The Weight Loss Motivation Bible Review: Get Your Mind Right!


The Weight Loss Motivation Bible


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What We Like!

  • Perfect Supplement to Diet Plan
  • Easy to Read, Simple to Follow
  • Inspirational Writing Style
  • Outstanding Value for Money
  • Valuable Bonus Gifts

What We Don't Like!

  • Not a Standalone Weight Loss Program
  • Not Available in Hardcopy
  • Does Not Include Diet/Exercise Plan

Establish the Correct Mindset for Weight Loss Success!

Thank you for taking the time to read The Weight Loss  Motivation Bible review. By taking this step to learn more about increasing your motivation to lose weight it is obvious that you understand the importance of establishing a strong mindset for weight loss success. Perhaps The Weight Loss Motivation Bible is the missing link that you have been searching for to help you finally achieve the weight loss you desire.


What is the Weight Loss Motivation Bible?

Weight Loss Motivation e-book downloadThe Weight Loss Motivation Bible is an all-encompassing program which solely focuses on getting it’s reader to develop the correct mindset for weight loss success.

Important: The Weight Loss Motivation Bible is not a diet and exercise plan. This program purely focuses on the psychological aspect of weight loss which as you know is the most important. (However, it does come complete with some really helpful recipe books!)

Remember where the mind goes the body will follow!

The Weight Loss Motivation Bible is designed to keep you focused and inspired while embarking on your weight loss journey. Therefore this program is only effective if combined with a proven weight loss program.

While undertaking The Weight Loss Motivation Bible review we were pleased to discover that it comes complete with a full 60 day money back guarantee at an extremely affordable price of only $27. Considering what’s included in the program we believe that this represents incredible value.

Update: The Weight Loss Motivation Bible also comes complete with some awesome free bonus gifts. (read our entire Weight Loss Motivation Review to learn more)

As we mentioned earlier The Weight Loss Motivation Bible is made as a supplement program to an already existing diet/exercise plan.

Leading programs that we recommend combining with the Weight Loss Motivation Bible are as follows:

• The 3 Week Diet (Read Review)
• The Venus Factor Diet (Read Review)
• The Fat Diminisher System (Read Review)
• More popular weight loss programs (Click Here)

The Weight loss Motivation Bible aims to help prime your mind to get the absolute best out of your diet/exercise program.

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How Can the Weight Loss Motivation Bible Help Me?

If you decide to follow the Weight Loss Motivation Bible step by step you will learn exactly what it takes to finally achieve weight loss success. This program is extremely effective for people who have struggled to stick to a diet/exercise regime in the past. While reading the Weight Loss Motivation Bible you will learn the following:


• You will learn not to get down on yourself for past weight loss failures and instead learn to create a positive mindset for the future.
• You will learn how to stay on course for weight loss success rather than chopping and changing diet routines.
• You will learn to eat cheat meals without beating yourself up emotionally.
• You will learn how to stay strong and focused on your goals even if others may doubt you.
• You won’t waste money on endless weight loss products as you can leverage the power of the program to succeed.

There are some really encouraging weight loss success stories on the official The Weight Loss Bible website. Please read these testimonials here, plus there is also some really great info on the program worthwhile checking out.


Who Created the Weight Loss Motivation Bible?

The Weight Loss Motivation Bible was created by fitness expert Ms Carolyn Hansen. Ms Hansen has worked within the health and weight loss industry for more than 30 years. She has worked as a fitness instructor and has competed in many sports plus has participated in over 30 professional bodybuilding competitions. Ms Hansen has actually won a New Zealand professional body building title. After further research into Ms Hansen in our Weight Loss Motivation Bible review we can report that she definitely walks the walk when it comes to weight loss motivation.
In addition to these amazing physical feats Ms Hansen is also a world renowned author and personal trainer. Ms Hanson believes that the main reason why people fail on their weight loss attempts is because people do not have the necessary mindset required to achieve long term success.

Sure if you just want to lose weight fast with the help of diets such as the 3 Week Diet to prepare for an upcoming event (vacation, wedding etc) then it is not difficult to maintain motivation for the short term.

However if you want to reap the long term weight loss benefits then a strong mindset is absolutely vital. For those of you who have struggled with long term weight management in the past the Weight Loss Motivation Bible may just be the missing link that you have been searching for. With help of the Weight loss Motivation Bible you will learn to strengthen your mind and resolve to finally see your weight loss program to the end. Long term adherence to an exercise or diet plan leads to many amazing benefits that extend well beyond the realms of weight loss. Not only will you shed the pounds but you will improve your mental state, have more energy plus reduce your risk of acquiring a host of nasty chronic diseases.


