Yoga for Belly Fat Review: Burn Fat & Improve Mental Health!

Important Update: Yoga for Belly Fat is no longer available for purchase. We suggest checking out Shapeshifter Yoga ($19) by Chris Fondran as a new superior alternative.

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Welcome to our Yoga for Belly Fat review. We are super excited to bring you this review today as this program offers extraordinary value for those of you who want to lose dangerous belly fat while improving general health and wellbeing. This is one of the most comprehensive health and weight loss programs we have encountered for some time. It truly offers so much more than your generic yoga or weight loss program.

Enjoy our Yoga for Belly Fat review as we comprehensively breakdown the components of this revolutionary program plus highlight the pros and cons.


What Exactly is the Yoga for Belly Fat System?


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“Yoga for Belly Fat is a 14-Week Program (broken up into 4 Distinct Phases) which offers its participant the chance to achieve a total body transformation”


To be more specific Yoga for Belly Fat aims to:

• Help you remove deadly belly fat
• Help you feel lighter and more energetic


If you are one of our regular readers you are probably already aware of the dangers of harbouring excess belly fat. Excess belly fat can lead to a range of nasty chronic diseases such as heart disease, stroke and certain forms of cancer. Have you ever visited the doctor and have had them measure your waistline. The reason they are doing this is to test your risk factors for acquiring a nasty chronic disease based on your girth measurement. If you harbour dangerous body fat then there is no better time than now to start removing it. Whether you do it for yourself or your loved ones it must be removed if you want to live a long healthy life.

In today’s Yoga for Belly Fat review you will be introduced to a revolutionary new health and wellbeing program designed to help you remove that stubborn belly fat once and for all. The Yoga for Belly Fat program offers a simple yet professional option to get healthy at home. Although it offers tremendous value it is still very affordable. While undertaking our Yoga for Belly Fat review we were very pleased to see that the benefits of this program spread well beyond the realms of weight loss.

How does increased energy, and vitality sound?

OK, let’s get into the Yoga for Belly Fat review shall we..


Who Created The Yoga for Belly Fat System?


The creator of the Yoga for Belly Fat system is Matt Gagnon. Mr Gagnon has quite an inspiring story. At one stage Mr Gagnon weighed a masive 275 lbs. It was at this stage that he knew he had to sort out his life out and so began his endeavour to better health.

He has since devoted his time to relentless studies and teaching on health and weight loss. After his years of dedication to his craft he was able to devise an effective fat loss system that didn’t require bulky gym equipment. Instead he utilised the fat burning power of specific fat burning exercises as an extension of his yoga teachings.

He has helped many students lose their dangerous belly fat and continues to be a leading health advocate to this day. You can read some of his students testimonials here.

“Undo Years Of Bad Habits In Just 14 Weeks!”


What is Included in the Yoga for Belly Fat System?

While undertaking our comprehensive Yoga for Belly Fat review we were overwhelmed by the value that this program offers for such a low price (only $47). There is a lot to get through in this Yoga for Belly Fat Review so let’s get straight to the specifics.


The Yoga for Belly Fat System ($47) includes:

14 High-Definition Videos Spanning 4 Distinct Phases Of Fat Loss

The four distinct phases include:

Phase 1: Foundations



Phase one lasts for the first 3 weeks of the comple Yoga for Fat Loss system. This is where you start to learn how to recover your youthful body. Recover the body of your youth when you felt energetic, flexible and agile. It is in this section that you will be first introduced to the authors essential movement for optimal fat loss. Phase 1 consists of a range of gentle and specific yoga poses that develop the foundation from which further fat loss can be built. If you follow these great tips and tricks you will begin to develop a stronger and leaner midsection. The creators of the program actually state that you can

“Drop up to an entire pant size in this first phase”


Phase 2: Heating Up


The second three weeks of the Yoga for Belly Fat system is where you really start burning the fat. The yoga moves in this component are designed to send your metabolism skyrocketing. By this stage of the program you should be feeling more energetic and youthful. You may be sleeping better and looking better. Most importantly if you follow the program step by step up until this stage you will start reaping the many general health benefits on offer (improved flexibility, alertness, fat loss etc). However this is still not the true fat burning phase. No that comes next. This heating up phase is still establishing a strong and powerful base from which the really impressive weight loss gains will be made.


