Weight Loss Motivation 101: Tips to Stay on Track


Weight Loss Motivation Tips and Tricks!

Congratulations on beginning your journey to gain a greater understanding of the vital role weight loss motivation can play in helping you achieve the body of your dreams. Well done! You have taken the first step towards achieving success on your next weight loss venture.

The fact that you are searching the net for weight loss motivation tips suggests that you want to lose weight, but may be lacking a compelling reason to drive you towards sustainable weight loss success. Hopefully this article will help you establish a weight loss motivation strategy that will ensure you finally lose those stubborn pounds once and for all.

The Weight Loss Motivation Mindsetmotivation for weight loss

The mindset of an individual embarking on a journey to lose weight must be primed for weight loss success. In order to achieve significant fat loss results one must first overcome old unhealthy habits.

Overcoming old habits requires the individual to establish new ways of thinking. By disregarding old habits while reinforcing new healthy habits on a regular basis, an individual can create momentum that will eventually lead to fat loss success.

Please do not underestimate the importance of achieving the correct mindset before and during your next fat loss journey. You may have heard the saying “where the mind goes, the body will follow”. This is so very true in the weight loss realm. Every individual has unique personal factors that drive their motivation to lose weight. If you want weight loss results bad enough and can learn how to harness that desire consistently,  you will succeed. Simple. Weight loss doesn’t have to be difficult.

With the correct mindset, motivation and diet plan the entire weight loss journey can be enjoyable and stress free.We hope you enjoy our weight loss motivation tips that you will read in the following article.

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Our weight loss motivation 101 article will outline:

• Simple weight loss motivation tips to help you finally achieve weight loss success once and for all.
• The 4 Golden Rules of weight loss motivation (apply these to your daily life and you can’t fail)

Weight Loss Motivation Tip#1: Create a Vision of the “New You”

weight loss vision-minIn order to succeed on your next weight loss journey you must first create a vivid vision in your mind of exactly who you want to be and where you want to go.

First of all you must truly understand what is motivating you to lose weight in the first place. Perhaps it is the motivation to lead a healthier life for your family. Maybe it is so you can find success on the dating scene. Whatever your reason, once you find out what your motivation for weight loss is you must really zone in and truly feel what it will be like living this “new life”.

You must spend 5-10 minutes each day visualizing a day in the life of this “new you”. This visualization must be compelling with vivid detail. This must be done daily. If you continue to “brainwash” yourself into believing that this better version of you exists, eventually you will subconsciously put practices in place to make this a reality.

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Weight Loss Motivation Tip#2: Use Positive Affirmations to Achieve Fat Loss Success

During the 5-10 minutes you spend visualizing who you want to be, you can also incorporate positive affirmations to help further establish a positive view of who you will become. Say things to yourself such as “ I will be healthy and weigh…….kg/pounds”or “ I will look and feel great”.

Initially you may feel as though you are lying to yourself and feel a sense of subconscious resistance against the words that you are saying. Hang in there. Over time your subconscious will help strengthen your resolve and you will begin to become the person you want to be.

Weight loss Motivation Tip#3: Build Positive Healthy Habits

fat loss motivationScientific experiments have revealed that it takes approximately 21 days to form healthy habits while getting rid of old poor habits. While on your journey to lose weight you must remember that it won’t get any harder than this initial period. Fight through these first 21 days and it’s going to get a lot easier from there on out. Practice your positive affirmations and visualizations to gain internal strength during this time.

Fight out the first 21 days and then you will be sailing from then on. There are some great programs out there that factor this into their diet protocol. Perhaps one of the most popular and efficient is the 3 Week Diet. This diet helps you establish the correct mindset to lose a significant amount of weight in only 3 weeks. This program comes complete with a bonus mindset and motivational manual to help you further strengthen your resolve and weight loss motivation levels.

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The author of the 3 Week Diet claims you will lose between 12-23 pounds in 3 weeks. Best yet, it come with a 100% 60 day money back guarantee, so if you don’t lose weight you don’t pay. We recently comprehensively reviewed the 3 Week Diet after many requests by our valued readers. You can read our full review here. In this review we also reveal a simple trick to help you get a massive discount off of this already affordable diet.

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Weight Loss Motivation Tip# 4: Take it One Day at a Time

one step at a time-minDon’t get ahead of yourself when first embarking on a weight loss journey. If you do it is very easy to become overwhelmed. Build on small but significant results one day at a time. Get through one day, step by step, meal by meal. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to be 100% perfect.

