metabolic Cooking review helpful. If you do decide to purchase the program and achieve fat loss success we would love to hear from you. Please come back and post a comment telling us of your success. I am sure our readers will appreciate your feedback. Good Luck!


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  1. Daniels, Judy (2006) Obesity: America’s Epidemic: What goes up does not always come down. Is there a solution?AJN, American Journal of Nursing, Vol 106, Issue 1 - pp 40-49


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