The Fat Loss Code Review: A Revolutionary Fat Loss Program


The Fat Loss Code


Our Final Verdict!


What We Like!

  • Comprehensive Nutrition & Exercise Program
  • Ongoing Support
  • Valuable Bonus Gifts (HD Videos, E-Books, Q&A)
  • Highly Credible Author (Professional Nutritionist Specializing in Biochemistry & Kinesiological Science)
  • Promotes Both Fast & Sustainable Weight Loss

What We Don't Like!

  • Hardcopy Unavailable Even Though Sales Images Show Them (Only available in instantly accessible online format)
  • Premium Pricing (Program promoted as suitable for everyone but may be to expensive for some who could otherwise benefit)

We are super excited to be able to present our valued readers with this in depth The Fat Loss Code review. Our team has been eagerly watching the developmental process of The Fat Loss Code and are excited to report that is has finally been released onto the weight loss marketplace.

This program is created by the world renowned health and fitness expert Shawn Stevenson and is shaping up to be one of the most comprehensive fat loss programs to ever hit the market.

DEAR VALUED READER! DO NOT buy The Fat Loss Code until you have read our detailed review based on comprehensive market research. Videos and User Feedback Included + Bonus Gift Roundup and Product Comparison

The Fat Loss Code Review Roundup: Quick Summary


The Fat Loss Code offers participants the opportunity to lose fat fast plus establish healthy behaviours to keep the weight off long term. The system provides access to class leading resources that focus on optimization of fat burning hormonesThe addition of quality bonus gifts such as access to HD videos and Q & A with world renowned nutritionist Shawn Stevenson sets this program apart from the rest. Check out the video below for a full explanation of the program.


Prefer Video? This video explains everything you need to know about The Fat Loss Code and more…


We have a huge amount of respect for Fat Loss Code author Shawn Stevenson’s work in the field of wellness and weightloss. In the past he has shown us that he is a man of great integrity and knowledge. Today’s The Fat Loss Code review will investigate whether Shawn Stevenson has managed to successfully use his vast knowledge to construct a truly revolutionary fat loss program.

As fans of Shawn’s previous work we are super excited to see what he has included in what is claimed to be his most comprehensive fat loss system ever.

Let’s jump straight into our Fat Loss Code review shall we…


What is the Fat Loss Code?


Shawn Stevenson creator of the Fat Loss Code states that this system

“is the only 6-week body transformation program guaranteed to help you keep body fat off long-term.”

This is a massive claim. And as you know talk is cheap. However in this case we are talking about Shawn Stevenson. A man who is leading the charge in the online health and wellness revolution. Shawn Stevenson is the President and CEO of Advanced Integrative Health Alliance, a leading wellness company.

Everything Shawn Stevenson has produced in the past has been extremely innovative and of premium quality. He has always done a fantastic job of integrating the very latest evidence based practices into his work.



Creator Shawn Stevenson

“Shawn Stevenson is a Professional Nutritionist who specialises in biochemistry and kinesiology. He is the author of two books on Health & Fitness, and contributor to FOX News, Clear Channel Radio, and many other media sources” 


Please keep reading our entire The Fat Loss Code review for a complete breakdown of the many features and benefits.


What is Included in The Fat Loss Code?

If you are one of our regular readers you would already know that we have investigated many premium fat loss programs in the past. We are excited to report that Shawn Stevenson’s The Fat Loss Code is the most comprehensive fat loss program we have ever encountered. Now this is a big statement to make considering we have reviewed highly acclaimed best sellers such as The Venus Factor3 Week Diet and Adonis Golden Ratio. You can view our current top rated fat loss programs here

We believe that this program is truly one step ahead of the competition with it’s beautifully designed interface, high quality content and intuitive layout. The program is designed to take you by the hand through a specific 6 week program with each week focusing on a particular outcome.

The program also includes some very impressive free bonuses and support services which we will cover in great detail further along in our The Fat Loss Code review. The incredible value included in The Fat Loss Code really sets this program ahead of the rest.