Phase 3: Internal Fire

The next 3 weeks challenges you both physically and mentally. Don’t worry, if you have followed the program step by step up until now you will be up for the challenge. This stage is all about optimizing your metabolism. An improved metabolism means that you are essentially becoming a fat burning machine. This phase of the Yoga for Belly Fat program introduces an entirely new set of entertaining videos.


Phase 4: Maximum Burn


In phase 4 you’ll be ready to bring the program to completion and achieve the body of your dreams. By this stage you will really be cooking. Your metabolism will be at it’s peak, so not only will you be burning more calories during exercise you will also be burning more calories 24/7. You see your metabolism is simply the chemical processors that go on within your body day in day out. When the metabolism is cranked up you end up burning more calories during the day. Even while you’re sleeping. Motivation at this stage should not be an issue as you are only 3 weeks away from completion. I wouldn’t be surprised if you felt so good that you wouldn’t mind going another round. By now you should both look and feel amazing. Your mind and body will be ready to take on any future challenges you’re faced with.


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The Yoga for Belly Fat Workout Guide ( Normal Retail price of $39)


Matt Gagnon has also provided an easy to follow fool proof workout guide to help you track your progress. This helpful resource guides you every step of the way.


+Yoga for Belly Fat Bonus Gifts (100% Free)


Yoga for Belly Fat Bonus Gift #1: The Yoga For Belly Fat Nutrition Guide



This booklet has some great nutrition tips and tricks to help you optimize your fat loss results. Burning fat is both an art and a science. This guide can help ensure you eat the correct foods at the correct time. The meal timing and calorie content concepts are very easy to follow and very effective at stimulating fat loss.  It also does a fantastic job at breaking down common myths about the correct way to eat for effective fat loss


Yoga for Belly Fat Bonus Gift #2: The Jump-Start Cleanse ( Normal Retail price of $29)

If you have excess belly fat then chances are you are harbouring dangerous toxins within your body. The jump Start Cleanse is a 3 day detox that will help clean you out so you can start fresh both mentally and physically.


Yoga for Belly Fat Bonus Gift #3: The Juicing Cookbook

If you recently read our Juicing for Fat Loss review you would understand the many benefits that juicing has to offer. This book will teach you how to unlock the nutritional potential of fruit and veggies. Why eat boring vegetables when you can turn them into delicious smoothies. These recipes will give you all the ingredients you need to stay energized an recover from your fat burning yoga sessions.


Yoga for Belly Fat Super Bonus :

A 1-Year Membership To a the massive online Yoga Library! Normally ($99)



We were quite blown away when we were undertaking our Yoga for Belly Fat review and we realised that the complete program and all of these gifts are selling for only $47?

Best yet, not only is the Yoga for Belly Fat System affordable but it is also a very low risk opportunity. We are excited to tell our valued readers that this product comes complete with a full 60 day money back guarantee. We wondered how they managed to keep this price so low considering the immense value. After further investigation on our Yoga for Belly Fat review we discovered that the program is not actually a hardcover book and dvd mailout series, but instead comes as a 100% digital package. That means the creator can keep his costs down as there is no shipping fees etc to hand on to you. If you would like to purchase Yoga for Belly Fat visit the official site here.

Yoga is a fantastic way to improve the health of your mind and body. Considering the value provided at such an affordable price we are happy to recommend this product to our valued readers. The addition of a full 60 day money back guarantee provides an excellent low risk opportunity for anyone who wants to lose belly fat and improve their health. So why don’t you give it a try? What have you got to lose... except belly fat!


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