Find a diet program that will still allows you to enjoy your favorite foods (we recommend the Venus Factor Diet for women:Read Review). Just remember every day that you spend focused on your new healthier lifestyle the easier it will get to pursue.

We recently made some t shirts to help our valued readers stay on track. Just wear this around the house and every time you catch yourself in the mirror you will get a quick reminder of what you want to achieve and why.

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You Will Succeed! Believe in Yourself!

Use our resources to help you lose fat fast (sign up for our free email newsletter and free gift, check out some of the world best fat loss programs). Find a science based foolproof program and follow it step by step, day by day you will get stronger. You will achieve small victories that will motivate you further. Check out our blog for some great free weight loss information. If you just want a world class diet program to follow step by step I suggest checking out our diet programs review page.

With our help you will never fall off the weight loss wagon again.

In the next part of our weight loss motivation 101 post we will begin to delve into the 4 Golden Rules of Weight Loss Motivation. Please read on. You will find these tips extremely helpful!


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The 4 Golden rules of Weight Loss Motivation: #1 Patience

Although it is very achievable to lose weight very fast in a healthy way (as demonstrated by the revolutionary 3 Week Diet), you must be aware that this commitment is for life if you want healthy sustainable results. This will be challenging, but with the correct mindset can be quite easy. Yes, you will have ups and downs. Sure you could achieve rapid fat loss success as many do when following diets such as the 3 Week Diet or Fat Diminisher system. These programs promise weight loss results in the vicinity of 12-23 pounds in only a few weeks.
So lets say you start one of these programs and achieve significant weight loss results. This is great. For some people they have achieved their goal of losing the stubborn pounds to prepare for a beach vacation or wedding. However, most people who embark on a weight loss journey plan on keeping the weight off for life to avoid the extreme dangers of harbouring excess body fat. I am sure you are already aware of the dangers of excess abdominal fat. If not you can read more about the dangers of excess fat here (scroll down on page).

To keep the weight off you must develop patience and learn to appreciate that significant weight loss will take time. Although popular diets such as the 3 Week Diet or Venus Factor address the mindset of those seeking weight loss we find that the support drops off once you finish the program. Sure you have learnt how to lose weight fast and keep it off for life but sometimes you just need that extra reminder to help you stay on track.

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The 4 Golden rules of Weight Loss Motivation: #2 Purpose

Now this one is really important. So what’s so important about this second golden rule? Well this one is vital if you want long term fat loss success. To succeed you MUST have a purpose. You must create a clear vision of who you want to be and why you want to be that way. Sure you may just be in it with the goal of losing weight fast. Perhaps you just want to lose weight really fast for a date or maybe you are getting married in a few weeks and just want to shed those last few pounds. In this short time period you can easily succeed. You have a strong purpose and the vision of who you want to be is vivid. You know exactly what you want. All you have to do is get started on a proven fat loss program (read our comprehensive reviews of the world’s leading fat loss programs here).

For short term fat loss success all you need to do is jump on a great fat loss program like The 3 Week Diet and follow it step by step and after a few weeks you would have dropped tons of body fat. Sure even short term weight loss is challenging. The first 21 days are sometimes the hardest but at least if you have a strong enough reason of why you want to lose weight (vacation, wedding, date etc). The vision of wanting to prepare for this moment will pull you through rather than you having to push yourself. Obviously it is much more difficult to maintain a strong vision and consistent purpose over the long term.

Here at easyfastfatloss.com we believe that most people fail on their weight loss journey as they have a lack of motivation to achieve their goals. Remember a lack of motivation is a lack of compelling goals and a lack of motivation to achieve those goals. This is why visualisation, goal setting and positive affirmations are as important as diet and exercise in achieving weight loss success. Well really it is the most importan. Remember “where the mind goes the body will follow”. Let’s move onto 3rd Golden rule of weight loss. If you have ever given up on a previous diet and find it hard to stay on tack then the next part in this series will be very helpful for you.



The 4 Golden rules of Weight Loss Motivation: #3 Persistence

Like most people. You may have tried to lose weight in the past with no success. You may not have not seen progress on a diet exercise or exercise plan and given up right there on the spot. Of course this may not have entirely been your fault. It is possible that the diet you were on may not have been based on sound scientific principle that actually work. If you want to check out some of the world best fat loss programs that have proven to achieve weight loss success we suggest checking out our program reviews. These reviews also have links to some really inspiring real world weight loss success stories so be sure to check them out.

