Proactol XS Review: The New Era Of Fat Binding Is Here!


Proactol XS Fat Binding Pill


Clinical References


Science Based




Proven Results


Value for Money


What We Like!

  • Natural Formula
  • Eco Certified/Vegan Friendly
  • Clinically Researched Formula
  • Effectively Binds Fat
  • Suppresses Appetite

What We Don't Like!

  • Expensive If Purchased as Single Product
  • Not For People Under 18

People all over the globe are achieving weight loss success with Proactol XS. This fat binding pill has become so popular recently that it has climbed to the top of the best-seller list of leading UK based health and nutrition manufacturer Bauer Nutrition.

Have you have ever struggled to manage your weight and tirelessly tried to shift that stubborn fat?

Have you ever tried fat binding?

Perhaps the revolutionary Proactol fat binder pill may be just what you need to finally achieve the fat loss results you desire. The new era of fat binders offer a revolutionary science based solution to weight loss.


So can the market leading Proactol XS help you?


Hopefully our in depth Proactol XS review will give you all the info you need to determine if it is the correct product to help you achieve weight loss success.


Proactol XS  safety and efficacy assessed under Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC in Europe


Vegetarians/vegans who are looking for a quality fat binder pill are going to love learning about Proactol XS in our comprehensive Proactol XS review. Please don’t get me wrong, this product is not just for those who don’t consume animal products. It offers any array of benefits to anyone who wants to strip away that stubborn fat once and for all.

In this comprehensive Proactol XS review you will learn:


  • What Proactol XS is.
  • What the benefits of taking Proactol XS are.
  • How Proactol XS works.
  • How Proactol XS can help you lose weight.
  • How to take Proactol XS
  • How to get a massive discount on Proactol XS
  • Where to buy Proactol XS


What is Proactol XS?


Proactol XS PillsThe Proactol XS fat binder pill is the new and improved version of the extremely popular Proactol Plus. Proactol XS is an extremely powerful clinically tested fat binder that may block up to 27.4% of the fat from the foods you eat. Studies have also revealed that this amazing fat binder can actually bind up to 800x it’s weight in fat. This is great news for those of you who struggle with reducing the quantity of food you eat.

By having the fat you eat blocked and become indigestible essentially you are eating the same amount of food but less of those actual calories will be stored as that ugly stubborn body fat.

Proactol XS has actually been shown to be 33% more effective than other fat binders.




The Proactol brand has been a leader in the fat binding pill industry for years. Now they have taken their fat binding research to a new level which ultimately resulted in the formulation of Proactol XS. The research behind this product is very impressive. While undertaking this Proactol XS review I was able to track down a double blind study on this new era fat binder which looked at two groups of people. One group took Proactol and the other did not. The research results indicated that a significantly greater amount of fat was blocked in the group that took Proactol than the group that did not.

While undertaking our thorough Proactol XS review we were also happy to find out that this pill does not only bind fat but also suppresses your appetite. It is this multifaceted approach of Proactol XS which sets it apart from the competition. The added ability to reduce appetite is great news for those seeking fat loss without the constant food cravings.


( Proactol XS Review Update) Further Research Discovered:  In 2011 a human study was undertaken with 98 men and women participating in the trial. Results of this trial indicate that 70% of the participants in this trial achieved positive weight management with the help of Proactol.



What are the Major Benefits of Taking Proactol XS?


During our Proactol XS review process we were quite overwhelmed by the immense list of benefits and scientific research behind this product. To make it easy for our valued readers we have reduced our list to these major benefits:


  • Medically certified fat binder
  • Helps you lose weight by reducing food intake
  • Natural safe and powerful
  • Suppresses appetite and cravings to snack
  • Immediate and Effective Formula
  • Suits Vegetarians
  • Produced by quality UK manufacturer
  • Certified as a medical device under Medical Device Directive


You have probably already been exposed to hype around Proactol XS both online and through TV media. It seems that many people are having great success with this product. You can read some official customer reviews here. After hours of research I am happy to report that the vast majority of them are extremely positive.


venus factor diet pros


Visit the official Proactol XS site to see why the worldwide media is so excited about Proactol XS


How Exactly Does Proactol XS Work?


