Why Can’t I Lose Weight? Hint: It’s All In Your Head!


Our readers often ask us “why can’t I lose weight”. This statement often comes from a place of frustration and hopelessness after many failed attempts at weight loss diets and exercise programs. At this stage it is very easy for people to give up and say “I cant lose weight, it’s just the way I am”. When you are already knocked down from the sense of failure to achieve your weight loss goals it becomes very easy to  convince yourself that you will never get rid of that stubborn ugly body fat.

If you frequently ask yourself “why can’t I lose weight” and have no answer, then I’m sorry to say that you are not looking deep enough inside of yourself. The reason you have failed with weight loss attempts in the past is not because you didn’t try. I understand that you like most others probably tried very hard. But somehow every time you start a new exercise or weight loss diet you seem to quickly end up where you started.


Stop the Cycle of Weight Loss Failure

This constant cycle of failure is not fun at all. It becomes very demoralizing and makes you feel like you will always fail in the future. When you are in this negative cycle your state of mind is programmed to fail making it even more likely that you will give up next time.


Stop the downward spiral today. Get your mind right!


Failure can build momentum which keeps dragging you further and further down into binge eating cycles and further weight gain. But don’t worry. This cycle can be broken. There is a way to build positive momentum that will continue to steamroll ahead, leading to the weight loss you desire.

No longer will you say “Why can’t I lose weight” and instead you will be consciously participating in weight loss success. You can then say “I am currently losing weight and will continue to do so”. Positive thoughts breed success!

So how do you break the negative cycle of diet failures and subsequent weight gain. Well, instead of allowing your subconscious mind to control your actions and behaviours which are taking you down an unhealthy path you need to start recalibrating your thoughts.


Get Your Mind Right!

Obviously you are going to have to change things. You must first acknowledge that you cannot think that things will be different next time you start a diet without putting in the time to get your mind right.

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I love the fact that you want to get started on your new healthy life. This attitude is great and there is no doubt that you don’t truly desire weight loss results. However, you need something more my friend. you need to develop staying power.

To program your mind to develop a determined subconscious mindset you are going to have to put in some work. Now i’m not talking about exercise or dieting I’m referring to sitting down to do some soul searching, goal setting and visualisation. The entire topic of establishing a mindset can get quite overwhelming so I won’t swamp you in the psychological principles here.


A Simple Motivational Support Tool

To make this process easy for you I have tracked down an all encompassing weight loss motivation program that I m happy to recommend to our valued readers. This very affordable program comes complete with everything you need to  start reprogramming your subconscious mind so that you remain extremely motivated to lose that stubborn body fat.



The program is called the Weight Loss Motivation Bible. The authors name is Carolyn Hansen, a former bodybuilding champion who has worked in the health and fitness industry for more than 30 years. She really knows her stuff! A while back we reviewed the Weight Loss Motivation Bible. Check out our comprehensive review here. You will learn exactly what is included in the Weight Loss Motivation Bible package. This leading program comes complete with extremely helpful resources plus some really nice bonus gifts.  You will be happy to know that Weight Loss Motivation Bible  also comes complete with an exceptionally generous guarantee at a very affordable price. Learn more about the Weight Loss Motivation Bible here.

Weight Loss Motivation e-book downloadWe are yet to come across another weight loss motivation resource on the market that offers so much value at such an amazing price. The author Ms Hansen is one of the world’s leading authorities on the topic of getting motivated to lose weight and more importantly staying motivated. She believes that the main reason why people don’t achieve their weight loss goals is because they don’t know or acknowledge that their mind is working against them.

Your conscious mind might be focused on losing weight but your subconscious thoughts control behaviour which are more than often sabotaging your efforts to shift that dangerous body fat. Ms Hansen believes that these poisonous thoughts go on  WITHOUT being obvious to the individual. This is why it is best to utilise proffesional instruction to retrain that part of your brain for weight loss success.

You see we humans have somewhat of a duel personality. Have you ever said that you are not eating a certain type of food any more and then before you know it you have it in you hand and are eating it without a second thought. Most people don’t realisze they have these secondary thoughts. If you frequently ask yourself “Why can’t I lose weight?” it is likely that you have this other “weight loss personality” inside your mind that does not respect your desire to lose weight and get healthier.

Carolyn Hansen author of The Weight Loss Motivation Bible says that you must flush those negative thoughts out and replace them with positive thoughts. These new found positive thoughts will support and encourage you through the tough times. Instead of that uncontrolled eating behaviour you will say “NO, I can’t and I won’t” to those unhealthy behaviours.


Reprogram Your Mindset

Reprogram your mindset and you will achieve the body of your dreams. If you want a comprehensive package to allow you to establish the correct mindset for weight loss success then I suggest checking out The Weight Loss Motivation Bible. You can read our epic review on the program here. We completely breakdown the program in our review plus highlight the pros and cons.

I hope you have found this article helpful and that one day in the near future you will no longer have to say “Why can’t I lose weight” and instead say “I have lost weight and I plan on keeping it off”. Good luck on your weight loss journey!  Get your mind right and everything else will fall in place.

Please be aware that The Weight Loss Motivation Bible is not a diet/exercise program. It is however is an excellent supplement to a proven science based weight loss program.

We have located and rated the world’s leading fat loss programs here. Any of these leading programs would complement the Weight Loss Motivation Bible.





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