In the following The Fat Loss Code review I am going to show you exactly what you can expect to encounter on a week by week basis when participating in this program.

There is also a very informative video presentation that you can view at the official Fat Loss Code Website. This video is definitely worth checking out if you are considering purchasing the program.


Visit the Official Fat Loss Code Website Sales & Discounts Page





The Fat Loss Code Week 1 of 6

fat burners

Topic Covered: How to Set Your Metabolic Thermostat on High


The first week of the program teaches you how to set your metabolism on fire naturally. Shawn Stevenson explains that in order to lose weight you must first optimize your metabolism. Interestingly, Shawn Stevenson explains how exercise and dieting are very ineffective at stimulating weight loss.

Instead of diet and exercise he emphasises the importance of targeting fat burning specific hormones. These fantastic tips are designed to spice up even the most downregulated hormone profile in only a few days.

He goes onto explain what things you need to look out for in your daily life that may be suppressing your metabolism. Shawn Stevenson then educates the reader on the importance of protecting and enhancing the function of the Thyroid. He explains how this organ plays a  vital role in weight loss related metabolism.

Not only does he teach you exactly how to stimulate your fat burning hormones but he also outlines exactly how to turn off  your body’s fat-storing hormones. This multifaceted approach to fat loss related hormone optimization is another reason why we believe The Fat Loss Code triumphs over other fat loss programs on the market.


The Fat Loss Code Week 2 of 6




Topics Covered: Burn Fat Easier by Fixing the Underlying Problem


The second week of The Fat Loss Code focuses on helping you understand the specific issues that may be preventing you from easily burning fat. We really like the approach that Shawn Stevenson takes in this area.

He explains how the key to long-term fat loss is not counting calories but instead further stimulating your major metabolic organs. He goes onto discuss how things such as stress in your life may be preventing you from achieving significant fat loss.

Shawn Stevenson explains this complex concept in a very easy to understand manner. He details how stress influences the fat control centres in your brain making them less likely to burn fat and instead likely to store fat.

There is some really innovative content included in the second week of the Fat Loss Code. In this week you will also discover;

  • Simple methods to further stimulate fat metabolizing organs
  • How to prevent stress overload and turn off you body fat storage switch.
  • How to Instantly Turn-Off Your Body’s Fat-Storing Hormones


"lose several pounds of body fat and several inches in the first few weeks" Shawn Stevenson, Author.


The Fat Loss Code Week 3 of 6



Topics Covered: How to Eliminate Fat (And Keep It Off) The Smart Way


In the 3rd week of the Fat Loss Code you will begin to see for yourself why we have rated this program so highly in our The Fat Loss Code review. You will notice that this program is very different from other diet and exercise programs.

Other programs tend to focus on cutting down on calories through dieting and burning calories through exercise. Shawn Stevenson highlights some very interesting data which proves that this common approach can destroy a person's metabolism. He explains how reducing calories alone has been shown to cause your body to lose valuable muscle instead of targeting unwanted fat.

If you decide to purchase this program you will learn some truly revolutionary metabolism boosting techniques. Shawn Stevenson has done a fantastic job at incorporating the most recent scientific principles into an easy to follow format.

The Fat Loss Code is packed with exclusive information that no other fat loss program has ever revealed before. Simply apply these steps day by day and you will get some amazing fat loss results. In week 3 of the Fat Loss Code you will also discover:

  • Simple tips to control your body’s hunger and satiety hormones
  • How to force your body to burn fat for fuel
  • Find out first hand what other people have done to lose fat fast and keep it off.
  • There are also some interesting real testimonials as you will see soon in our Fat Loss Code review.


The Fat Loss Code Week 4 of 6



Topics Covered: How to Stop Dieting and Start Living


It is very common for people to fail on their weight loss venture. Perhaps you have failed to stick to a diet in the past. It has been reported that the majority of people who try to lose fat by dieting fail.