They say a picture is worth a thousand words so hopefully this image helps you better understand the basic functions of Proactol XS. I will go into further detail further in our Proactol XS review below.


Proactol XS is a fat binder in pill form that is taken prior to eating a meal. Basically, the fat binding ingredients in Proactol XS bind to the food that you consume during the meal rendering a large proportion of the fats useless for absorption. The fat simply passes through your body and therefore cannot be absorbed and stored as dangerous body fat.

Update: Chitosan has also been added to the Proactol XS formula. This ingredient gives the product some extra fat binding power and has also shown to be good for lowering cholesterol levels.


Will Proactol XS help me lose fat?


There is an abundance of scientific evidence available which suggests that this product will help bind the fats in your meals meaning that you will be putting less calories into your fat stores. There a tons of positive consumer reviews on the web. You can read official consumer reviews here.

Ultimately there is really only one way to know if Proactol XS can help you lose that stubborn body fat and that’s by trying it.

During our Proactol XS review process we were extremely happy to find out that the company offers an epic no fuss 60 day money back guarantee. This is a great way of showing confidence in their product. And for you guys it means that it is a very low risk opportunity to get the fat loss you desire.

So if you want to start losing stubborn body fat without changing up your diet why not give the Proactol XS fat binding pills a try. Hopefully you feel great and get the fat loss results you desire after taking this revolutionary clinically proven fat binder.


Proactol XS Review summary:


 Proactol XS can help you:

• Lose Weight
• Bind fat
• Reduce Body Mass
• Control Cravings

How Do I Take Proactol XS?


Simply take it before meals. Here is a video that will explain the entire process:



Where do I buy Proactol XS?


You can simply purchase this product from UK based We were very please to see that their website has received the Dr Trusted seal of approval.

Sorry but you won’t find this product in your local pharmacy (Warning: Be aware of counterfeit products on the web and to be safe purchase from the official website)

Bauer nutrition offers some really great deals, particularly if you purchase a couple of bottles at once. Not only will ordering a few bottles save you on shipping costs but you will get an absolutely massive discount.

For example when we loaded up the shopping cart with 3 bottles we were offered 3 more full sized bottles of Proactol XS absolutely free. Plus even with these great bonuses it still comes complete with that 60 day no questions asked guarantee. Combine this awesome clinically proven product with that class leading guarantee and you can start to see why we rated this so highly in our Proactol XS review.


Purchase From Official Proactol Site


Proactol XS Can Be Shipped Worldwide Fast


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No matter where in the world you live they can ship this fat binder pill out to you fast. They also offer free shipping for certain countries.


Proactol XS in the News


Mischa Barton Weight Loss

You mave have recently heard that actress Mischa Barton (of Dawsons Creek fame) has recently lost weight and is returning to acting in 2015. She was recently featured in the online press site TheDailyMail where she attributed her weight loss to taking Proactol XS.

In the article Mischa Barton states the following:

"I use Proactol XS as it has no side effects, is sourced naturally and lets me manage my weight safely. So far I’ve lost around 4lbs a week by taking the supplement"

That is quite a significant amount of weight loss in one week. The article does not give insight into her diet and exercise regime which of course could play a role in such significant weight loss results. But hey, if you got half of the results that Mischa got that would be absolutely fantastic wouldn't it?

If you would like to buy Proactol XS from the official site click here

If you are after an exercise/diet program to help accelerate your fat loss results then why not check out some of these top fat loss programs.

Proactol XS Review: Final Thoughts


Proactol XS is a quality naturally derived product (suitable for vegetarians and ECO certified) from a respected company and is backed by very strong scientific evidence. It is proven to be 33% more effective than other fat blockers. Best yet it is quite affordable and comes with a massive 60 day guarantee.

Good luck on your weight loss journey. Hopefully you have found our Proctol XS review helpful.



Thankyou for taking the time to read our Proactol XS review. Please comment below if you would like to start/add to the conversion on this revolutionary fat binding pill. If you have had success with Proactol XS in the past we would love to hear your thoughts. I am sure our valued readers would really appreciate it too.


Please remember:

• Proactol™ Plus is a medical device and isn't a replacement for a balanced, varied and healthy lifestyle or for regular exercise.
• Proactol™ isn't intended to treat, prevent or diagnose any disease

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