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  • Our Fat Loss Program/Product Review Criteria

    We understand that it can be extremely difficult to sort the facts from the fiction when trying to find a fat loss diet program or product that is going to help you lose fat fast and keep it off for life. The entire process of finding a fat loss diet can be quite an overwhelming task. To make it easier for you to find the fat loss program or product that is right for you our team has undertaken a thorough review process. Hopefully our reviews will give you peace of mind that you are purchasing a quality product that will get you the fat loss results you desire.

    In the following article I will disclose the key components that we look for in a quality fat loss programs and products when undertaking our reviews. Hopefully our team’s reviews can make the process of choosing your perfect fat loss resource fool proof and stress free. With so many products and programs out there on the weight loss market it can be overwhelming trying to find the best products that suit your specific needs.

    To make it easier to identify the best programs for you we have located and rated a range of products for specific genders (for example The Venus Factor and The Beta Switch our highest rated female specific fat loss diet). We have reviewed fat loss diets that are suited to specific age groups (for example the Old School,New Body program is suited to those over 35 years old). We have also reviewed rapid fat loss diets (The 3 Week Diet is the current winner in this category), fat loss diet programs that are purely diet based (no exercise) (see Fat Diminisher System) and those that incorporate exercise (See Adonis Golden Ratio). If you are after a comprehensive health and lifestyle overhaul we recommend checking out the Fat Loss Code.

    Whenever we undertake a fat loss diet product review we always approach it with an open mind. We honestly and comprehensively review each program ensuring that no stone is left unturned. We are here to help you see through the marketing hype so you can truly see if the program really lives up to it’s fat loss claims.

    Overall, we ensure that our valued readers get an honest picture of exactly what the fat loss diet program offers, the credibility of the authors, scientific basis of all claims made and if it has a proven track record. To be more specific the major criteria that we investigate when undertaking a fat loss diet or product review include:

    1.  Safety: We always check the safety of each fat loss diet program or product we review. Firstly we investigate whether the authors have recommended the participants see their GP before starting their program. Secondly we investigate the history of the product to see if we can uncover any negative press. Thirdly we thoroughly investigate all evidence based claims and scientific data published on the product.
    2. Credibility: We always check the credentials of the author to see if they are qualified to be commenting on the topic of fat loss. As you will see many of the authors and manufacturers that are featured on our site exhibit both integrity and knowledge in their field of expertise.
    3.  Realistic outcomes: We ensure that the fat loss diet or product sets realistic outcomes that are backed by well documented scientific evidence and quality real life testimonials.
    4.  Sensible nutrition: We always ensure that the programs are offering sensible nutritional advice that is based on well referenced scientific evidence.
    5.  Cognitive changes: We love it when a fat loss program takes a holistic approach to shifting stubborn fat. We truly believes that where the mind goes the body will follow. Therefore any program that incorporates a comprehensive mindset and motivational component gets a big thumbs up in our books.
    6.  Support: We endeavour to report on the level of support participants are expected to receive after they purchase a fat loss diet program. We look out for extras such as easy to access phone/email support, membership help portal access  and community forums.
    7. Return policy: We always ensure the fat loss diet programs or products that we review come complete with a minimum of a 30 day 100% no questions asked money back guarantee. We believe it is important that an author shows confidence in their product and offer such a guarantee. In fact we will not feature a product on our site if it does not offer a significant warranty.

    We hope you enjoy reading our fat loss program and product reviews. We are sure you will find them helpful in allowing you to finally lose that stubborn body fat fast and keep it off for life.

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