What is Included in the Weight Loss Motivation Bible?

The Weight Loss Motivation Bible is a very professionally written e-book that provides an inspirational read for the novice dieter. The author starts by giving you further insight into her history in the weight loss industry. She then goes onto explain why motivation and focus is the most vital component in any weight loss program in order to achieve sustainable results.

If you do not have the correct outlook on weight loss unfortunately you are destined for failure. Ms Hansen goes on to discuss the importance of following realistic diets and encourages the reader to choose a realistic and sustainable diet/exercise program. If you would like more info on the world’s most popular science based diet/exercise programs please visit our Programs Page.
Please don’t fall for over hyped fad diets that are created by under qualified people. To make it easy for our readers we have located and rated the world’s most popular and effective diets. You can read our reviews of these programs here.  You will be happy to know that we always investigate the credibility of the authors behind these programs and only feature products that are backed by strong scientific research.

Ok, let’s get back to our Weight Loss Motivation Bible review…

After the introduction and unravelling of the importance of establishing the correct mindset the author elaborates on the importance of living a healthy and active life and its physiological benefits on mental health. You see the great thing about sticking to a weight loss and exercise regime is that your body gets fitter, your mind gets stronger and eventually these healthy habits become second nature. The Weight Loss Motivation Bible provides an excellent resource to help gain momentum which you can then keep up for life.

While undertaking our Weight Loss Motivation Bible review we were happy to note that the author has placed a large emphasis on the importance of goal setting. The author explains how to set realistic short term weight loss goals and long term weight loss goals. We have always been strong believers in the importance of setting vivid and compelling goals in order to achieve weight loss success. We are pleased to say that Ms Hansen’s e-book covers the topic in a very professional yet easy to understand manner. The author then goes onto to cover topics such as self-confidence and self-esteem. Ms Hansen gives some great tips on how to develop a positive mindset that will not only help you achieve your weight loss goals but also learn to enjoy dieting and exercising.

The Weight Loss Motivation Bible then goes deeper into helping you understand where you personally have gone wrong in the past. This section of the program helps you to critically examine your own life and lifestyle behaviours. Certain questions are devised in a way to help you uncover what you truly want from life and what is truly important to you. Get ready to do some soul searching!

The Weight Loss Motivation Bible e-book provides you with the resources you need to succeed on your next weight loss venture at an extremely affordable price of only $27. Plus it comes with a full 60 day money back guarantee and some really helpful bonuses.


Here’s What you Will Get When you Purchase the Weight Loss Motivation Bible for $27


  • The Weight Loss Motivation Bible e-book.

Weight Loss Motivation e-book download


  • 7 Part Custom Audio Brainwave Mp3 Series:
  1.  “Transform Past Failures Into High Self Confidence”
  2. “Embrace Change And Get What You Want”
  3. “Super-Charge Your Motivation and Lose All The Weight You Want”,
  4. “Visualization Magic”,
  5. “High Value Exercise Your Key To Permanent Results”,
  6. “Eliminate The Negative & Developing Positive Thoughts”,
  7. “Use Reality to Motivate You!”).


  • “The Motivation Companion” e-report.




  • “Coconut Oil – The Healthy Fat” e-report.




  • “The Weekly Healthy Recipe” e-book set.



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Thank you for taking the time to read our Weight Loss Motivation Bible review. We hope you found it helpful.


Our Weight Loss Motivation Bible Review Verdict:

The Weight Loss Motivational program is the perfect resource for learning how to obtain the correct mindset for achieving sustainable weight loss success. Although the Weight Loss Motivation Bible is not a standalone weight loss program it is an excellent supplementary program to an effective diet program.

For a list of effective programs that will complement the Weight Loss Motivation Bible please visit our Fat loss Programs Page. All of these weight loss programs are proven science based programs. Learn more about these programs here.

Weight_loss_bible_of_motivation-minThe Weight Loss Motivation Bible does an excellent job at motivating you for weight loss success. To our knowledge there is no program on the market which offers such a comprehensive guide to weight loss motivation.  If you have had trouble sticking to an exercise or diet plan in the past then the Weight Loss Motivation Bible is definitely worth a try. You will learn some great tips that you can apply to the rest of your life.

Please remember the weight loss motivation bible comes complete with a 60 day money back guarantee making this an exciting low risk opportunity for our valued readers.

Click here for Weight Loss Motivation Bible discounts and sales.


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