Top 11 Simple Fat Loss Tips to Easily Apply Today!


Nobody wants to be fat yet as a population obesity rates continues to rise. Body fat is often viewed as stubborn, ugly and unwanted.Worst yet, excess body fat (particularly belly fat) is extremely dangerous to one’s health. Many of our valued readers feel a sense of hopelessness when it comes to losing their excess body fat. These readers frequently ask us for tips on the best ways to lose their excess body fat once and for all. Many of them have either tried to lose fat in the past, are currently trying to lose it or have lost is it before but have gained the fat back.


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If you are one of these people who would like to finally lose your excess body fat once and for all then hopefully you will find the information that I am going to share with you today super helpful. Remember fat loss doesn’t have to be difficult. With a few simple lifestyle changes you can achieve significant fat loss quite fast.

Today I am going to share our top 11 simple fat loss tips that can easily be applied to your daily life today. These fat loss tips will not only help you shed the fat fast but also help you keep it off for good.

Many of our readers contact us asking why they are not losing  fat even though they exercise for an hour a day, 5 days per week. Exercise is not the answer to shifting your dangerous belly fat. Yes exercise makes you feel great and provides some amazing health benefits but the truth is it is not very effective for achieving significant fat loss results. Exercise accounts for only 10% of the fat loss equation. The significant proportion of a successful fat loss campaign (the other 90%) must come from changing what you eat and when you eat it.


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We are definitely not telling you to stop exercising. No way. Exercise is super fun and makes you feel great plus research has shown that it can help you stick to dietary changes. However, please do not underestimate the effect that food intake has on your physique.

You see exercise is relatively easy, you go to the gym and workout for an hour and you’re done. Dieting on the other hand is a 24/7 job that takes dedication and focus. This is where most people struggle in their fat loss ventures.

Have you ever started a fat loss journey and the first few days felt super confident that you were going to succeed? Did you eat well every meal of the day? Did you jump on the scales with a sense of confidence that you were going to surely slay the fat loss dragon once and for all? Then what happened? Perhaps you did not see the weight drop as fast as you would have liked. Perhaps life got in the way and you lost your focus.

There are many reasons why people fail to lose fat on their weight loss journey. Hopefully the following 11 simple fat loss tips will help you learn how to stick to a diet plan once and for all so you can finally remove that dangerous body fat and start to look and feel better.


Fat Loss Tip #11

Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail- Get Started on an Effective Diet Plan




Proper diet planning will help ensure your fat loss success. You must have an action plan in place. Don’t start the day naively believing that you will “eat well” today. It simply won’t happen. You probably already know this from personal experience. Life gets busy and stressful and those priorites of healthy eating can be easily drowned out by the noise of life. So find a plan and stick to it. You can create you own from the abundance of free information on the internet. Or you could pay to see a dietician to help you establish a safe and effective plan. Alternatively you could purchase a pre-packaged diet plan that shows you what to eat and when to eat it step by step. We have located, reviewed and rated the world leading fat loss programs on our site here at You can check out our current leading fat loss programs and comprehensive reviews here.


Fat Loss Tip #10:

Remove Temptations from Around the Home and Office




If you remove tempting treats from around your home and office you simply wont be able to eat them. This means that you must make a conscious choice not to purchase these sorts of foods while you are out at the shops. Stock your fridge and cupboards with healthy wholesome foods. Avoid bringing home sweet and salty treats that will have you coming back for seconds,thirds and more.


Fat Loss Tip #9:

Prepare for Fat Loss Success


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Take the time to prepare yourself both physically and mentally for the week ahead. That means preparing all of the meals for the week and putting some time aside to focus on the task at hand. Perhaps you could incorporate a day of cooking into your week. Perhaps on a Sunday you cook up all of you meals and then freeze them so they are ready to go mid week. Having your meals prepared means that you will be less likely to react on instinct and consume unhealthy snacks. In order to lose fat you must be proactive not reactive. We have reviewed some of the world’s leading fat loss recipes on our site. Many of our valued readers find these recipes super helpful in providing a simple and foolproof way of ensuring that you continue to eat well. Check out our top rated fat loss recipes here.


Fat Loss Tip #8:

Drink More Water



Drink plenty of water. Water helps keep you feeling fuller for longer. Many times when we feel hungry our body may actually be dehydrated and in need of water. Water also helps to flush out toxins and fat from the body.  You can also replace sugary drinks with soda water and lemon or take you water in the form of green teas etc.

