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My Bikini Belly Review Quick Summary


Our Final Verdict


What We Like!

  • The Workouts Are Quick And Easy
  • Relatively Affordable
  • Credible Author
  • Personalized based on individual goals
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

What We Don't Like!

  • Not suitable for all women( morbidly obese females may struggle with exercises)
  • Although Simple to Follow this is not a quick fix solution. Will require consistent effort for at least 21 days to achieve results.
  • Only available in digital format although official website gives impression that it is available on DVD.

We are very excited to be able to present our valued readers with this comprehensive My Bikini Belly review. This exciting female only belly fat loss program is getting rave reviews online and has amassed somewhat of a cult following in weight loss circles around the world. The program is producing many real life belly fat loss success stories from dedicated participants.

In this My Bikini Belly review we will determine if this popular program lives up to the hype. So has world renowned fitness expert Shawna Kaminiski created a female specific fat loss solution that can help you? Lets Find Out!



DEAR VALUED READER! We recommend that you DO NOT BUY THIS PROGRAM until you have read our entire My Bikini Belly review. We hope you find this My Bikini Belly review helpful on your weight loss journey. We would love to hear your feedback or answer any further questions you have after you read our review, so please feel free to comment below this post!


“My Bikini Belly Is An Exciting Flat Belly Training System For Women 35 And Over That Switches OFF “Menopause Molecules” And Helps Develop A Flat And Firm Belly In Only 21 Days WITHOUT Starving Or Suffering Through Long Boring Workouts”

My Bikini Belly Review: What Exactly Is It. The Basics!

The My Bikini Belly program is a 21-day workout system designed to help females optimize their fat burning hormones. As you may already know, once women reach a certain age specific genes can prevent women from burning fat and instead stimulate fat storage.

Author Shawna Kaminski, a Canadian athlete and owner of the NW Fit Body Boot Camp has developed this My Bikini Belly resource to help women boost metabolism and shred dangerous, stubborn body fat particularly in the belly region.

We are happy to report that The My Bikini Belly abdominal techniques aren’t very strenuous and don’t require busy women to invest much time or to make drastic lifestyle changes.



My Bikini Belly Is Only Available In Digital Format


<Click Here to Download My Bikini Belly >


Author Shawna Kaminski’s official website (see link below) is definitely worth checking out if you are a women Suffering From “Menopause Belly”. I must admit Mrs Kaminski’s official My Belly Fat site is one of the most interesting health and fitness based websites that we have encountered.

It is jam packed with some very helpful information that you may find to be a nice complement to our comprehensive review when deciding whether to purchase the program or not. There are also some very inspiring real life success stories that are worth checking out on the site.




The My Bikini Belly system is comprised of a range of simple exercises that optimize female specific hormones. Shawna Kaminski claims that when a woman hits an age of around 35 years, her metabolism will adjust and prevent the removal of stubborn body fat. In fact, at this age the body may actually enhance it’s inbuilt fat storage processes.


Female Fat Loss Made Easy!

The program is specifically designed around a revolutionary 3 system exercise regime which involves short and female specific movements that are meticulously designed to promote fat burning of the abdominal and surrounding areas. During our My Bikini Body review we were very impressed to see that the program can be personalized to suit a person’s individual needs and goals. Many other programs that we have reviewed have struggled to design a program that uniquely adapts to the participants limitation, abilities and goals.


What is Included In Shawna Kaminski’s My Bikini Belly Program?

At the center of the My Bikini Belly program is the concept of Metabolic Activation Training™. This unique approach to fat loss will stimulate three components of your body’s metabolic processes that when completed can turn you into a fat burning machine.


The 3 Phases Metabolic Activation Training™ are as follows:

  • Phase 1. Downregulate “menopause genes,” so your body can leave fat storing mode.
  • Phase 2. Activation of female specific hormones that allow you to enter fat burning mode.
  • Phase 3. Boost metabolism and begin to burn more fat over the entire day (even while you sleep)


The My Bikini Body system consists of 3 unique workout sessions that span a total of 21 days:


  • Bikini Belly FLUSH

This part of the My Bikini Belly system is focused on turning off those “menopause molecules” to help shift the pounds and allow you to start to recover the body of your younger years. The simple yet effective exercises included help ensure the body is stimulated in the correct way to promote body transformation results.


  • Bikini Belly BURN

Once you have established the basic movement foundations in phase one it is then time to move on and really start firing up the metabolism. These exercises are a little more advanced however Shawna does a fantastic job of progressing you through all phases of the program.


  • Bikini Belly BLAST

By this stage of the program you should have lost weight and have become more effective at exercising. Best yet the better you get at exercise, the more calories you can burn in a session and in post exercise recovery. The program also claims to promote anti-aging molecules which help you look and feel better.


“ Shawna Kaminski’s Beat the Bloat routine helps burn belly fat fast in an enjoyable and sustainable manner”



Who is Shawna Kaminski?

Shawna Kaminski biography-minShawna Kaminski walks the walk when it comes to fat loss and fitness. Shawna who herself is in her late 40s has helped thousands of women achieve some amazing body transformations through her private NW Fit Body Boot Camp and online ventures such as My Bikini Belly which I am reviewing today.


She has worked alongside some of the top menopause fat loss and anti-aging experts in the world over the past 25 years and has incorporated this knowledge into the My Bikini Belly E-book. Shawna is an accomplished swimmer, bodybuilder and freestyle skiing. You may have even seen Shawna featured on Spike TV’s series Gym Rescue. She is a sought after body transformation specialist who is changing lives and bodies all over the world with her experience and knowledge.


