Things Better Than Exercise to Help Lose Belly Fat

Most people who want to learn how to lose stubborn belly fat naturally commonly believe exercise is going to offer them the best fat loss results? However they couldn’t be more wrong. Did you know that exercise is relatively ineffective in helping an individual lose stubborn belly fat?

I emphasise the word RELATIVELY as although exercise does burn calories there are a few simple things that you can do to lose stubborn belly fat naturally that are way more effective than exercise. Don’t get us wrong at we are big believers in the benefits of exercise. Undertaking regular exercise can provide many amazing benefits such as:

• Impexercise_for_fat_lossroved mood (studies have shown that exercise can be as effective as antidepressants in reducing depression)

• Improved brain health

• Improved heart health

• Lowering the risk of developing some cancers

• Improving metabolic health (decrease risk of type 2 diabetes)

• And the list goes on and on…

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However in terms of exercise providing a stimulus to burn off belly fat, well, the results are quite underwhelming. If you want to learn how to get rid of stubborn stomach fat you must focus your efforts loses body fat-min

I am sure this may seem contrary to everything that you have been taught about losing belly fat and exercise.Sure this is controversial but let me elaborate.

The way our body utilises energy during exercise is a very complicated process. It is extremely hard to truly determine how many calories are burnt during an exercise session unless the exercise is undertaken in a high tech exercise physiology lab. The calorie expenditure calculators on most gym equipment is also very inaccurate. Because of this reason most people overestimate how many calories they have burnt off during exercise. Unfortunately most people also underestimate the amount of calories that they eat each day. This really is a recipe for fat gain disaster!

Did you know…

walking• Research has shown that even the most extreme high-intensity aerobic session only burns around 500 calories per hour.
•Moderate pace walking only burns about 250 calories per hour.



Let’s say you spent the day exercising for a massive 2 hrs (way more than the average person does). You are feeling exhausted.

Sorry to tell you, but all that blood sweat and tears you just put into exercise can be undone with just one medium sized takeaway meal from your favourite restaurant.


Ok, now you have another problem on your hands. This massive exercise session you have just undertaken has made you “HUNGRY”. So what happens next? Well here comes the self-negotiation phase. You may say to yourself “Well I exercised hard today so I deserve to treat myself to a sugary snack”. So you then go and knock down a few cookies and a cup of ice cream. Unfortunately you have now blown your calorie budget and are in belly fat storage mode.

Now here’s where it gets confusing. Research has shown that without exercise in your life it is extremely difficult to keep weight off over the long term. Exercise makes you feel good and if you are motivated to exercise you are usually also motivated to make healthy behaviour changes. It is these healthy behaviour changes that will ultimately help you lose belly fat and those love handles.


Let’s break down what we know so far:

• Using exercise alone as a weight loss strategy is a complete waste of time (however you will gain many health benefits)
• Exercise must be used in conjunction with a healthy eating strategy.
Remember “you can’t out-train a bad diet”
• Also don’t underestimate the importance of getting in the right mindset to ensure you remain motivated to achieve your fat loss goals. I won’t get into this topic in this article but you can read more about obtaining the correct mindset for weight loss here.

So please do not go and give up exercise feeling all is lost. Instead stop thinking that going for a light walk is going to result in you shifting that stubborn belly fat and love handles. You must change what you eat and how you think about food in order to finally get rid of that ugly stubborn belly fat once and for all.

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You see most people gain belly fat consistently over time for two reasons:

  1. People that harbour belly fat usually eat too many carbohydrate rich foods which results in a spike of the hormone insulin. Insulin is commonly referred to as the fat storage hormone which behaves as a type of key to the fat cells. When you eat a meal high in carbs, insulin opens up the gateways to the cells shovelling fat and sugars straight into your belly fat stores. Nothing spikes your insulin levels as bad as simple carbohydrates and simple sugars. Lower your carb intake and you will be effectively lowering the most common cause of belly fat. If you are after an easy to follow low carb diet then please check out our reviews of some of the world’s best here.
  2.  Another common reason why your body may be constantly in belly fat storing mode is because of stress. You see stress results in a release of a hormone known as cortisol. Cortisol signals for the storage of belly fat. As you may already know belly fat is the most dangerous form of fat. You may have noticed that your doctor measures your waist on your regular check-ups. What they are actually checking for is your chronic disease health risk profile based on your belly fat levels. Simply put belly fat leads to a host of the nastiest chronic diseases such as stroke and heart disease. I know it’s not a happy subject but it can be an important topic to learn about. Learning the severe dangers of storing belly fat may inspire you to change your ways. You can read all about the dangers of belly fat here (scroll down on page).


So what can you do to lose belly fat without exercise?

1) Get motivated to lose fat: (Read our Weight Loss Motivation 101 article)
2) Cut out sugars and other processed carbs: (cereals, white rice, corn, soda, lollies etc.) Lowering carbs and boosting vegetable, protein and healthy fat intake is a sure fire way of getting your blood sugar spikes under control and stopping you from storing more belly fat.

Cutting back on carbs can really help get you into fat burning mode. But be sure to eat enough vitamins and nutrients as they also help your body get into fat burning mode. I urge you to check out our reviews of the world’s most popular fat burning diets. You will notice that many of these take a low carb approach. Best yet they are all based on science and are foolproof to follow. You can check them out here.

3) Manage your stress: This is easier said than done. Once again getting in the right mindset is vital in the management of stress and weight loss success. Be sure to check out this article if you need help with gaining a positive perspective on weight loss. We think you will find it helpful in helping you gain some perspective on your weight loss goals. If you find the right perspective on life you are less likely to become stressed.

Thanks for spending the time to learn how to lose stubborn stomach fat without exercise. Hopefully you have found these tips helpful. Losing belly fat doesnt have to be difficult. With the correct mindset, motivation and diet plan you will shift the stubborn stomach fat and love handles. You are now on your way to fat loss success.

Remember, add exercise to the mix so you can reap the fantastic rewards such as improved cardiovascular, musculoskeletal and metabolic health. However, dont forget that exercise without dietary change will have you spinning you wheels.

Remember before you start any exercise or diet plan speak to your doctor and look for program that is safe and effective. Find a program that is written by a qualified professional who actually knows what they are talking about. To make it easy we have reviewed some of the world’s most popular and effective fat loss programs here.

Good luck on your journey to lose belly fat. Remember to pick up your free gifts and sign up for our free newsletter here. This newsletter will give you the best hints, tips and motivation to ensure you succeed on your weight loss venture.

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