The 3 Week Diet Review: Why All The Hype?

The 3 Week Diet System


Editorial Quality


Ease of Use


Value for Money


Science Based Evidence




What We Like!

  • Simple breakdown of what to eat and when
  • Accounts for psychological factors
  • Simple home exercises
  • 60 day money back guarantee
  • Based on science based principles

What We Don't Like!

  • Must be fully committed for 21 days
  • Hard-copy book is unavailable
  • Very simple language style (limited scientific jargon)
  • Quite expensive at $97 (UPDATE: currently discounted)

The 3 Week Diet System Review – Is the 3 Week Diet System Really the Best Rapid Weight Loss Diet?


IMPORTANT UPDATE: Dear valued readers the 3 Week Diet System is currently discounted from the price of $97 ( Regular value $227) down to a bargain price of only $47. This price includes all the bonus resources in addition to the usual 60 day money back guarantee. ATTENTION: VERY LIMITED TIME OFFER. Click here to visit the official 3 Week Diet System Website to see if you qualify for this discount.


Review of the Month: The 3 Week Diet System

This week our team are super excited to share with you our most recent review.  In this review we will be delving into Brian Flatt’s world renowned 3 Week Diet System. This diet guarantees significant weight loss in just 21 days.  To be more precise the 3 Week Diet System claims that you will lose 12-23 pounds of stubborn body fat in only 3 weeks.

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As always our team is 100% committed to providing free information and access to the world’s best products that we believe will help our readers lose weight fast, in a healthy way.  The 3 Week Diet System is an all-encompassing science based diet that has followers around the world raving about their results.   So let’s take a deeper look into the specifics of the 3 Week Diet so you can judge it for yourself.

The 3 Week Diet has a great sales page that also contains an interesting video that is worth checking out. View the 3 week diet system website (access below) to see exactly what the 3 Week Diet system is all about.

3 Week Diet System Homepage


How Can the 3 Week Diet System Be Purchased?

We are excited to be able to share the news that this product is available for instant download from the 3 Week Diet Official website (see link above).   On the day that we visited the sight we were surprised that the price of this 3 Week Diet system was only $47 (Regular Value $97). IMPORTANT: READ ON TO LEARN HOW TO CLAIM A FURTHER $20 DISCOUNT. Also encouraging is fact that it comes complete with a 60 day 100% money back guarantee. We love it when authors stand behind their diets.


How Exactly Does The 3 Week Diet System Work?

According to Brian Flatt (certified nutritionist, personal trainer and acclaimed author of the 3 Week Diet system) this foolproof diet, exercise and motivational system will help you lose around 12-23 pounds of stubborn body fat from common fat storage areas such as your belly, but and thighs. Best yet, he claims that you will get these fat loss results in only 21 days or your money back, no questions asked. We were very happy to see that this program has an official “Doctor Trusted” certified seal of approval.  It is also nice to see that the 3 Week Diet is a National Breast Cancer Foundation fundraising supporter.

3 week diet system dr trusted

Click the button below to access the 3 Week Diet client testimonials and some amazing “before and after” pics of people who have experienced great weight loss success on the 3 Week Diet system.

3 week diet system testimonials


The Complete 3 Week Diet System Review Below:

The 3 Week Diet System really provides great value considering it comes complete with 4 manuals. These include the 3 Week Diet Introduction Manual, the Diet Manual, the Workout Manual and the Mindset and Motivational Manual.  For those of you who don’t like to exercise you will be happy to know that author Brian Flatt claims you can still get excellent weight loss results without participating in the exercise component of this system. Ok, so let’s break it down a little further.

The 3 Week Diet Introduction Manual helps you understand the science behind how we gain and lose weight.  It breaks down complex nutritional concepts and displays them in an easy to follow foolproof way. If you are one of those people who prefer to read diets filled with scientific jargon than I am sorry to say that you may want to look elsewhere. This 3 week Diet System seems to be worded and designed more for people who just want an easy to follow step by step plan to get rid of stubborn body fat fast.  The 3 Week Diet Introduction manual also contains information on certain supplements that can be incorporated into the system to help you spruce up your metabolism.  We investigated the price of these supplements and are happy to report that they are all quite cheap and easily accessible. To be honest, these supplements probably aren’t even really necessary as most of the fat loss is achieved through macronutrient (particularly carbohydrate) manipulation techniques.

The 3 Week Diet Manual shows you exactly how to calculate your lean body mass and determine just what percentage of body fat you are actually carrying around on your body.  We really like how this part of the 3 Week Diet System sets you up with a completely individualised plan that is tailored to your specific body type.  So no matter what shape or size you are the 3 Week Diet will suit you.  The 3 Week Diet Manual explains plain and simply exactly what you need to eat, how much you should eat and when you should eat it. This diet manual uncovers some real cool little tricks about the timing of food consumption and how this can optimize the fat burning process. Basically you will become a 24/7 fat burning machine by learning how to use your stored body fat for fuel.  You will also find information on what foods to eat and more importantly the ones you should avoid in order to get the claimed results of 12-23 pounds in only 21 days.

This 3 Week Diet Manual also outlines what vitamin supplements you could also take to help you maximise your weightloss results. We were happy to see that these supplements are also very cheap and easily accessible.  Some people have reported that they have actually saved money while on this diet due to the fact that there is such little food wastage.  So no more throwing away outdated food week after week.  Who doesn’t want a little bit of extra cash to spend on the important things like ourselves or the ones we love.

