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Our Final Verdict


What We Like!

  • Comprehensive Nutrition & Exercise Program
  • Ongoing Support Services
  • Highly Credible Author
  • Valuable Bonus Gifts
  • Promotes Both Fast & Sustainable Weight Loss

What We Don't Like!

  • Hardcopy Unavailable Even Though Sales Images Show Them (Only available in instantly accessible online format)
  • Made for Women Only (Although We Believe Men Could Also Benefit From The Content)

DEAR VALUED READER! Please DO NOT buy this program until you have read our detailed The Beta Switch Review based on comprehensive research. Videos, Product Comparison and User Feedback Included + Bonus Gift Roundup!

We hope you find this The Beta Switch review helpful. We would love to hear your feedback so please feel free to comment below this post!

The Beta Switch Review: Does Sue Heintze’s Program Live up to the Hype?



Research has identified that women have 9 x more Alpha receptors (fat storing receptors) than Beta receptors (fat burning receptors) in their stubborn stored body fat. This is believed to be the reason why women find it so hard to release stored fat from trouble areas such as the thighs, belly and buttocks.

An Australian trainer named Sue Heintze has utilised this research to develop an exciting weight loss and lifestyle program that essentially “turns off the switch” on fat storage. The program is known as The Beta Switch. In today’s comprehensive The Beta Switch review we will help you discover if this revolutionary program can potentially help you remove unsightly and unhealthy body fat and keep it off for good.

Important Update: First 1999 customers receive the complete Beta Switch program plus all bonus gifts for a one time payment of only $19 ( $199 regular retail price).

Click here to see if the $19 discounted price is still available

More on the Beta Switch Author, Sue Heintze


One of the first things we did when embarking on our The Beta Switch review was to investigate the credibility of the author behind the program. We are happy to report that the author of the Beta Switch Sue Heintze definitely walks the walk when it comes to body transformations.

2015-12-15_1743Not only is sue a world renowned body transformation specialist but she has also overcome great odds to forge out an impressive lean and toned body of her own.

Sue Heintze is a busy mom and a true inspiration for mothers all over the world. She has combined her years of personal experience with the latest and greatest scientific research in order to develop the Beta Switch. The same concepts that she has included in her new program have helped thousands of women around the world make amazing body transformations.

Learn More about Sue Heintze personal struggle and success plus see some amazing real world body transformation success stories here>

When considering that Sue Heintze’s hourly body-transformation consulting fee is a whopping $325 it becomes clear that the content included within the Beta Switch offers incredible value at an extremely affordable price.


What Exactly is the Beta Switch?




The beta switch is a 12 week nutritional and lifestyle system that is designed to help women shed stubborn body fat. The program offers a simple solution that flips on a woman’s unique fat-burning switch at a cellular level.


“Everything you’ll need to flip on YOUR Beta Switch. This  is the ultimate done-for-you weight loss lifestyle system for women”


You will gain access to information and resources such as:
• The 6 day kick-start diet plan to instantly turn on your fat burning switch
• Learn how to eat the precise food portions for you specific body type to optimize fat loss results
• Learn exactly what foods to eat to turn on your fat burning switch and keep it on
• Learn what types of alcohol you can drink and which ones can sabotage your weight loss goals.
• Learn about The 4 powerful herbal extracts and natural oils that can help downregulate your fat storing androgen receptors.
• Learn how to correctly incorporate cheat days that allow you to enjoy your favourite foods while boosting thyroid hormones. This is a great way to reduce the likelihood of weight loss plateaus.


In addition to the Beta Switch program you will also receive the following bonus gifts absolutely free.

Limited time bonus offer 1:

Beta Switch Workout System (regular value $200)




The Beta Switch Workout Program is a simple to follow 12-week women-only exercise program. The program is broken down into 3 distinct phases to ensure you progress at your own comfortable pace. The program is professionally designed to help its participants to get maximum results with the smallest amount of time invested.

The workout program is designed to coincide with your Beta Switch nutritional plan. These workouts are based on scientific evidence proven and are proven to activate your fat-burning Beta Adrenoreceptors while turning off those nasty fat storing Alpha receptors.

We were pleased to see that the exercises are presented and demonstrated with helpful video demonstrations. During The Beta Switch review process we were introduced to a couple more interesting additions to the workout program including:
• 2-minute pre-workout trick that significantly enhances fat burning results.
• Cardio routine that will actually burn body fat. You will be happy to know that it is very quick to complete. Say goodbye to the days of long slow and boring exercise sessions.

Limited time bonus offer 2 :

 The 5-Day Tummy Tuck (regular value $20)




The Beta Switch is designed to help its readers lose fat for life. It is truly a sustainable weight loss solution that can help you keep your slim figure for decades down the track. However , the author has also taken into account the fact that sometimes women just want to lose weight fast. Perhaps to get ready for a special event, holiday or wedding. The 5-Day Tummy Tuck has been developed to fulfil this need. The program is a safe and effective belly fat reduction program that is currently offered as a free bonus with the Beta Switch Program.


Limited time bonus offer 3: 

Boost Your Body Image Report



During our The Beta Switch Review process we were constantly impressed by the emphasis that the author places on dealing with body-image issues. The author has struggled with body image issues in the past and has successfully overcome them, to then go onto make an amazing body transformation of her own.

If you have ever found yourself feeling depressed after comparing yourselfs to photoshopped magazine images then this report is definitely worth a read. Hopefully this report will help you gain a positive perspective that will help you move forward on your weight loss journey.