You will be happy to know that this is by no means a restrictive diet. Shawn Stevenson helps you create the perfect nutrition program based on your specific requirements. So say goodbye to dieting and say hello to a proven, enjoyable and easy to follow nutritional plan.

In this week 4 of the Fat loss Code you will also :

  • Discover the universal principles that need to be present in an effective nutritional strategy
  • Receive an easy to follow template to ensure you are eating right for your unique metabolic type
  • Learn how to eat as much as you want and still lose weight


The Fat Loss Code Week 5 of 6




Topics Covered: How to Work Smarter, Not Harder


During our The Fat Loss Code review we were excited to see how Shawn Stevenson would incorporate exercise into the program. He is a big believer that you must focus on the quality of exercise not the quantity. In this week of the program you are introduced to exercise techniques that are proven to burn fat.

Have you ever spent hours upon hours in the gym without any weight loss results to show for your efforts? The trick is not actually doing more but instead following proven techniques that really torch fat. Shawn will show you what to do step by step of the way.

These exercises are perfect for the absolute beginner and progress over time as your body adapts. Shawn Stevenson is also a specialist in exercise prescription for those with chronic disease and has incorporated this knowledge into his program.

In week 5 of the Fat Loss Code you will also learn :

  • how to use short exercise sessions to obtain a lean and toned body, not puffy and muscular
  • how to target specific muscle fibres that burn more fat
  • Discover how to effectively block fat storage by undertaking one specific exercise


The Fat Loss Code Week 6 of 6




Topics Covered: How to Break Through Plateaus and Keep Body Fat Off Long-Term


If you were to have followed the program step by step as laid out in the Fat Loss Code by this stage you would be looking fantastic and feeling great. While undertaking our The Fat Loss Code review we were very impressed by the fact that even at this stage of the program we are introduced to more ways to optimize fat-burning hormones.With the help of the incredibly knowledgeable Shawn Stevenson you will be sure to achieve the body of your dreams. In week 6 of The Fat loss code you will also learn :

  • how to create powerful pre-workout fat burning fuel.(no supplements are required on the Fat Loss Code)  If you would like to harness the power of a leading fat loss pill then I suggest checking out our reviews of leading fat loss pills here. 
  • Simple and effective tips that you can use to shed the last few pounds of bodyfat pounds.
  • Find out common mistakes that may be actually stopping you from burning fat.



Watch this insightful and inspirational video to learn more about the FLC and how it can help you!


 Fat Loss Code Bonus Gifts & Services




During our The Fat Loss Code review we were constantly impressed by the sheer value of the program. Just when we thought that the program couldn't get any better we discovered that you also receive some absolutely amazing free bonus gifts.

These gifts give the participants of the program a source of ongoing support that extends well beyond the 6 week program. With this sort of extra support you will never fail on another weight loss venture again. Shawn Stevenson has gone all out to provide to ensure that the Fat Loss Code members continue to get long term weight loss, health and well being results. Best yet, this ongoing support is 100% free.

Shawn Stevenson calls these bonus gifts the Fat loss Code continuing education program. It provides direct access to tools, strategies, and information to ensure you never fall off of the weight loss wagon again.

Here are the bonus gifts included free of charge once you purchase the Fat Loss Code program:


Fat Loss Code Bonus Gift # 1

($997 Value- Yours for Free!)





In this bonus the world renowned fitness expert Shawn Stevenson will answer all of your weight loss, health and fitness questions each and every month. Trust me , to speak to Shawn one on one you would have to fork out some serious money as he is a highly sort after health and wellbeing consultant.

The chance to ask Shawn Stevenson your burning questions is a truly an exciting opportunity. This package actually has a value of an incredible $997 per month. You can however (for a limited time) take up this opportunity for absolutely free.

The following is an interesting TEDx talk by Shawn Stevenson that you may like to check out before you decide to purchase his program.