Now you can too benefit from Shawna Kaminski’s expertise thanks to instantly available access to the My Bikini Program. Not only is this program contain an abundance of value but it also is available for an incredible price (only $15 at the time of this review).


“Shawna has Done A Fantastic Job Of Specifically Designing This Flat Belly System So That ANY Woman At ANY Age At ANY Fitness Level Can Use It”

My Bikini Belly Review: What Will I Learn From Shawna Kaminski


Here are just a few of our top picks of things that we believe you will learn from the My Bikini Belly Program:

• You will learn how to develop a diet plan that will help you lose weight while supporting health and metabolism
• You will learn physical activities that boost metabolism, and turn you into a 24/7 fat burning machine
• You will learn certain dietary changes that boost anti-aging hormones that help you feel more energetic and sharp in the mind.
• You will learn how to undertake a time efficient workout sequence that promotes blood circulation and general health and wellness.
• You will learn tips on how to lessen the appearance of cellulite.
• You will learn a range of simple body movements that develop butt and leg muscles
• You will learn how to become a healthier, more mobile and active person


“Although this proven bikini belly blueprint is mainly marketed towards women over 35 we believe that this program would definitely work for any woman, at any age, at any fitness level”


Who Can Benefit From The My Bikini Belly System?

The My Bikini Body System is suited for people who:

• feel as though they are too busy and don’t have time to exercise
• feel as though they are too old to have a bikini body
• feel as though their hormones are preventing them from losing weight
• feel as though they are too out of shape to exercise


The Pros And Cons Of The My Bikini Belly System


venus factor diet prosThe Pros of the My Bikini Belly System

The Workouts Are Quick And Easy To Complete

During our My Bikini body Review we were very impressed by the many benefits women can achieve in only 15 minutes. This is the perfect for women who find it hard to find time for exercise. This is the perfect program to lose fat and get healthy with minimal time commitment.


The Complete System Is Very Affordable

At the time of publishing this “My Bikini Belly review” the entire system was priced at only $15. Considering what’s included we believe this is an excellent low cost opportunity to get healthy and learn from one of the best in the business (Shawna actually charges her private clients $400 dollars an hour). Best yet the program is only based on body weight exercise so no expensive equipment is required.


The Program Is Designed by A Credible Author

Shawna Kaminski is a fitness professional who walks the walk. Shawna is known as the “Pull Up Queen” and lives up to the title. If you visit her website you will notice the impressive physique that she has been able to achieve by applying the very same principle she incorporated into The My Bikini Belly e-book.


Provides Relatively Fast Results

Most women who have shared their My Bikini Belly body transformation stories have happily shared how much weight they have lost in an incredibly short amount of time. Of course every individual will get different results and but it seems as though it takes around 21 days to see significant results on this system. A number of the women who have undertaken the program also report improved sleep, energy and fitness. Check out some of the amazing body transformation success stories here>


Sixty Days Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

Shawna Kiminski has shown a great deal of confidence in her “My Bikini Belly” program by offering an incredible 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee. We believe that this fat loss system presents an exciting low risk opportunity for our valued readers. However the only way to really know if this program will work for you is to try it.


the venus factor system consThe Cons of the My Bikini Belly System


May not Be Suitable For Every Women

The “My Bikini Belly” program is not for people looking for a quick weight loss fix that requires no physical effort to achieve a flat tummy. Although very time effective, you will have to challenge yourself throughout the program for at least 21 days to achieve an impressive body transformation.


Only available in Instantly Downloadable Digital Format

“My Bikini Belly” is not available in physical DVD even though the sales page seems to imply this. Instead the program is only available for instant download in digital format. If you do not have a reliable internet connection then unfortunately this program may not be for you.


Where Can I Purchase My Bikini Belly?

Shawna Kiminski’s My Bikini Belly program is available for instant download from the official My Bikini Belly website (See link below). All payments are processed through leading online retailer Clickbanks secure payment system (McAffe and Norton Secure Protected).



My Bikini Belly Uses Clickbank’s Secure Payment Processing Service

Click Here To Visit The Official My Bikini Belly Website>


The My Bikini Belly Review Conclusion

As a busy mom, I can definitely relate to the fact that life gets busy and time to exercise is hard to find. However this program provides a solution for us extra busy people who still want to look and feel great post 35 years old. The program inspires the middle aged female to obtain a beachbody that they are proud of in addition to opening the door to a host of other health benefits.

We are very impressed that workout section of the My Bikini Belly program only takes minutes and can be completed anywhere with nothing more than your bodyweight. As you may already know most weight loss programs out there are designed by men who have no idea about the specific hormonal processes of the female body. The author of my Bikini Belly has broke this mold and has successfully developed a system to fine tune the female metabolism.

Perhaps you have done the wrong workouts in the past and have damaged your fat controlling metabolic processes. This program gives the average women the chance to reverse the flood of fat storing menopause molecules and start burning fat.

Overall, the “My Bikini Belly” program seems to be a very effective, safe and affordable program. Shawna Kaminski has developed an extraordinarily valuable program at an unbelievable price. If you are looking for a program to help achieve a flat belly in only a few weeks without starving yourself or following a boring exercise routine , then Shawna Kaminski’s “My Bikini Belly” program is an excellent option for you. Remember Shawna Kaminski is offering a 60 day guarantee so you can see if the program is right for you in a low risk manner.


Thank-you for taking the time to read our My Bikini Belly review. If you do decide to go on and purchase the program and achieve weight loss success we would love to hear from you. Feel free to post a comment on your experience below!


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