As I mentioned earlier,  the 3 Week Diet system includes a Workout Manual which caters for those who don’t like to go to the gym and would prefer to workout from home.  This 3 Week Diet Workout Manual seems to be designed for the absolute beginner. The system contains exercises that only require 20 minutes of your time, 4 days a week.  So if you are a gym junkie looking for a hard-core workout you may want to look elsewhere.   For those who are unable to exercise due to illness/injury you will be happy to now that Brian Flatt claims that excellent weight loss results can still be achieved without the exercise component. Remember weight loss is 95% diet and 5% exercise.

Finally, as you know our team are very passionate about the importance of getting in the right frame of mind when embarking on a weight loss journey. We are happy to let you know that the 3 Week Diet Systems Mindset and Motivational Manual has all the tips, tricks and tools to ensure you remain motivated and achieve your weight loss goals. The Mindset Manual helps you establish healthy behavioural changes over the course of the 3 week program. The 3 Week Diet System is based on the scientific principles which state that it takes 21 days to form healthy habits while concurrently breaking  poor habits and lifestyle choices. They claim that these healthy behavioural changes can carry over to healthy learnt habits that you can then apply for the rest of your life.  So all you have to do is stick with the diet for 3 weeks. That’s it, just 21 days!   In this short period of time you can lose some serious fat weight and strengthen your resolve while you’re at it.

The checklist below outlines the promises that the 3 Week Diet System website claims

The 3 week diet system table

Our Key Observations

the 3 week diet prosPROS


  • Commitment of only 21 days required to achieve substantial weight loss with potential of establishing lifelong dietary habits.
  • 3 Bonus guides.
  • Includes a workout manual that can be easily undertaken in the comfort of your own home.
  • Accounts for psychological factors. Helps establish the correct mindset for losing stubborn body fat fast and keeping it off.
  • Simple break down of what foods to eat and when to eat them.
  • Application of science based principles based on years of research.
  • Great suggestions on what foods to avoid. (I bet you are eating these foods on a daily basis)
  • 60 day 100% no questions asked money back guarantee.
  • Very affordable considering the value provided.
  • Suits men and woman of all ages, races and body types.
  • Also caters for vegans and vegetarians.


3 week diet system consCons


  • The 3 Week Diet may fail to achieve the claimed weight loss results of 23 pounds in only 21 days if the participant isn’t fully committed for the entire 3 week period.
  • A hardcopy of the 3 Week Diet Manual is unavailable (available only for instant access in digital form to be read on computers, tablets and smartphones). So sorry to all you booklovers.
  • Some people may want more complex explanations of the science behind the diet concepts rather than the more beginner style jargon used throughout the 3 Week Diet manuals.


3 Week Diet Review: Our Conclusion and Rating…

3 week diet rating review

We give the Brian Flatt’s 3 Week Diet System a big thumbs up, scoring a massive 9 out of a possible 10 (see complete rating at top of post). The 3 Week Diet system is based on scientific principles that will allow you to lose weight fast in a healthy way.  It requires very little commitment (just 21 days!) meaning that you are all that more likely to see the entire program out. By sticking out the entire 21 days you will gain a great sense of success and self-confidence that you can then apply to the rest of your life. Brian Flatt also gives you some really valuable tips on where to go after the 3 week program to ensure the weight you lost stays off forever.  If you follow the practical tips in the 4 manuals included in the 3 Week Diet step by step you will be sure to succeed.

We really love the philosophy behind the 3 Week Diet system and how it helps the reader to realize that with the correct mindset and plan rapid healthy weight loss is absolutely achievable.  This program allows followers to see rapid results fast.  So with the 3 Week Diet followers no longer need to feel overwhelmed like they may do when embarking on a typical diet with no end in sight. Complete the 3 Week Diet and you will surely gain confidence in your ability to lose weight. The 3 Week Diet system would also be a great option for people who want to lose weight for an upcoming event such as a wedding, beach vacation or high school reunion.

We are very big fans of Brian’s decision to provide a “lose weight or it’s free” guarantee with the purchase of the 3 Week Diet System.  It is nice to see that he is willing to stand by his products claims. So guys, you really can’t lose with this one. Even if you just give it a try for 3 weeks and don’t get the results you are after just simply send it back and you will receive your money back, no questions asked. But we are sure that if you can manage to stick it out for the entire 3 weeks you will get great results.  The 3 week diet ticks all the boxes and allows us to give Brian Flatts 3 Week Diet System our highest possible rating.


Important Update: We have investigated the 3 Week Diet System further and are happy to report some more positive results!!   After further investigation into the programs sales analytics we identified that the refund rate (an excellent indicator of the value of program) is extremely low for the thousands around the world who have started their weight loss journeys on this product. The full money back guarantee also protects your monetary investment.   Therefore, our team is happy to endorse the 3 Week Diet System to our valued readers.  If you wish to purchaser the program click the button below.  We believe that the purchase of the 3 Week Diet would be a great investment into your health as excess abdominal fat is a major risk factor in the onset of many chronic diseases (such as heart disease, stroke and diabetes). The quicker you can get rid of that nasty belly fat the better.  I am sure you will do great. So get started today!


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  2.  Once on the page, and after you are sure the 3 Week Diet system is for you and are ready to purchase, click the back button on your browser  as if you want to exit the page.

Whallaa!  A popup will display asking you to stay on the page and you will have yourself a $20 discount offer (limited time).  That’s right you can pick up the complete 3 Week Diet system today for only $27. Your welcome! Oh, and don’t forget that this offer still comes complete with the 100 % money back guarantee. Good luck. We are sure you will do great.

 3 Week Diet System Homepage


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