Top 10 Epic Ways to Lose Fat Fast Naturally


So you want to learn how to lose fat fast naturally..

Well you have come to the right place.

Today I’m going to introduce you to 10 simple natural fat loss methods that you can apply in your life today. These fat loss methods will help you lose fat fast and keep it off for life.

Many of our valued readers frequently ask questions such as “How do I lose fat fast naturally?”, “What is the fastest way to lose fast?” and “What do I need to do to finally lose that stubborn body fat?”.

If you have similar concerns then hopefully I can help answer your questions for you today!

Ok let’s get into the top 10 ways to lose fat fast naturally


How to lose fat fast naturally tip #1:  Get Motivated

You must first establish the correct mindset for weight loss success. Where the mind goes the body will follow. You must learn how to set achievable and realistic goals. You must learn how to develop a compelling vision. If you do not stay focused during your weight loss journey you will not succeed. Building strong motivation requires a little effort and focus, but I promise you it will be worth it.

To learn how to gain the correct mindset for weight loss success I suggest reading our epic weight loss motivation 101 article. Another very effective option is to purchase a prepackaged weight loss motivation program. We recommend checking out our Weight Loss Motivation Bible Review as many of our readers are finding that extremely helpful on their weight loss journey.



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How to lose fat fast naturally tip #2:  Reduce Your Intake of Simple Carbohydrates

Sugar and other simple carbohydrates such as flour, corn and other starchy vegetables can make it very difficult to lose stubborn body fat. These foods frequently lead to fat gain as they can  cause blood sugar to spike. This spike in blood sugar stimulates the pancreas to release insulin which will push those sugars into the fat cells of your body. Simply cutting carbs can help you stop storing fat, allowing you to spend more time in fat burning mode. We have reviewed some of the world’s best low carb science based diet programs. You can learn more about these here.

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How to lose fat fast naturally tip #3: Increase your water intake

waterWater is the elixir of life. Our bodies are primarily made up of water.  Many of our bodily functions rely on water to help optimize our general wellbeing.

Do you turn to water when you are thirsty?

Most people tend to turn to sweet sodas, fruit juices, sugary coffee drinks and alcohol. Sure they taste great but if you want weight loss results you must make sacrifices. Get more water in your life. Water can help flush toxins and fat from your body. Replacing those sugary drinks with water will lead to a significant drop in calories.

Take this for example:

1 600ml bottle of fruit juice=300 calories VS 1 600ml bottle of water=0 calories.

Small water substitutions can lead to significant weight gain over time.


How to lose fat fast naturally tip #4: Increase Your Fibre Intake

Adding fiber to your life can really help reduce your food cravings. Fibre is found in many vegetables and whole grains. If you want to lose fat you must get more fibre in your diet. Fibre is a natural appetite suppressant. Perhaps you can make some simple changes to get more fibre in your diet. For example switch from white bread to whole grain bread. Stop eating sugary cereals and instead consume a high fiber cereal such as oats. It is very difficult to overeat these foods due to the fibre content. Think about how easy it is to eat a large bowl of coco pops. Then think about eating the same amount of oats. It would be very difficult indeed, which is a good thing.  You can also get more fibre from peas, beans and legumes. You could add these to soups, salads or as a meat replacement in your main meal.

Choose to eat brown wholemeal pasta and brown rice instead of the white varieties. If you do have a treat try to choose a higher fiber option. Tasty snacks that are high in fibre include things like popcorn. This is a much better option than sweet treats. Although always keep in mind that calories are king so don’t overeat. There are also other convenient natural appetite suppressants out there that may help curb hunger other than fibre. One of the most popular is leading Fat Binder Pill Proactol XS


How to lose fat fast naturally tip #5: Increase Vegetable and Fruit Intake


Veggies for Weight Loss


Try to eat at least 5 serves of vegetables and 3 serves of fruit per day. When choosing fruits choose ones that are high in fibre. Fruits that are high in fiber include favourites like apples, bananas and strawberries. As I mentioned before, fibre found in these fruits and veggies are a natural appetite suppressant.

Fruits and veggies also contain an abundance of vitamins and minerals that can help to optimize your daily metabolism, reduce your chronic disease risk and improve general well being. Fill your plate with veggies and it is very unlikely that you will overeat. If you do not like the thought of eating veggies why not take them in the form of a tasty juice.

Believe it or not veggies that can taste quite bland on the plate can be mixed into a smoothie with a couple of pieces of fruit and taste absolutely delicious. If you are after some more information on this topic we recommend checking out our article on juicing for fat loss.