Fat Loss Tip #7:

Reduce the Amount of Times You Eat Out




When you eat out you are presented with an abundance of high calorie meals that will surely undo your fat loss results if you were to eat them. Sure there are healthy options available. The problem is that sometimes these so called healthy foods can be prepared in a manner that makes them a poor choice for those looking to lose weight. For example the food may be cooked in butter or drenched in olive oil. It is very hard to determine the caloric content of the foods you consume unless you are preparing them yourself. If you are going out, take the time to think about where you are going to eat and what you are going to eat. Go online to the restaurant’s website and carefully choose a meal while you are in a relaxed state and less likely to make choices based on hunger and stimulated senses of smell and site.

Fat Loss Tip #6:

Harness the Power of Natural Fat Loss Pills

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The new era of fat loss supplements offer those looking to lose fat an extra edge when it comes to removing that stubborn body fat fast. There are many fat loss products on the market. Be aware that many are very inefficient, have bogus claims and are even downright dangerous. There are however some fantastic products on the market that are produced by trusted manufacturers and have their efficacy and safety backed up by well documented science. There are 3 types of fat loss pills that can play an important role in helping people achieve their weight loss results.

Firstly, fat burners which stimulate metabolism and essentially turn you into a 24/7 fat burning machine. Secondly fat binders which remove the fat from the foods you eat making them indigestible meaning you consume less calories. And finally appetite suppresses which can be super helpful for those who have trouble controlling what they eat due to an overwhelming sense of hunger. We have researched the fat loss pill market and are proud to present what we consider the very best fat loss pills on the market. If you would like to read our comprehensive reviews on these products plus find out some great tips on how to get some massive discounts be sure to check out our fat loss pill reviews today.


Fat Loss Tip #5:

Stop Weighing Yourself Everyday


Weighing yourself everyday can sometimes ruin your motivation to keep going. The weight on the scales is going to fluctuate wildly. There are many factors that influence body weight beyond body fat. Fluid levels fluctuate due to hydration levels and hormonal effects particularly in menstruating women. Instead of weighing yourself focus on how you feel. Do you pants feel looser? Do you feel lighter? Try to limit your weigh in to just once per week. Remember to always undertake the reading at the same time of day for consistency.


Fat Loss Tip #4:

Stop Thinking of Dieting. Make a Lifestyle Change


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It is common for people to feel restricted when embarking on a “diet”. When we feel restricted we are much more likely to crave the foods we can’t have and make poor food choices. You must change your mindset into truly wanting to make a long term healthy lifestyle change. Focus on the reasons of why you want to make this healthy change. These lifestyle reasons are often more compelling than reasons of simply losing weight. If you need more help establishing the correct mindset for weight loss I suggest checking out our epic Weight Loss Motivation 101 guide. Trust me, although sticking to a plan can seem overwhelming at first, with the correct plan and mindset healthy habits are formed and the process gets a whole lot easier.



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Fat Loss Tip #3:

Stop Focusing on Calories



It is very common for those seeking to lose stubborn body fat to become overwhelmed by the process of counting calories. To simplify the process of eating well simply focus on eating more healthy foods such as lean meats, fruits, nuts and vegetables. These sorts of foods are packed with high quality proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. These healthy foods also contain fibre which helps keep you feeling fuller for longer. When you eat these healthy foods it is very difficult to overeat. Try to eat an entire bowl of broccoli and tell me that you’re still hungry. Focus on quality not quantity. Our top rated fat loss programs always incorporate a healthy wholesome eating plan at the core of their program. Check out our top rated programs here.


Fat Loss Tip #2:

Enjoy a Cheat Meal Once in a While




Take the time out to enjoy a treat meal once in awhile. Once per week is probably optimal. Don’t go crazy and stuff yourself until you feel sick or you may just undo an entire week’s worth of healthy eating in one sitting. Use this meal as a reward of sorts. Take your time and enjoy it knowing that you are jumping straight back into your healthy plan straight after the meal is completed.


Fat Loss Tip #1:

Don’t Quit When You Fail. You Will Fail. It is Inevitable


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You must be honest with yourself. It is very likely that you are going to fail on your fat loss journey at some stage. Life gets busy and priorities change. The stress of life will get in the way and you may make unhealthy choices. When this happens you must be prepared to dust yourself off and get back on the program asap. Many of our top rated programs focus on helping you develop the resilience required to bounce back from failure or avoid it all together. Remember all successful people have failed as something. It maytake you are few times before you master the art of fat loss. Check out our current list of leading fat loss programs here. Read our comprehensive reviews to help you determine which plan is right for you. Keep focused and you will succeed.

I hope you have found these 11 fat loss tips helpful. Start applying them to you life today and you will lose that stubborn body fat once and for all.

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