Limited time bonus offer 4 ($27 regular value):

Mind Over Matter- Win the Mental Game of Fat Loss



If you are one of our valued readers then you would already understand the value we place on obtaining the correct mindset in order to achieve sustainable weight loss. Our Beta Switch review uncovered that this author also regards this concept as highly important. This book contains 4 simple rules that can  help you achieve mental strength and focus. You will also discover powerful emotional and mental tricks that will help you achieve the body of your dreams.


Limited time bonus offer 4 (reg value $24.95):

Super-Bonus For A Limited Number Of New Beta Switch Customers


For a limited time a number of you could potentially access 1 full month of exclusive access to the Tight n’ Toned club. This is a member portal where thousands of women from around the world can share their experiences and offer support. Not only can you receive wise words from fellow members, but you will also gain exclusive access to recipes, diet tips, exercises, videos and much more. The author will also log on and personally contribute to the portal.


Who is the Beta Switch Suited For?

The program is specifically designed to help any women of any age target their stubborn body fat. To be even more specific the Beta Switch is designed for:

• Busy professional women and stay at home moms
• Women who have had trouble shifting stubborn body fat in the past
• Women who have a poor metabolism due to low calorie fad dieting
• Women who are exhausted and frustrated with poor fat loss results from undertaking long cardio exercise sessions.


What the Beta Switch IS NOT

Early on in our The Beta Switch review we realised this program is a real game changer. The author of this program has put a huge amount of effort into the development of this program and it shows. This is a comprehensive fat loss program that is based on strong scientific based evidence and is created by a author who walks the walk.

The Beta Switch is the REAL DEAL and it is not:
• A ridiculous cream or pill that claims it will burn targeted body fat
• A diet that is restrictive and unhealthy
• An exhaustive exercise program that leaves participants fatigued and hungry.

If you are a woman who has struggled with weight loss in the past and would like to finally find a solution to weight loss once and for why not check out The Beta Switch. The official website has some very interesting information that may help you determine if this is indeed the right program for you to finally achieve the body of your dreams.

 Click here to visit the official Beta Switch Website for more info plus sales and discounts

What Can You Achieve on The Beta Switch?

By mastering the ability to turn on your fat burning switch you will see amazing results. To be more specific the author claims that you will

• Rapidly lose fat from the arms, belly, thighs and stomach
• Remove the dangerous cycle of starvation, hunger and exhaustion
• Finally see results in the mirror
During our The Beta Switch Review we were very happy to see that while on this program you can still eat your favourite foods. For those of you who are not fond of intense workouts you will be happy to know that there are no crazy workout routines included.


How Much Does the Beta Switch Cost and Where Can I Buy It?

During our The Beta Switch review we were consistently impressed by the sheer value on offer. We definitely place this program into the “premium”product category.

“High quality production, design and scientific based evidence makes this a truly outstanding product”

With this premium product we expected premium pricing. However we were pleasantly surprised with the reasonable price tag. The author claims that the entire value of the system is $4875 real value. However the regular retail price of the Beta Switch is $199 and that without the inclusion of the bonus gifts. The Beta Switch is currently available for instant download for a one time reduced payment of only $97.

Important Update: The Beta Switch  is currently available for a one-time, single, secure payment of only $19 (only available for the first 1999 copies sold)

Visit the official Beta Switch Site here to see if you qualify for the $19 discounted price!


During our The Beta Switch review we also checked the credibility and security of the checkout process.  All purchases made on the beta switch website are processed through the secure Clickbank payment processing database. This payment system is protected by both Norton and McAfee security systems . Payment can be made via credit card or paypal.


Does The Beta Switch Work?

The only way to really know if this program will work for you is to try it. Remember the program comes with a full 60 day money back guarantee so  you can basically “try it” risk free.



Women all over the globe are experiencing amazing results on The Beta Switch. Check out some of the inspirational user feedback below.


User Feedback


View more success stories here>


The Beta Switch Featured on Primetime Australian Media 


The Beta Switch Explainer Video


Does Anything Compare to The Beta Switch?

We believe that the closest comparison of this program can be made with the Venus Factor Diet. The Venus Factor is also a very popular female specific nutrition and exercise program.

Like The Beta Switch the Venus Factor also focuses on the optimization of female hormones to stimulate fat loss.However, the Venus Factor is focused on optimizing the actions of the hormone Leptin as opposed to the adrenoreceptors targeted in The Beta Switch. As both programs are developed on strong scientific basis I believe that as a women searching for weight loss could learn a lot from both programs.

All in all The Beta Switch offers more value for money than the Venus Factor although at a higher price tag. The Venus Factor is only $47 compared to the $97 Beta Switch (Important Update: Get the Beta Switch for $19 Limited Time Only click here to see if you qualify).

Ultimately both programs can help get you the results you desire. So take your time and read our reviews so you can make an informed decision. You can read more about the Venus Factor here.




The Beta Switch Review Verdict

The Beta Switch  offers exceptional value for money considering the amount of quality content provided. The program is created by a credible author who has a proven track record of both achieving a impressive personal body transformation and also helping others achieve theirs. We believe that this program provides an exciting low risk fat loss opportunity for our valued readers.

We hope you have found our The Beta Switch review helpful. If you do decide to purchase the program and achieve weight loss success we would love to hear from you. Feel free to post a comment below!


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