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How to lose fat fast naturally tip #6: Increase Your Metabolism

There are a few ways you can naturally increase your metabolism. Metabolism is simply the chemical processes that go on within the body to maintain life every second of the day. To boost metabolism eat smaller more frequent meals. Perhaps eat Eat 5-6 smaller meals every few hours . Eating requires energy to breakdown the foods consumed therefore stimulating metabolism. By eating the correct foods in the correct combination you can become a 24/7 fat burning machine.

If you are after an easy to follow diet program that has calculated what you need to eat and when you need to eat it I suggest checking out our reviews of some of the world’s best diet programs here. I’m sure there will be one that is just right for you.


How to lose fat fast naturally tip #7: Cut Back on Processed Foods.

Foods such as chips, ice cream, lollies and soda are empty calories that provide no real nutritional value. When I say empty calories I mean they contain little fibre, vitamins and minerals.  Worst yet most of them are calorie dense, spike your blood sugar levels and are packed with nasty fats. If you choose to continue to eat an abundance of these foods you are essentially choosing to stay overweight.  Sure you can have a treat now and then. That is very important to ensure you don’t burn out. But strive to get your eating habits right at least 90% of the time. Make sure you sign up for our free gifts and email newsletter. We will send you helpful tips to make sure you never fall off the weight loss wagon again.

How to lose fat fast naturally tip #8: Don’t Eat too Much at Night and Get Some Quality Sleep

sleep for fat loss-minAt night the body is preparing for sleep and hormones are optimized for hibernation. Any foods you choose to eat are more likely to be stored as fat as you will be completely sedentary for at least 8 hrs. Well you should be asleep for at least 8hrs. Not getting enough sleep can also lead to weight gain. Lack of sleep can stimulate an increase in cortisol which is a potent fat storing hormone. So get some shuteye and not on a full stomach.

How to lose fat fast naturally tip #9: Exercise Regularly

exercise_to_lose_fatTry to exercise most days of the week. The department of health’s guidelines recommend  that 2 ½ to 5 hours of moderate intensity physical activity or 1 ¼ to 2 ½ hours of vigorous intensity physical activity should be undertaken per week.  Exercise can help boost your metabolism and burn fat regardless of whether it is of the cardiovascular or resistance training. Exercise also has many health benefits well beyond the realms of fat loss.

  • Cardiovascular exercise (eg running, cycling) promotes heart health, metabolic health, mental health, fat loss plus much more.
  • Resistance Training (eg weight training) promotes musculoskeletal health, metabolic health, fat loss and much more.

Be careful and start slow with exercise. Small steps add up. Always see your doctor before starting an exercise program. If you are purchasing a packaged exercise program make sure you choose one that is backed by science, credible and safe for you. For example if you are over 35 you may require more specifically prescribed exercise that look after your joints and other age related concerns. In this case I would recommend a program like Old School New Body which does a fantastic job at challenging the older population in a safe manner. We have also reviewed other leading exercise and fat loss programs such as The Venus Factor (women only) and The Adonis Golden Ratio (men only)



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How to lose fat fast naturally tip #10 : Utilise the Potency of Supplements

There are many supplements out there that are a complete waste of time, are unsafe and are also a complete waste of money. Always be sure to do your research when choosing a fat burning supplement. Find out if the company selling the product is credible. Find out if the product is backed by strong scientific evidence in terms of effectiveness and safety.

Supplements can be an excellent way to speed up the fat loss process. They can also provide an alternative fat loss option to those who can’t exercise due to illness or injury. We recently reviewed a couple of the worlds leading fat loss supplements. One is a fat burner and one a fat binder.

Phen q is a very popular fat burner meaning it increases metabolism essentially. This pill essentially transforms you into a potent fat burner. You can read our comprehensive review of Phen Q here.




Your other option is a fat binder like Proactol XS. Proactol XS essentially binds the fat you eat making it indigestible and therefore unable to be stored in those stubborn trouble areas like your belly and hips. Read our epic review on Proactol XS fat binder here. This product really is a step ahead of other fat binders. To be more precise during our review we discovered that it’s actually 33% more effective.




There are also a range of  herbs out there which can promote fat burning. We will cover this in more detail in a future post.


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Thanks for taking the time to learn some simple ways to lose fat fast naturally. Hopefully you found these tips helpful. If you have had success with any of these methods please comment below. We would love to hear your stories on how you naturally lost your body fat. I am sure our valued readers would also find your story very inspirational.


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