So lets say that you have started on a very well designed diet program that has proven to help many people around the world lose weight. For example perhaps you are a woman and you have heard about the amazing results people are achieving on the world renowned (female only) Venus Factor Diet. So lets say you get started on this program and are doing great. You’ve lost over 10 pounds in 3 weeks. You feel great. You feel like nothing can stop you. And then boom! You have the day from hell. Work is piling up and the kids are nagging. You become exhausted and your willpower is weakened so you begin to binge eat. The next day you feel so depressed over what you have done that you give up on the diet program all together.

If you quit at this stage you may actually reinforce a pre existing opinion that “diets just don’t work”. Now it’s probably unfair of me to use the Venus Factor Diet as an example of a diet that that you failed on. This is probably one of the best diets on the market to help women create and maintain a strong mindset to help see them through when the times get tough.

Remember that regardless how good the diet is you will encounter obstacles. These could be in the form of relationships, foods, or the emergence of old unhealthy habits. Weight loss success is all about creating and maintaining a positive and focused mindset. You must learn how to listen to your subconscious. Remember the positive affirmations that we discussed in part one of this article. Come up with a list of these positive affirmations and repeat them over and over again. You can create change in yourmindset that will help you overcome obstacles.

It’s not going to be completely easy at the start but I promise you that it will get easier. If you do have a bad day have a search through our helpful resources for some inspiration. Or personally let us know how you feel by sending us an email at admin@easyfastfatloss.com. We are happy to respond to each one of our thousands of valued readers one by one as your success is our goal.

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Also remember to sign in to our email newsletter for heaps of inspirational weight loss hints and tips to keep you on track. Remember if you sign up today (100% free) you will get a free copy of world renowned nutrition expert mike geary’s e-book (regular value $17.99).

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The moral of the story… You must persist to succeed. If you have a bad day, fight through it and get back on the horse. Time for the 4th and final golden rule of weight loss motivation. Your going to love thisone!


The 4 Golden rules of weight loss motivation #4: Get a plan. See Progress!

The final golden rule of fat loss revolves around the importance of seeing progress. In order to see progress you need an effective diet/exercise plan. To be honest 90% of weight loss comes from dietary changes. So if you can’t exercise don’t think for one second that you can’t lose weight. Of course exercise has many health benefits that extend well beyond the realms of weight loss (such as metabolic and musculosketal health).
lose weight fastTo set yourself up for fat loss success you must have a plan plus a purposeful clear goal of exactly what you want to achieve. You focus on this goal every day. You will quicly become stronger willed and are willing to push through the tough times. Now all you need is an easy to follow step by step plan. The less planning you have to do when setting up the diet the less likely you are to becoming overwhelmed.

Luckily for you we have searched the globe and have come up with a list of the world’s best weight loss programs. We have also reviewed these products to help our valued readers make the decision of which one is right for them. These diets all have a phenomenal track record are science based and relatively inexpensive. Best yet we only feature and review programs that come with a 100% 60 day money back guarantee so our readers can be completely comfortable with their purchase.

We searched for the worlds best weight loss diets and are proud to present our comprehensive reviews here. We are big fans of the 3 Week Diet which rated highly in all categories. Read our full review of this rapid weight loss diet here. Yes rapid weight loss can be healthy. You will be happy to know that the 3 week diet program comes with the google Dr Trusted seal of approval.

For the ladies we recommend the Venus Factor Diet. This revolutionary diet takes female specific fat burning hormones into account. For any women who has had trouble shifting stubborn body fat even though they were doing the right things I suggest reading our Venus Factor Diet review to find out how it can help you.

For our valued readers who are over 35, I suggest the Old School New Body program. This system incorporates anti-ageing and weight loss diet and exercise routines to ensure you get weight loss results. This program is full of evidence based research and is written by a couple of health and fitness legends. Read our full review of the old school new body system here. This program is simple to follow and doesn’t take much time to complete. Best yet it is extremely affordable. There are more programs to check out here. Some involve exercise and some don’t. Have a read and see which one is right for you.

So get on a plan get started, get inspired, get results, and most of all keep going.

With our help you will have weight loss success! Hang in there.

You can do this!

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