(Mr Stevenson is a professional nutritionist specializing in biochemistry and kinesiological science, as well as advanced treatment for acute and chronic disorders)



Fat Loss Code Bonus Gift #2

($297 Value- Yours for Free!)






These gifts help you take your fat loss results and knowledge base to another level. This bonus gift provides you with access to:

  •  recipe books,
  • health & fitness ebooks,
  • stress relief resources,
  • rehab an injury resources

These resources are available for unlimited access. We are super excited to see that these bonuses are usually worth a total value $297 per month but for a limited time they are yours absolutely FREE!


Fat Loss Code Bonus Gift #3

($497 Value- Yours for Free!)






The Fat Loss Code 6-Week program contains workout programs for the absolute beginner to seasoned trainer.  These exercise regimes will slowly but surely progress you over time to ensure your body continues to adapt and shed fat.

The program offers a lot of variety which will not only ensure that you don't plateau but also prevent boredom. You will also gain access to premium quality HD training videos with exercises that you can complete at home or at the gym.

Shawn Stevenson does a fantastic job at progressing the participant from the most basic level and beyond. So if you have never exercised before, there is no better place to start.


User Feedback





The success stories presented above were sourced from the official Fat Loss Code Website. There are many more inspirational weight loss before and after photos of FLC members available to view here.


Where Can You Purchase the Fat Loss Code?


Visit the Official Fat Loss Code Website Sales & Discounts Page


The Fat Loss Code can be purchased from the official FLC website for $197. Although this system is a little more expensive than some of the others on the market we believe that The Fat Loss Code still offers extraordinary value for money.

When considering everything that is included in the complete program plus the incredible bonuses we believe the $197 price tag is completely justified. In fact, we are surprised it was not priced higher. Hopefully this price tag does not push low income earners out of the opportunity to improve their health and achieve the body of their dreams.

The program comes complete with a 60 day money back guarantee. When undertaking our The Fat Loss Code review we were pleased to see that Shawn Stevenson stands behind his product by providing such an exceptional guarantee.

If at anytime you are not completely satisfied with any aspect of this program, just send Shawn an email and he will immediately refund 100% of your money, no questions asked.

If you are one of our valued readers then you would already be aware that we always check out the credibility and security of the entire purchase process of all reviews we undertake. We are pleased to report that all purchases made on the Fat Loss Code site are processed through the secure Clickbank payment processing data base which is protected by both Norton and McAfee security systems . Payment can be made via credit card or paypal.





Instantly Download The Fat Loss Code Here Today! View on all devices including Computer, Tablet & Smartphones.



Does Anything Compare to The Fat Loss Code?

We believe that the closest comparison of this program can be made with The Venus Factor. The Venus Factor Diet also focuses on optimization of hormones for fat loss. However the Venus Factor is designed for women only. The Fat Loss Code is designed with both males and females in mind. You can read more about the Venus Factor Diet here. The Venus Factor does provide some impressive bonus gifts however they are nowhere near as impressive as those on offer in the FLC.



Ladies Only! The Venus Factor Diet. Learn More...

Our Final The Fat Loss Code Review Verdict!

venus factor diet pros

The Fat Loss Code offers exceptional value for money. In fact it is one of the most comprehensive fat loss programs we have ever encountered. It may just be the perfect plan to help you finally remove your stubborn body fat once and for all.

Best yet, not only does it help you shred fat super fast but also goes onto to help you establish lifelong weight management.

If you are after a fat loss program to help you get the body you desire plus the added benefit of increased health and wellbeing look no further than the Fat Loss Code.

"We are yet to see another program that offers so much value for those looking to get slim and healthy"

Not only does it offer exceptional value but it also offers a very low risk proposition considering the 60 day money back guarantee on offer. This guarantee essentially means that you can "try it" out and if you don't feel as though it's not for you simply get your money back. Surely Mr Stevenson will not keep the price of this package this low for long so be sure to take advantage of this special offer today.


Visit the Official Fat Loss Code Website Sales & Discounts Page




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